Seneca Creek Smokey Glen

Morning course results can be seen below; relay results are here. Splits are available on Attackpoint or Winsplits. To enter your routes and see how others went, head to RouteGadget.

Please note that the Orange through Blue courses had a road crossing with a control on each side. The time taken to cross the road safely was subtracted from the overall time, posted to this page. However, the splits on AttackPoint and WinSplits, and the times fed into RouteGadget include the road crossing time. -Valerie

It was a frosty, cold morning as orienteers from around the region gathered at Smokey Glen Farm for the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Championships and National Ranking Event. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 hardy adventurers made their way out onto the excellent orienteering courses designed and set by Nadim Ahmed. The courses included some areas that were only recently mapped by Nadim for our enjoyment. As an added bonus, runners were able to take part in team relays in the afternoon after temperatures had moderated at least a little. And while it was chilly outside, we were able to stay warm before and after our runs in the large and thankfully, heated facility at Smokey Glen Farm. The location worked out great for the Championships, and hopefully, we will be able to stage many more events at the facility in the years to come.

The team scoring for the Mid-Atlantics is a tad complicated, and I don't pretend to understand it completely. The various Mid-Atlantic clubs receive points based on the number of their members who participate and on how well they perform in the races. Then the relay results are added to the mix, and the final point totals tallied. I'm told by folks with better math skills than I that this year's Broken Compass Award for top performance at the Mid-Atlantics goes to the Delaware Valley Orienteering Association. Congratulations DVOA! We look forward to the chance to reclaim the Broken Compass at next year's Championships.

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank again everyone who contributed their time and talents to staging this event. They include the set-up crew of Sarah Fish, Sean Fish, Michelle Fish, Sean Wilson, Nadim Ahmed, Valerie Meyer, Amy Louden, and Sandy Fillebrown of DVOA, all of whom arrived at 7 AM to begin making preparations for a busy day.

Jody Landers handled the parking duties, and Frances Hogle, Tom Nolan, Sam Listwak, Daniel Heimgartner, and the wonderful Heidi Onkst all braved the cold to run the starting gates. Cecilia Landers, Florence Tan, Stephanie Coffin, Erin Brandt, Jane Leggett, Diana Aleksieva, Sarah Fish, and Phill Wadsworth handled registration. Greg and Kathleen Lennon trained a few orienteering newbies and provided emotional support to the Meet Director.

Finally, when everyone else was finished, and on their way home, someone had to go back out into the woods and collect all of the controls. Those people included Videlin Aleksiev and his daughter Diana, Chris Gross, Mike Dickey, Kim and Anne Jepsen, Tom Wells, Jon Torrance, Nadim Ahmed and Sam Kolins of DVOA. Ted Good handled the re-organizing of the controls after they were retrieved. Thanks to one and all for your efforts.

-Don Fish
-Meet Director


Course Length: 2.1 km

Course Climb: 45 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Nicole Aleksieva & F-10QOC24:39
2Tolik Kuznetsov & G225:59
3Katerina Zambrana & G2 & Dominik & VincentQOC27:39
4 BSA Troop 457 & G529:15
5Laura & Simona Sirbu & G2QOC30:33
6Jana&David Robinson & G2QOC31:04
7Harry Jones & OpenQOC41:42
8Luke Oliver & M-10QOC43:58
9Forest Team & G4 & Forest & Kolya & DashaDVOA46:42
10Irina Isakova & G6QOC52:52
11Andrew & Matthew Yazhuk & Open61:49
12Halina Izdebska & Open69:50


Course Length: 2.3 km

Course Climb: 60 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Max Ahmed & M-14QOC19:15
2Conner Clement & M-YellowLoudoun Co NJROTC23:21
3Matt Cemanski & G3 & Brandon McGee & Josh Franek29:21
4Tolik Kuznetsov & G230:18
5Ernie Peters & Open34:22
6John Janke & M-YellowQOC35:15
7Helen Doherty & F-YellowQOC37:37
8 Murphy Family & G3QOC38:40
9Eric Abbud & M-YellowColt's Neck39:19
10Petr Tuma & G445:00
11Brooke Oliver & F-YellowQOC47:44
12 BSA Troop 457 & G548:18
13Beatri Bennett & F-YellowQOC50:37
14Henry Shell & M-YellowColt's Neck114:35
15Patrick Hession & M-14QOCMP (24:14)


Course Length: 5.2 km

Course Climb: 140 m

Number of Controls: 14

1Maxwell Janke & M-16Patriots NJROTC67:54
2Mark Thomsen & M-OrangeQOC80:01
3Sean Fish & M-OrangeQOC81:25
4Steve Van Winkle & M-OrangeQOC82:16
5Daniel OColt's Neck89:05
6Ryan Squires & M-OrangeQOC91:24
7Brendan Pinnola & M-OrangeColt's Neck93:21
8Chris Zbrozek & M-OrangeQOC93:53
9Emily Saffaye & F-OrangeColt's Neck93:55
10Bradford Zaiac & M-16Colt's Neck96:44
11Collin Kratzer & M-16Colt's Neck102:56
12Sophia Policano & F-16Colt's Neck107:31
13Aidan Schauer & M-16Colt's Neck112:19
14Ava Suhocki & F-16Colt's Neck113:14
15Jane Leggett & F-OrangeQOC121:10
16Joe Privitera & M-OrangeQOC124:44
17Joe Isch & M-OrangeSVO127:59
18Mihai Sirbu Mandeep Bedi & Group of 2130:31
19Jake Germnia & M-16Colt's Neck132:18
20Reiko Rager & F-OrangeQOC133:26
21Hugo Estrada & M-OrangeQOC142:41
22Joseph Portello & M-16Colt's Neck147:26
23Yoko Tanaka & F-OrangeQOC156:47
24Tim McCormick & M-OrangeQOC157:14
25Mario Boscaino & M-16Colt's Neck157:28
26Steve Kabler & Group of 2DNF
26Tom Herremans & Group of 3DNF (97:34)
26Sabine Wang & Group of 2DNF (113:38)
26Vincent Martin & M-16QOCMP (132:36)
26Ginny Quam & M-OrangeQOCMP (135:47)


Course Length: 3.9 km

Course Climb: 110 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Tom Nolan & M65+QOC30:06
2Peggy Dickison & F55+OK35:44
3Glen Tryson & M65+DVOA36:14
4Gavin Weise & M-BrownQOC41:31
5Steve Camp & M-BrownQOC45:19
6David Rager & M-BrownQOC47:17
7Rob Wilkison & M65+DVOA47:38
8Christiane Fletcher & F-18GAOC49:18
9Grace Suhocki & F-18Colt's Neck50:53
10Francis Hogle & M75+QOC51:36
11Kathleen Lennon & F55+QOC51:37
12Michael Perkins & M-BrownQOC51:38
13Rob Briber & M-BrownQOC51:56
14Bob Fink & M65+DVOA52:40
15Mark Frank & M-BrownDVOA53:10
16Taylor Schandall & F-18Colt's Neck53:23
17Sarah Shaughnessy & F-18Colt's Neck53:56
18Mark Mace & M65+QOC54:03
19Gary Smith & M65+QOC55:15
20Bob Agosta & M65+DVOA55:57
21Janet Tryson & F65+DVOA56:31
22Sandy Fillebrown & F60+DVOA57:15
23Robert Rich & M-BrownQOC57:53
24Tegan Mortimer & F-BrownQOC58:06
25Jennifer Werner & F-BrownQOC58:36
26David McIntire & M-BrownQOC58:40
27Mary Frank & F55+DVOA61:27
28Gerson Monjaras & M-BrownQOC61:58
29Craig Shelden & M-BrownQOC62:54
30Gary Quam & M-BrownQOC64:09
31Robert Rycharski & M-BrownDVOA64:19
32Petya Aleksieva & F-BrownQOC65:25
33Mary Snieckus & F55+QOC65:35
34John Ort & M70+DVOA65:56
35Jeff Haskell & M-BrownQOC66:50
36Florence Tan & F-BrownQOC70:57
37Francis Healy & M-BrownQOC75:04
38Suzanne Shelden & F55+QOC78:46
39Robert Frank & M-BrownDVOA79:06
40Nyall Meredith & M-BrownQOC81:18
41Kim McCane & M65+DVOA82:14
42Tavia Sullens & F-BrownQOC84:12
43Steve Mones & M-BrownQOC85:09
44Robert Lines & M-BrownQOC86:07
45John Whitty & M-BrownQOC86:59
46Sidney Sachs & M80+QOC111:19
47Don Ames & M65+QOC118:24
48Iva Zicha & F55+QOC121:10
49Cecilia Landers & F65+QOC128:05
50Karla Hulett & F60+QOC129:33
51Eva Matveeva & F60+QOC132:03
52Amy Louden & F-BrownQOC139:39
53Boyan Onyshkevych & M-BrownQOCMP (102:11)


Course Length: 5.9 km

Course Climb: 200 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Andras Revesz & M55+DVOA49:03
2Rick Oliver & M55+QOC55:02
3Adam Smith & M-GreenQOC56:21
4Petr Hartman & M55+DVOA56:28
5Diana Aleksieva & F-20QOC61:14
6Dennis Doherty & M55+QOC61:23
7Chris Halmi & M-18Colt's Neck63:55
8Istvan Nagy & M55+DVOA64:18
9Jana Seidlova & F45+QOC65:55
10Matthew Mentonis & M-18Colt's Neck66:42
11Kirsten Mayland & F-20DVOA66:44
12Corinne Mayland & F45+DVOA67:47
13Greg Palardy & M55+QOC67:48
14Jim Weber & M50+QOC68:06
15Tom Wells & M-GreenQOC69:35
16Martins Jonass & M-Green70:28
17Anne Jepsen & F50+QOC71:46
18Alex Suarez & M-18Patriots NJROTC75:42
19Alexis Merka & F-20QOC75:57
20Heidi Onkst & F55+QOC76:15
21Neal Attfield & M50+QOC77:26
22Paul Hession & M50+QOC79:29
23Michael Fluck & M-18Colt's Neck79:31
24Kris Beecroft & F55+QOC80:12
25Dagmar Merkova & F45+QOC81:39
26Lucas Albaladejo & M-18Colt's Neck81:54
27Lena Kushleyeva & F35+DVOA82:00
28Nathan Rowohlt & M-18Colt's Neck83:22
29Mihai G Sirbu & M55+QOC83:31
30Alex Weber & M-18Colt's Neck84:26
31Max Miller & M-18Colt's Neck86:42
32Jody Landers & M65+QOC89:26
33Brad Colbeck & M-GreenDVOA90:24
34Diane Reider & F50+DVOA92:30
35Sam Listwak & M60+QOC93:38
36Christopher Silva & M-GreenQOC94:08
37Nathan Peters & M-18Colt's Neck95:09
38Matt Bogdan & M-18Colt's Neck95:57
39Thedese Hohl & F50+DVOA97:12
40Steve & Gina Slaby & Group of 298:51
41Doris Lee & F45+QOC99:02
42Pat McNeilly & M55+QOC100:58
43Hideharu Tanaka & M50+QOC102:25
44Julie Keim & F35+SVO105:23
45Joey Schandall & M-18Colt's Neck107:02
46David Levine & M-GreenQOC123:07
47Stephanie Coffin & M50+QOC124:31
48Derek Haaf & M-18Colt's Neck126:44
49Sam Gutman & M-18Colt's Neck128:13
50Elina Desierto & Group of 2154:33
51Nick Feaster & M-18Colt's Neck165:30
52Chris Montefusco & M-18Colt's Neck185:19
53Greg Lennon & M60+QOCDNF
53Matt Cemanski & Group of 3 & Brandon McGee & Josh FranekDNF
53Raymond Santiago & M-18Colt's NeckDNF


Course Length: 7.8 km

Course Climb: 290 m

Number of Controls: 17

1Chris Gross & M35+QOC59:36
2Jon Torrance & M45+QOC64:54
3Ted Good & M45+QOC68:38
4Michael Dickey & M45+QOC69:58
5Vadim Masalkov & M45+DVOA72:16
6Videlin Aleksiev & M45+QOC75:12
7Angelica Riley & F-21+DVOA76:51
8Kim Jepsen & M45+QOC83:13
9Addie Nolan & F-21+QOC88:29
10Howie Weinstein & M40+QOC89:33
11Inigo Ahedo & M45+QOC89:47
12Jan Merka & M45+QOC91:29
13William Chesarek & M40+QOC91:39
14Aaron Linville & M35+QOC95:55
15Justin Green & M40+QOC115:13
16Jared Silk & M35+QOC115:29
17Charles Carrick & M45+QOC118:12
18David Onkst & M45+QOC119:15
19Rob Kingsley & M45+SVO124:11
20Keg Good & F-21+QOC126:34
21Phillip Wadsworth & M45+QOC139:24
22Wendy W & F-21+QOC156:22
23Evgueni Belyi & M45+163:10
24Mike Lorenz & M45+WPOC170:10
25Wyatt Riley & M45+DVOAMP (62:41)
25Daniel Quinn & M45+QOCMP (78:13)
25Victor Lin & M35+QOCMP (93:05)
25Michael Chaney & M35+QOCMP (100:56)
25Paul Miller & M35+SVOMP (108:18)


Course Length: 9.8 km

Course Climb: 340 m

Number of Controls: 23

1Greg Ahlswede & M-21+DVOA67:48
2Peter Zakrevski & M-21+HVO73:38
3AJ Riley & M-21+DVOA74:53
4Samuel Kolins & M-21+DVOA76:13
5Ken Walker Jr & M-21+CSU76:20
6Joesph Barrett & M-21+QOC83:10
7Paul Ort & M-21+DVOA85:34
8Glenn Pastel & M-21+QOC89:54
9Matthew Stout & M-21+QOC96:06
10Osmir De Assumpcao & M-21+QOC107:32
11Matthew Knight & M-21+QOC116:28
12Sam McAleese & M-21+QOC131:14
13Will Dickinson & M-21+QOC149:45
14Mary Foster & M-21+QOC164:46

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).