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Upcoming Events! Sunday Jan. 28: Fountainhead; Saturday Feb. 3: Bumble 2018 & Winter Meeting/Party at Patapsco/CCBC.

The weather forecast for the day was pretty good, and a big contrast to the very cold weather we have had in the preceding weeks. The milder weather brought both longtime members and a substantial number of first-time runners out to enjoy the woods and shake off the cabin fever. The weather was great for running, although the recent thaw made for tricky running conditions, especially on the steep slopes where the top inch had thawed into mud, while the ground underneath was still frozen solid. Regardless, we hope all 266 people on the courses (224 starts) had fun and enjoyed the beauty of the park.

It's a pleasure to once again thank all the volunteers at the event, some of whom showed up in spite of being unable to run themselves or helped cover for fellow orienteers who couldn't make their shift for various reasons. Rikke and Esben Jepsen helped with the setup; Registration was handled in turn by Dasa and Alexis Merkova, Vido Aleksiev, Richard Briggs and Miroslav Honzak; The beginners instruction shifts were covered by Steve Camp and David Levine; Rikke Jepsen and Mary Snieckus floated around the e-punch table, helping with various tasks. As always, a big thanks to Valerie Meyer and Amy Louden for their tireless service in running the e-punch table. After the event, control pickup was swiftly handled by Jon Torrance, Gavin Weise, Victor Lin, Kim Jepsen, David and Heidi Onkst and Tom and Addie Nolan. Finally, sincere thanks are due to several people who offered to help both before and at the event, but whose help was not required on the day.
-Anne and Kim Jepsen


Course Length: 2.7 km

Course Climb: 65 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Inara GranovskiyQOC34:40
2Daniel & Matyas MinarQOC40:24
3Scott Mitchell & Ryan52:20
4Scott Huchton & Colleen72:58
5 Scaggsville Kids73:58
6Wiliam Pallan & Joseph85:13
7Summer OliverQOC87:24
8Christopher Artz & Lisa & Craig90:07
9Felix Chi & Zachary & AydenQOC96:26
10Tiffany Nash & Emmanuelle & Sylvia125:13


Course Length: 3.2 km

Course Climb: 105 m

Number of Controls: 10

0Cory CarterHuntingtown NJROTC
1Sam LoustaunauQOC30:54
2JP LandersQOC37:10
3Justin JacksonPatuxent NJROTC37:53
4Chris CarterHuntingtown NJROTC39:16
5Dominic Rentz41:40
6Valerie Meyer & PepperQOC42:49
7Dreyden HintonPatuxent NJROTC44:28
8Joseph PickerallPatuxent NJROTC44:31
9Daniel KitleyHuntingtown NJROTC45:09
10Perry DehartHuntingtown NJROTC45:17
11Andrew Brooks & April & Sam45:25
12Gabby NathanPatuxent NJROTC45:29
13Bennett Umhau & Misty Sexton55:16
14Daniel Somers & Kelly Cunningham61:00
15John Metz & Eric61:44
16Sara LandersQOC65:37
17Ana Doig69:56
18Kathy UrbanDVOA69:58
19Don Thompson & Mary & Scott & BridgetQOC70:02
20Matthew HoffmanPatuxent NJROTC76:35
21Brooke OliverQOC76:56
22Jordyn EckertPatuxent NJROTC77:01
23Amy LoudenQOC77:48
24Daniel BrizuelaQOC88:10
25Richard SanchezPatuxent NJROTC88:55
26 GeisersPatriots NJROTC89:37
27Karla HulettQOC94:46
28John BlaisdellQOC94:57
29Evan Jones100:42
30Melissa Weeks & Marian & AnnaQOC103:49
31Seneca HonzakQOC105:11
32Lais Cunha105:21
33Lisa & Mark DuncanQOC112:33
34 DevoreQOC122:39
35Karen ButlerQOC123:03
36Robert Leech & Amy & Ryan & NateMP
36Velasquez GabePatuxent NJROTCMP (51:38)


Course Length: 4.4 km

Course Climb: 170 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Glenn PastelPatuxent NJROTC42:21
2Matthew BabaLoudoun Co NJROTC57:56
3River DanversPatuxent NJROTC61:31
4Ryan ClowerPatuxent NJROTC62:11
5Garrett FultonQOC62:21
6Zach KuderPatriots NJROTC62:35
7Joey LusbyPatuxent NJROTC66:02
8Brad Hoffman66:14
9Alexis MerkaQOC72:38
10Travis GreenQOC72:57
11Justin JacksonPatuxent NJROTC74:05
12Jennifer WernerQOC75:11
13KaseyCalvert NJROTC75:42
14Alex Smith & Andrew76:52
15Andrew HodakPatriots NJROTC77:12
16John Dusenbury77:13
17Rylan BenderPatuxent NJROTC81:28
18Warren WeberQOC83:29
19Mary SchmidtPatriots NJROTC84:51
20Issey WrightPatriots NJROTC87:28
21Andrew KeirnQOC87:32
22Michael PerkinsQOC87:40
23Reiko RagerQOC88:55
24Ian EshlemanHuntingtown NJROTC89:25
25Boomer the Foste BeagleQOC89:35
26Mike CostasPatuxent NJROTC90:18
27Oliana CooleyHuntingtown NJROTC91:54
28Wendy WQOC95:41
29S Ross & Garth96:58
30Roger & Amy ShanksQOC102:32
31Mark MurphyQOC105:41
32Daniel BradfordHuntingtown NJROTC106:19
33Dani StuckwischLoudoun Co NJROTC107:21
34Ethan JohnsonHuntingtown NJROTC109:35
35Jeff HaskellQOC109:56
36Sean Bergstrom116:47
37Pat KeimSVO118:19
38Caleb ParkinsPatriots NJROTC125:42
39Jessica Martin & Judy Crtizer134:52
40John DirndorferQOC136:15
41Bryanna Yeh & Kelles & Katie & Rachel & Jess & Just138:00
42Shelley GroveQOC139:43
43Alexander HoughtonQOC141:05
44Zachary HoughtonQOC141:26
45Lisa & David SimpsonQOC144:12
46Darika Sukpom149:06
47David AlexanderQOC153:26
48Richard BriggsQOC161:16
49Eddy Kan & Daniel WangDNF
49Mark BeckmanQOCDNF (86:07)
49Derrick ReddenCalvert NJROTCDNF (91:50)
49Max KrohnertHuntingtown NJROTCMP (61:03)
49Kimberly FieldsQOCMP (87:19)


Course Length: 4.6 km

Course Climb: 195 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Jana SeidlovaQOC59:06
2Wayne Pavalko63:21
3Dennis DohertyQOC65:43
4Brian Fisher73:11
5Dagmar MerkovaQOC73:23
6John J MillerQOC73:24
7Allison BrownQOC75:24
8Rob WilkisonDVOA79:17
9Heidi OnkstQOC85:49
10Gary SmithQOC86:05
11Mark MaceQOC89:09
12Trey StoupeLoudoun Co NJROTC89:46
13Gogi KalkaQOC90:53
14Molly RiegelPatriots NJROTC93:13
15Pat McNeillyQOC94:01
16Janet TrysonEMPO96:00
17James MacDougallQOC97:16
18Russ DamtoftQOC97:40
19Rikke JepsenQOC98:22
20Mary SnieckusQOC105:11
21David LevineQOC108:00
22Don FishQOC108:58
23Bryan SingerQOC109:51
24Virginia DeBonsQOC111:31
25John VincentPatuxent NJROTC115:38
26Rob BriberQOC115:51
27Alex HartCalvert NJROTC116:29
28India PackPatriots NJROTC116:59
29Ryan Mukherjee & DianeQOC122:32
30Helen DohertyQOC125:24
31Vanessa LightfootPatuxent NJROTC126:54
32Rae Ann HicksQOC127:00
33Paul CollinsonQOC127:08
34Dan Tebben129:26
35Thomas BlankQOC129:28
36Justin GreenQOC129:33
37Florence TanQOC130:06
38Autumn BevardCalvert NJROTC131:37
39Elina Desierto & Howell131:58
40Dwight JohnsonQOC138:00
41Mike DvorskyCalvert NJROTC145:50
42Mike NewmanQOC145:53
43Steve MonesQOC149:00
44Pam DvorskyCalvert NJROTC153:34
45Dave UrbanDVOA156:16
46Tavia SullensQOC159:49
47Suzanne IzzoQOC194:14
48Jade PackPatriots NJROTCDNF
48Matthew WeeksQOCDNF
48Patricia MaceQOCDNF
48KellyCalvert NJROTCDNF
48Howie Weinstein & ShannaQOCDNF (94:41)
48Richard Paladino & David TarkowQOCMP
48Peggy DickisonOKMP (72:21)
48Richard FultonQOCMP (100:13)
48Zach AycockLoudoun Co NJROTCMP (122:04)
48Caleb WithersPatuxent NJROTCMP (147:01)
48Beth Ann StasiowskiQOCMP (169:02)


Course Length: 6.1 km

Course Climb: 235 m

Number of Controls: 17

1Jesse TubbQOC65:59
2Rick OliverQOC66:11
3Tom NolanQOC68:29
4Josh SanchezPatuxent NJROTC75:25
5Addie NolanQOC81:17
6Jody LandersQOC85:55
7Greg PalardyQOC89:08
8Greg LennonQOC90:01
8Nick VettingPatuxent NJROTC90:01
9Corey CutshallPatriots NJROTC93:45
10Diana AleksievaQOC98:38
11Kathleen LennonQOC100:45
12Matthew DirndorferPatriots NJROTC100:50
13Mark HicksQOC100:53
14Cash CostelloQOC104:08
15Kyle CashmanPatuxent NJROTC110:19
16Sean TraubePatriots NJROTC114:05
17Frantisek BrabecQOC119:06
18Nicholas SchmidtPatriots NJROTC122:52
19Julie KeimSVO125:02
20Noah LaScolaPatriots NJROTC126:20
21Bill ViennaQOC130:12
22Owen TurnbullPatriots NJROTC135:33
23AdamCalvert NJROTC135:49
24Jon BlankPatriots NJROTC136:03
25NateCalvert NJROTC136:26
26Christiana LogansmithQOC136:34
27Chris RerigCalvert NJROTC139:32
28WilliamCalvert NJROTC140:44
29Karyn Dulaney & Eduardo144:53
30Corri RaileyHuntingtown NJROTC146:36
31Karl Palm & Jm Kitner152:54
32Richard HoughPatuxent NJROTC180:29
33Christopher PuinQOC230:30
34Kea NicosiaHuntingtown NJROTCDNF


Course Length: 7.3 km

Course Climb: 270 m

Number of Controls: 21

1AJ RileyDVOA62:45
2Wyatt RileyDVOA64:45
3Turner LeighLoudoun Co NJROTC69:01
4Daniel QuinnQOC80:44
5Videlin AleksievQOC81:21
6Glen TrysonEMPO81:45
7Gavin WeiseQOC85:04
8Adam Smith88:48
9Alex BallPatriots NJROTC90:32
10Brian LoustaunauQOC93:19
11Jared SilkQOC107:45
12Ben RobertsQOC109:09
13David OnkstQOC110:28
14Tom O'DonnellQOC111:21
15Victor FrolenkoDVOA123:16
16Joseph WangerPatriots NJROTCMP (131:48)


Course Length: 8.8 km

Course Climb: 355 m

Number of Controls: 25

1Jon TorranceQOC73:52
2Zachary Schroeder76:03
3Ryan StasiowskiQOC89:38
4Ted GoodQOC93:39
5Joel FordQOC94:20
6Dave PrudenQOC96:39
7Victor LinQOC101:29
8Michael StasiowskiQOC110:11
9Michael BerryQOC111:09
10Rolemberg Cunhar157:00
11Ricahard MaddenDNF
11Sam PrestidgeDNF (129:28)
11Eugene TcipnjatovQOCMP (106:17)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).