Cabin John

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There was a mandatory road crossing on the Brown-Blue courses. To ensure that people stopped and took account of the traffic before crossing the road, the road crossing times were deleted from the overall times. The times and places shown below are after the road crossing times were deleted. Also listed was the amount of time deleted.

However, the splits used to create RouteGadget, WinSplits, and AttackPoint do not subtract this time, so the higher time will be reflected there. So, your "real" result for bragging rights is the time/place listed below.

We had a great day of orienteering at Cabin John Park, Maryland. The chilly morning gave way to a beautiful sunny day with clear skies and not much wind, but the ground was soft and wet from the melting snow. We had multiple groups of beginners and even 2 large troops of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts from the same school. There was some friendly competition between the two scout groups when they met and recognized each other. Other groups that came to join us also include 2 Junior ROTC groups and an Outdoor Afro DC group.
We had a total of 154 starts. Unfortunately 17 people did not return by the 3 p.m. course closing time. By 4 p.m., all but one were back. Amy Louden, our chief of timing and results, patiently waited for the missing orienteer while we located his contact information and eventually confirmed that he was safely in his car and on his way home. We gently remind all our participant that it is their responsibility to come in by 3 p.m. and to always check in at the download station so that we can account for everyone who went out into the woods.
Mike Dickey, our superb first-time course designer, received many compliments for his courses. Tom Nolan, Shirley Tan and Mei-An Nolan helped carry all the boxes and equipment to and from the car, set out food and cups for the coffee, hot chocolate and tea. Valerie Meyer and Amy Louden handled the e-punch set up and start/finish tasks and were assisted by Diana Todd, Shirley Tan and Allison Brown. The beginner instructors were Mike Dickey, Mike Stasiowski, Don Fish, Rob Briber, and Alex Merkova. Thank you to 2 families, Bob and Rebecca Rich and Paul and Patrick Hession, who manned the sign-up table and handed out maps. Mei-An and Shirley, and Dasa Merkova, pitched in all day keeping the food and water replenished, watching babies, handing out maps, and even walking dogs. Greg Lennon prepared a huge Igloo of hot water and carried it a long way from the parking lot to our shelter. The hot water was hugely popular and not a drop was left at the end of the day. Tom Nolan, Jon Torrance, Mike Dickey, Alex Merkova, Jan Merka, and Dan Quinn picked up the controls. Amy Louden, Mark Mace, Victor Lin, and our control pickup team sorted the e-punches and controls as they came back. Thank you also to Tom who packed and delivered the Meet Kit to our next meet directors, Allison and Boris.
I am thankful for our community who work together to support our events all season. As always, because of our wonderful volunteers, this event was easy to plan and execute, and a great success. Everyone played an important part, and I am glad to be part of this group.
-Florence Tan, Event Director
Volunteer List: Shirley Tan, Amy Louden, Robert Rich, Rebecca Rich, Paul Hession, Patrick Hession, Mark Mace, Mike Stasiowski, Michael Dickey, Tom Nolan, Francis Hogle, Jon Torrance, Victor Lin, Robert M. Briber, Mei-An Nolan, Don Fish, Dagmar Merkova, Alex Merkova, Jan Merka, Allison Brown, Dan Quinn, Valerie Meyer, Greg Lennon


Course Length: 2.5 km

Course Climb: 40 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Roger ShanksQOC32:13
2John WhittyQOC46:12
3Nirmal Mohan & Alex Canlon & Tyson Tyson59:09
4Kevin Gray & Charles Glenn & Sammy Johnny Dave60:41
5Nicole AleksievaQOC61:14
6Paul Bradley & Dominik Ari SuvinQOC67:48
7Laszlo Lailah & Alma75:49
8Jeremy Hanks & Savannah & Mallory & Beth77:27
9Shayan Salahuddin & Zayd Kelvin & David John79:44
10 Afro Outdoors95:50
11Catherine Murray & Jeffrey Sampson & Julia Sampson96:27
12Group A GS Troop 715DNF (89:00)
12Group B GS Troop 715DNF (89:21)


Course Length: 3 km

Course Climb: 85 m

Number of Controls: 12

1River DanversPatuxent NJROTC40:23
2Jeff Poisson54:49
3Dominik HonzakQOC60:10
4Rebecca RichQOC63:20
5Natasha Makysheva & David Holliday66:58
6Dominic Rentz76:48
7Jordyn EckertPatuxent NJROTC94:40
8Seneca HonzakQOC100:29
9Dennis Borie & Adjowa & BalogunQOC100:35
10Jim Jacklitch112:54
11Gabe VelasquezPatuxent NJROTC117:43
12Patrick HessionQOCDNF (24:34)
12Lee ToddQOCDNF (48:42)


Course Length: 4.4 km

Course Climb: 135 m

Number of Controls: 14

1Alexis MerkaQOC69:09
2David Drazen70:21
3Einar Olsen82:39
4Don FishQOC90:11
5David Kelly91:41
6Sam LoustaunauQOC92:53
7Ryan ClowerPatuxent NJROTC95:50
8Dustin Brown & EmeryQOC100:56
9Daniel BrizuelaQOC103:50
10David Rager & SilasQOC113:20
11Paul CollinsonQOC115:48
12Mike CostasPatuxent NJROTC121:02
13Issey WrightPatriots NJROTC121:24
14Andrew KeirnQOC122:42
15Lisa SimpsonQOC123:05
16Mary SchmidtPatriots NJROTC126:19
17Andrew HodakPatriots NJROTC139:04
18Caleb ParkinsPatriots NJROTC141:02
19Reiko Rager & JustinQOC146:30
20Colleen NoahPatriots NJROTC175:15
21Renee JohnsonQOC182:49
22Jeffrey JohnsonQOC182:53
23Lydia AndrewsQOCDNF
23Paul Grosser & did not downloadDNF
23 DevoreQOCDNF
23James Hodak & did not downloadDNF
23Emily Kam & Nicholas VespucciDNF (134:50)
23Adam Issenberg & MickeyQOCDNF (134:51)
23William BardinQOCDNF (142:42)
23Serhot OzturkDNF (423:31)
23Jillian DohertyQOCMP (63:11)
23David AlexanderQOCMP (162:04)


Course Length: 3.8 km

Course Climb: 135 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Adam Bee & Road crossing times = 4:25QOC38:19
2Jack Meuse & Road crossing times = 1:3248:22
3Diana Aleksieva & Road crossing times = 7:00QOC48:34
4Rob Wilkison & Road crossing times = 1:38DVOA51:33
5John J Miller & Road crossing times = 11:02QOC51:46
6Keg Good & Road crossing times = 2:00QOC53:38
7Petya Aleksieva & Road crossing times = 6:36QOC54:44
8Diana Todd & Road crossing times = 1:19QOC56:11
9John Landers & Road crossing times = 4:14QOC60:15
10Mark Mace & Road crossing times = 3:28QOC61:42
11Paul Collinson & Road crossing times = 3:33QOC62:14
12Edward Enson & Road crossing times = 1:54QOC64:06
13Jennifer Werner & Road crossing times = 2:45QOC64:41
14Jeff Haskell & Road crossing times = 1:30QOC73:15
15Stephanie Coffin & Road crossing times = 1:38QOC73:27
16Helen Doherty & Road crossing times = 2:31QOC76:43
17Shannon Costello & Road crossing times = 6:54QOC78:36
18Steve Mones & Road crossing times = 1:57QOC82:32
19Tegan Motirmir & Road crossing times = 4:42QOC85:50
20Kelly Singer & Road crossing times = 7:01QOC86:51
21Rae Ann Hicks & Road crossing times = 3:53QOC87:42
22India Pack & Road crossing times = 1:39Patriots NJROTC90:35
23Mike Newman & Road crossing times = 2:09QOC97:55
24Suzanne Shelden & Road crossing times = 3:32QOC98:50
25Vanessa Lightfoot & Road crossing times = 1:07Patuxent NJROTC99:54
26Amy Louden & Road crossing times = 2:20QOC102:03
27Caleb Withers & Road crossing times = 20:11Patuxent NJROTC102:47
28Dave Urban & Road crossing times = 3:31DVOA105:01
29Kathy Urban & Road crossing times = 3:07DVOA106:33
30Jade Pack & Road crossing times = 2:17Patriots NJROTC107:17
31Richard Palladino & David & Road crossing times = 4:28QOC113:34
32Suzanne Izzo & Road crossing times = 3:16QOC141:13
33JP LandersQOCDNF
33Robert Rich & Road crossing times = 2:56QOCDNF (55:28)
33Mark ThomsenQOCDNF (61:25)
33James Chaplin & Road crossing times = 2:51QOCDNF (148:33)
33Boyan Onyshkevych & Road crossing times = 10:42QOCMP (93:28)


Course Length: 5.8 km

Course Climb: 220 m

Number of Controls: 16

1Ken Walker Jr & Road crossing times = 1:38CSU60:36
2Jan Merka & Road crossing times = 1:28QOC72:08
3Marshall Lieder & Road crossing times = 3:14QOC78:27
4Dennis Doherty & Road crossing times = 1:02QOC79:47
5James Moffett & Road crossing times = 3:2480:55
6Tom Nolan & Road crossing times = 6:03QOC87:13
7Jody Landers & Road crossing times = 1:59QOC88:46
8John Lawrence & Road crossing times = 2:22QOC88:58
9Greg Lennon & Road crossing times = 4:18QOC89:00
10Tom Wells & Road crossing times = 5:17QOC90:34
11Peggy Dickison & Road crossing times = 1:54OK91:37
12Paul Hession & Road crossing times = 2:28QOC92:30
13Patrick Farley & Road crossing times = 1:32QOC96:52
14Marcelo Knapik & Road crossing times = 1:08QOC96:59
15Frantisek Brabec & Road crossing times = 7:01QOC97:53
16Dagmar Merkova & Road crossing times = 1:09QOC98:02
17Kathleen Lennon & Road crossing times = 1:55QOC98:45
18Mark Hicks & Road crossing times = 2:54QOC102:17
19Cash Costello & Road crossing times = 2:20QOC103:48
20Julie Keim & Road crossing times = 2:11SVO105:19
21Rob Briber & Road crossing times = 2:30QOC105:25
22Ryan Wiscovitch & Road crossing times = 1:31Patriots NJROTC109:35
23Heidi Onkst & Road crossing times = 1:52QOC112:37
24Anne Jepsen & Road crossing times = 2:10QOC112:41
25Jon Blank & Road crossing times = 1:01113:48
26John Vincent & Road crossing times = 7:31Patuxent NJROTC124:53
27Noah Lascola & Road crossing times = 1:50Patriots NJROTC126:19
28Corey Cutshall & Road crossing times = 2:09Patriots NJROTC126:54
29Thomas Blank & Road crossing times = 1:59QOC136:51
30Bryan Singer & Road crossing times = 3:00QOC137:51
31Gary Smith & Road crossing times = 10:55QOC141:27
32Michelle Svoboda & Road crossing times = 1:32QOC144:48
33David Levine & Road crossing times = 2:32150:43
34Nicholas Schmidt & Road crossing times = 3:05Patriots NJROTC163:57
35Craig Shelden & Road crossing times = 6:32QOC165:20
36Judith Critzer & Road crossing times = 6:55179:33
37Colin McKeeQOCDNF
37Ryan NoyesQOCDNF (99:50)
37Wendy W & Road crossing times = 1:57QOCDNF (110:43)
37Christopher Puin & Road crossing times = 1:56QOCDNF (194:36)
37Owen Turnbull & Road crossing times = 1:50Patriots NJROTCMP (134:54)
37Richard Briggs & Road crossing times = 2:37QOCMP (167:49)
37Roger Shanks & Road crossing times = 6:28QOCMP (171:50)


Course Length: 7.6 km

Course Climb: 250 m

Number of Controls: 19

1Daniel Quinn & Road crossing times = 2:26QOC76:35
2Brian Loustaunau & Road crossing times = 2:1683:17
3Adam Smith & Road crossing times = 3:40QOC89:14
4Jared Silk & Road crossing times = 3:30QOC100:36
5Kim Jepsen & Road crossing times = 2:37QOC103:17
6Howie Weinstein & Road crossing times = 2:48QOC103:34
7Bill Wright & Road crossing times = 12:22QOC126:48
8Joe Wanger & Road crossing times = 1:15Patriots NJROTC156:01
9Matthew Knight & lost epunchQOCDNF
9Dave ConnollyQOCMP


Course Length: 8.7 km

Course Climb: 285 m

Number of Controls: 23

1Jon Torrance & Road crossing times = 1:23QOC81:04
2Gavin Weise & Road crossing times = 6:11QOC87:00
3Nadim Ahmed & Road crossing times = 1:3191:41
4Videlin Aleksiev & Road crossing times = 2:19QOC106:42
5Michael Stasiowski & Road crossing times = 2:11QOC125:54
6Ben Roberts & Road crossing times = 3:53QOC131:32
7Francis Hogle & Road crossing times = 1:14QOC151:58
8Inigo Ahedo & Road crossing times = 4:08QOC159:05
9Ted Good & Road crossing times = 2:55QOCMP (89:09)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).