UMD College Park

Controls 119, 120, 121 went missing... For those controls in RouteGadget, you may need to stretch your track manually.

Missing DroneThanks for attending (and/or volunteering) at this campus event! An enthusiastic group walked, ran and biked and, although we had several control flags and epunch boxes stolen, everyone had a great time.

Missing Drone: A young QOC member set down a small drone (see photo) in the registration area, and minutes later, it had disappeared (no, it didn't fly away). If you have any information that might help lead to its recovery, please use our Contact Us form ... the drone was purchased with the child's own money just the day before and we are hoping whoever has it now will choose to return it.

Next Event: Mid-Atlantic Champs! Whether you drive there yourself or hop on the QOC bus, we hope to see you next Sunday, Dec. 3, at Fair Hill NRMA, where this year's Mid-Atlantic Champs will take place. All QOC members, regardless of skill or fitness level, are encouraged to help QOC battle for the title! See the event webpage for details.


Number of Controls: 30

PlaceNameClubScoreTimePre-penalty ScorePenalty
1Joel FordQOC3029:3327
2Jeff DickeyQOC3037:2227
3Greg LennonQOC3049:1227
4Julie Keim3075:5527
5Mary SnieckusQOC3087:5727
6Tom StratQOC2959:4726
7Barbara Gusack & Kim2984:3826
8Kathleen LennonQOC2851:3525
9Anna Padlan2770:5527
10Janusz WasiolekQOC1893:38194


Number of Controls: 30

PlaceNameClubScoreTimePre-penalty ScorePenalty
1Joel FordQOC3039:2327
1Ryan StasiowskiQOC3039:2327
2Turner LeighLoudoun Co NJROTC3040:1527
3Jeff DickeyQOC3042:5127
4Brian LoustaunauQOC3043:0527
5Jon TorranceQOC3043:5527
6Victor LinQOC3045:1127
7Videlin AleksievQOC3047:3427
8Ben Geertsema3051:1927
9Nadim AhmedQOC3051:2027
10Michael StasiowskiQOC3052:1027
11Justin GreenQOC3055:1727
12Eugene TcipnjatovQOC3056:1527
13Aaron LinvilleQOC3056:1927
14Jan MerkaQOC3056:4727
15Alex Volland & Charlie3057:4227
16Peggy DickisonOK3058:5226
17Allison BrownQOC3058:5427
18Joey StevensQOC3059:4427
19Diana AleksievaQOC3060:5627
20Mark HicksQOC3063:0727
21Martins Jonass & Linda3063:1527
22Mark Beckman & Julia Luke MiaQOC3063:5827
23Tom NolanQOC3064:0827
24Doris LeeQOC3064:4527
25Kim JepsenQOC3065:2827
26Frantisek BrabecQOC3066:5527
27Heidi OnkstQOC3069:1627
28Francis HogleQOC3069:4227
29Paul HessionQOC3070:1327
30Virginia DeBonsQOC3070:2427
31Chris HemusQOC3073:2427
32Sam LoustaunauQOC3073:5227
33Julie KeimSVO3074:0327
34Matt Wilson & MaxwellQOC3076:0227
35Robert RichQOC3076:5327
36JP LandersQOC3077:0927
37Sean Fish & ErinQOC3078:2927
38Gary SmithQOC3079:1127
39Kirk Volland3081:2526
40Michael Perkins & Brendan LianaQOC3081:4227
41David McIntire3082:5227
42Inara GranovskiyQOC3083:0527
43David Ramos & Sam Sarah3085:1027
44Richard Briggs & Julian3085:2227
45Roger ShanksQOC3085:4527
46Tim PiergalskiQOC2951:2626
47Winton SmithQOC2964:4526
48Radka HerndonQOC2966:3926
49Richard Fulton & Catherine GarrettQOC2972:1226
50Hunter Treseder2972:2926
51Mark MaceQOC2975:1126
52Mark ThomsenQOC2981:3526
53Elina Desierto & Anna2986:1026
54Stephanie CoffinQOC2990:50271
55Rick OliverQOC2847:3225
56Ted GoodQOC2848:0125
57Stuart WrightQOC2849:1926
58Kelly SingerQOC2772:2924
59John LandersQOC2782:3824
60Patrick HessionQOC2783:0424
61Sabrina Zhou2785:1425
62James Hemus2671:1623
63Scott SharpQOC2677:5923
64Petya AleksievaQOC2679:2823
65Jan ZichaQOC2689:4923
66Craig SheldenQOC2583:2023
67Sean Conroy & Molly2585:3525
68Florence TanQOC2586:5924
69Keg Good & GwenQOC2467:4721
70Carla BerardQOC2488:0624
71Erin Jenkins2368:2523
72Steve MonesQOC2381:5221
73Rae Ann HicksQOC2288:0522
74Daniel LathropQOC2143:3018
75Eva MatveevaQOC2084:1317
76Beth Ann StasiowskiQOC1989:0016
77Max AhmedQOC1837:2515
78Tenley Peterson & Petersen-Munns FamQOC1868:2615
79Kevinh Volannd & Andy1869:4116
80Rebecca RichQOC1782:2316
81David AlexanderQOC1794:07195
82Dominik Herndon1559:0112
83Alexander Novikov1571:4715
84Katya Orlova1572:1215
85Jeremy DebonsQOC1576:2212
86James Gundlach & Danny1579:1815
87Matthew WeeksQOC1582:4812
88Karla Hulett & DeloresQOC1472:2911
89Cheryl Wilson & RoseQOC1485:5414
90Ksusha Tsypnyatov & ElenaQOC1380:1413
91Jensy Hernandez1262:169
92Maya Orlova1265:3012
93Timur Novikova1265:3512
94Sally Conroy & Rory Pierce1288:0210
95Brenton Weise & GavinQOC1173:3611
96Samantha WalkerQOC1024:497
97Daniel SheldenQOC1035:427
98Karen Butler & Schone familyQOC1065:1310
99Howell Fedorova & Vic Emiles10102:302313
100Renee JohnsonQOC0143:032054
101Jeffrey JohnsonQOC0143:182054
102Antonios Eleftherion0144:502255
103Rob BriberQOC26NC (79:33)23

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).