Great Falls

Classic Fall weather - including the chilly wind that gusted through our registration area from time to time - and open woods greeted all orienteers at our event. Everyone enjoyed Sam Listwak's courses and many of you enjoyed the pizza afterwards too!

Recognition and many thanks are owed to our volunteers: at Registration (Tegan Mortimer, Daniel Heimgartner and Suzanne Izzo), Beginner's Instruction (Dasa Merka, Alex Merka, and Greg Lennon), Control Pick Up (Don Fish, Greg Lennon, Greg Palardy, Ben Roberts, Howie Weinstein, and Tom Wells), and Epunching (Amy Louden).

Splits for this event are posted on AttackPoint.


Course Length: 2.6 km

Course Climb: 80 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Zach KuderPatriots NJROTC18:23
2Andrew HodakPatriots NJROTC22:23
3Nate BeardmoreCalvert NJROTC22:50
4Mary SchmidtPatriots NJROTC26:09
5Marcus Johnson27:18
6Daniel LucianiQOC29:12
7Samantha Strong29:28
8Caleb ParkinsPatriots NJROTC38:03
9Chris SpainQOC42:09
10Rebecca RichQOC42:19
11Ariana DickeyQOC42:58
12Sara LandersQOC43:32
13Nicole AleksievaQOC46:38
14Amy LoudenQOC47:09
15Sarah & Michelle FishQOC47:35
16Karen ButlerQOC56:44
17Brooke OliverQOC57:58
18Andrew Clem & DeonQOC59:24
19Serhot Ozturk59:36
20James ChaplinQOC79:37
21Barbara Gusack80:13
22Kera Moore81:27
23Michael BianchettaQOC81:41
24 Troop 3895 B84:08
25Cary FeldmannQOC84:09
26 Goldenpine D84:41
27 Goldenpine B85:12
28Jill Goldenpine A85:49
29 Goldenpine C86:48
30Evan CrokerPatuxent NJROTC91:25
31Sofia GrenierQOC94:22
32 Troop 3895 A111:26
33 Troop 1882 & Joesph & Harrison132:11
34Stacey MorrisonQOCDNF
34 Pack 250 BQOCMP (83:45)
34 Pack 250 AQOCMP (84:40)
34 Goldenpine EMP (85:48)


Course Length: 4.5 km

Course Climb: 140 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Rick OliverQOC37:44
2Daniel Luciani45:26
3Dennis DohertyQOC46:47
4Zach kuderPatriots NJROTC48:44
5Noah LaScolaPatriots NJROTC48:58
6JP LandersQOC49:27
7Alexis MerkaQOC51:15
8Christin Lundgren54:07
9Mark HicksQOC55:25
10Jon Blank59:57
11Gogi KalkaQOC60:05
12Don FishQOC61:15
13Justin JacksonPatuxent NJROTC61:24
14Tom WellsQOC61:52
15Jennifer WernerQOC64:07
16Corey CutshallPatriots NJROTC65:15
17Steve CampQOC65:39
18Inigo AhedoQOC66:14
19Sean TraubePatriots NJROTC66:51
20Rob BriberQOC66:56
21Dreyden HintonPatuxent NJROTC66:59
22Joey LusbyPatuxent NJROTC67:05
23Vanessa LightfootPatuxent NJROTC67:21
24Brendan JonesPatuxent NJROTC67:40
25John LandersQOC68:39
26Jeff HaskellQOC69:55
27Mark MaceQOC69:57
28Joseph PickerallPatuxent NJROTC70:25
29Ryan ClowerPatuxent NJROTC71:15
30Edward EnsonQOC71:51
31Owen TurnbullPatriots NJROTC71:58
32Helen DohertyQOC72:11
33Chris HemusQOC72:12
34Chip ZawislakQOC73:06
35Nicholas SchmidtPatriots NJROTC77:07
36Robert RichQOC77:40
37Patrick HessionQOC78:58
38Tegan Mortimer79:31
39Paul CollinsonQOC80:50
40Einar Olsen80:55
41Samantha Strong81:25
42Carl L & Carl & Morg82:01
43Craig SheldenQOC82:36
44Max AhmedQOC82:39
45Heidi OnkstQOC82:52
46Courtney SheldenQOC85:11
47Molly RiegelPatriots NJROTC85:17
48Lennart Lundgren85:40
49Cecilia LandersQOC85:41
50Pam DvorskyCalvert NJROTC89:39
51Caleb ParkinsPatriots NJROTC90:26
52John StudachQOC90:43
53Michelle HolmesQOC92:09
54Suzanne SheldenQOC95:58
55Rae Ann HicksQOC97:26
56Michael PerkinsQOC98:18
57Kelly CoulbyCalvert NJROTC103:36
58Jan ZichaQOC106:25
59James MacDougallQOC108:26
60Ryan SilkQOC109:36
61Kristen SilkQOC109:37
62Stephanie CoffinQOC110:19
63Zachary HoughtonQOC110:35
64Florence TanQOC111:27
65Alexander HoughtonQOC111:33
66Mike DvorskyCalvert NJROTC113:10
67Arthur Cantrell & Autumn116:30
68Patrick FieldQOC119:43
69Mike Costas120:19
70Mark Thomsen & LinelQOC122:11
71Faith BrownCalvert NJROTC122:51
72Alex HartCalvert NJROTC123:04
73Mike NewmanQOC126:38
74David Tarkow & Rich PaladinoQOC131:05
75Andrew HodakPatriots NJROTC131:21
76Suzanne IzzoQOC136:31
77Matthew HoffmanPatuxent NJROTC140:15
78William Bardin & HuiQOC140:35
79Luci RiegelQOC143:53
80Jade PackPatriots NJROTCDNF
80Dennis Borie & Adjowa & BalogunQOCDNF
80Paula Lawley & MatthewDNF
80Susan Symington & Sawyer & DillonMP (101:47)
80Jonathon PriddyPatuxent NJROTCMP (140:15)


Course Length: 9 km

Course Climb: 360 m

Number of Controls: 20

1Andres Sundstrom50:48
2Joel FordQOC61:18
3Jon TorranceQOC62:09
4Turner LeighLoudoun Co NJROTC62:15
5Victor LinQOC71:03
6Nadim AhmedQOC72:20
7Joshua SanchezPatuxent NJROTC74:40
8Videlin AleksievQOC80:20
9Michael DickeyQOC80:24
10Gavin WeiseQOC85:51
11Jan MerkaQOC86:29
12Adam SmithQOC87:52
13Kim JepsenQOC89:55
14Frantisek BrabecQOC90:32
15Justin WoodsonQOC92:16
16Petr Minar93:24
17Charles CarrickQOC94:14
18Jared SilkQOC96:04
19Howie WeinsteinQOC96:59
20Peggy DickisonOK97:26
21David OnkstQOC99:00
22Ben RobertsQOC99:33
23Francis HogleQOC103:37
24Anne JepsenQOC106:16
25Tom NolanQOC106:31
26Greg PalardyQOC106:58
27Ethan Riegel107:22
28Marshall Lieder118:31
29Stuart Wright129:54
30Adrienne Murray Nielsen & AdamQOC132:46
31John OrganekQOC136:55
32Michael LiederQOC167:28
33Doris LeeQOC179:55
34John Vincent & 14Patuxent NJROTCDNF (96:03)
34Caleb Withers & 14Patuxent NJROTCDNF (115:25)
34Sean Croker & 14Patuxent NJROTCDNF (123:42)
34India PackPatriots NJROTCDNF (128:45)
34Alex Ball & 14Patriots NJROTCNC (61:01)
34Nicholas Grenier & 14QOCNC (63:54)
34Diana Aleksieva & 14QOCNC (65:08)
34Ryan Wiscovitch & 14Patriots NJROTCNC (65:33)
34Tom Strat & 14QOCNC (68:17)
34Rob Field & 14QOCNC (73:04)
34John Baker & 14QOCNC (74:35)
34Jody Landers & 14QOCNC (77:00)
34Dagmar Merkova & 14QOCNC (79:04)
34Joseph Wanger & 14Patriots NJROTCNC (80:30)
34Matthew Dirndorfer & 14Patriots NJROTCNC (83:03)
34Petya Aleksieva & 14QOCNC (109:19)
34David Levine & 14QOCNC (113:35)
34Steve Mones & 14QOCNC (125:09)
34Jane Leggett & 14QOCNC (139:01)
34Wendy W & 14QOCNC (140:21)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).