Prince William Forest

Course results can be seen below as well as on Attackpoint or Winsplits. To enter your routes and see how others went, head to RouteGadget.

On Sunday at Prince William Forest park we enjoyed having all of you participating in our event.

Thanks to the course setter Videlin Aleksiev we had all course levels available.
The registration crew – Daniel Heimgartner, Diana Aleksieva, Dagmar (Dasa) Merkova, Iva Zicha, and Florence Tan – welcomed all participants with smiles on their faces and handled the job with ease.
Our beginner instructors – Greg Lennon and Heidi Onkst were fabulous as always.
E-punching team – Valerie Meyer, Amy Louden, and Kevin Culberg – ran the e-registration smoothly.
Control pick-up volunteers – Sam Listwak, Tom Nolan, Jan Merka, Kim Jepsen, Anne Jepsen, Jon Torrance, and Diana Aleksieva – collected the controls in no time.
Parking - Evgeni Peev covered all parking shifts and helped grilling the hot-dogs.
John Baker was keeping runners safe.

Thank you all!


Course Length: 1.9 km

Course Climb: 135 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Daniel MinarQOC24:42
2Virginia DeBonsQOC28:30
3Brendan PerkinsQOC28:57
4 MD2540 Team B35:07
5Norman Fuss FamilyQOC44:33
6 MD2540 Team A57:32
7Family SetlikQOC58:18


Course Length: 2.3 km

Course Climb: 160 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Hayden DunnLoudoun Co NJROTC25:21
2Jordan RyanLoudoun Co NJROTC25:37
3Oliver OlsenLoudoun Co NJROTC27:07
4Zachary AycockLoudoun Co NJROTC28:12
5Aiden BruceLoudoun Co NJROTC34:58
6Zeke Millikan35:17
7Robert ZanettiLoudoun Co NJROTC38:25
8Rae Ann HicksQOC42:26
9Sara LandersQOC44:38
10Mary LeighLoudoun Co NJROTC44:53
11Chip StarkeyQOC44:54
12Family Setlik45:28
13Cody Hicks & MaryamQOC47:01
14Jon BertheussenQOC52:16
15Ryan Nalls & BSA Troop 68852:55
16Iva ZichaQOC54:13
17Mary Peyton MillerQOC54:57
18 Morningstar Family of 256:56
19Zachary HicksQOC59:04
20Aveek Nerad & BSA Troop 68860:23
21Jackson Staab & BSA Troop 68860:25
22Radka HerndonQOC61:47
23Vincent Bryant & BSA Troop 68863:57
24Diego Haldeman65:14
25Bob & Trey Newton70:03
26Michael Bianchetta72:04
27John DirndorferPatriots NJROTC76:08
28Katrina FussQOC99:42
29 Blonde Leading Blonde & Seaton & WalshQOC103:16
30Sofia D'ErricoLoudoun Co NJROTCMP (36:49)


Course Length: 3.6 km

Course Climb: 275 m

Number of Controls: 15

1Miles GrahamQOC46:23
2Jeremy DebonsQOC48:15
3Michael PerkinsQOC50:38
4Bill WrightQOC51:46
5Nathan RodriguezLoudoun Co NJROTC53:28
6Alexis MerkaQOC54:14
7Max KrohnertHuntingtown NJROTC54:56
8Asher FreeseLoudoun Co NJROTC55:32
9Ian EvansLoudoun Co NJROTC56:22
10Josh Dittus & BSA Troop 68856:44
11Stephen DohertyQOC58:12
12Nathan BrandPatuxent NJROTC58:57
13James Dittus & BSA Troop 68860:07
14Trey StroupeLoudoun Co NJROTC61:04
15Keg GoodQOC61:16
16Gary QuamQOC63:56
17Casey MotonQOC64:01
18Warren PrestonQOC65:58
19James ThullQOC67:30
20Max FulgenziLoudoun Co NJROTC72:01
21Helen DohertyQOC73:26
22Kevin LearyQOC79:26
23Laura LinvilleQOC79:30
24Christian TschidaLoudoun Co NJROTC81:13
25Cecilia LandersQOC81:55
26Jeffrey SongQOC85:02
27Caleb WithersPatuxent NJROTC89:39
28Adam & Caleb HeifetzQOC90:19
29Zachary HoughtonQOC95:14
30Alexander HoughtonQOC95:26
31Courtney SheldenQOC97:47
32Reiko RagerQOC98:27
33Suzanne SheldenQOC99:11
34Chris Sharp Becky WhiteQOC105:04
35Peter NelsonQOC105:33
36Lais Cunha105:52
37Sherry Dowdy & Lynne Clemo112:09
38Patrick Demoy-DyettHuntingtown NJROTC112:15
39Charles GregorskiQOC133:55
40Ted Proctor135:06
41Chris DevineQOC152:29
42Rich HallQOCDNF (128:35)
42Doris LeeQOCMP (97:01)
42Mike SpillerMP (135:19)


Course Length: 4.5 km

Course Climb: 215 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Adam SmithQOC43:49
2Greg LennonQOC53:03
3Jana SeidlovaQOC54:18
4Dennis DohertyQOC61:33
5John BakerQOC62:13
6Kathleen LennonQOC65:11
7James Moffett65:36
8Adam BeeQOC69:23
9Peggy DickisonOK70:20
10Valerie MeyerQOC70:21
11Bob RushQOC70:59
12Sandy FillebrownDVOA72:27
13Robert FawcettQOC72:37
14Kris BeecroftQOC73:18
15Mark MaceQOC74:22
16Monika KornhauserQOC77:33
17Gogi KalkaQOC77:47
18Jeremy GillespieLoudoun Co NJROTC78:08
19Sarah KommQOC83:27
20JP LandersQOC84:33
21Robert HartQOC86:07
22Patricia MaceQOC86:34
23Mary SnieckusQOC86:50
24Daniel LathropQOC89:05
25Jeff HaskellQOC89:36
26Esben JepsenQOC91:26
27Edward ZawislakQOC98:52
28Ethan JohnsonHuntingtown NJROTC107:59
29Daniel SheldenQOC108:26
30Scott BlandHuntingtown NJROTC109:53
31Joseph ZawislakHuntingtown NJROTC110:26
32John J MillerQOC111:35
33Michelle & Tara HolmesQOC112:49
34Edward EnsonQOC113:58
35Tavia SullensQOC120:16
36Sidney SachsQOC126:22
37Paul Saksvig135:13
38Jennifer Cooper & Frederick169:34
39Amy LoudenQOC189:50
40Heidi OnkstQOCDNF (64:53)
40Dagmar MerkovaQOCDNF (69:18)
40Kenzie RivenbarkLoudoun Co NJROTCDNF (75:18)
40Kai TougasHuntingtown NJROTCDNF (82:48)
40Ian EshlemanHuntingtown NJROTCDNF (116:41)
40Bobbie VerdegaalQOCDNF (118:25)
40Michael SpierngDNF (154:23)
40Florence TanQOCDNF (198:55)


Course Length: 6.5 km

Course Climb: 280 m

Number of Controls: 16

1Andrew KommQOC67:52
2Rick OliverQOC68:16
3Dave ConnollyQOC74:14
4Jan MerkaQOC76:17
5Tom NolanQOC77:59
6Gavin WeiseQOC78:42
7Tom WellsQOC79:12
8Justin GreenQOC81:32
9Jared KalinsPatuxent NJROTC85:03
10Joshua SanchezPatuxent NJROTC86:49
11Jody LandersQOC89:00
12John StaplesLoudoun Co NJROTC89:34
13Sam ListwakQOC90:17
14Mark HicksQOC92:16
15Patrick FarleyQOC94:59
16John MillerQOC97:05
17Matt DirndorferPatriots NJROTC97:57
18Bill ViennaQOC98:47
18Tom StratQOC98:47
19Anne JepsenQOC100:53
20Norman FussQOC104:59
21Kyle CashmanPatuxent NJROTC105:29
22Nathaniel RexroadLoudoun Co NJROTC108:39
23Nathan SchererHuntingtown NJROTC109:02
24Nick VettingPatuxent NJROTC109:53
25John VincentQOC113:49
26Rob BriberQOC114:29
27Rob WhitestoneQOC117:49
28Zeke Millikan125:38
29Leon Torbert & KimQOC133:17
30Joseph Murphy147:05
31Craig SheldenQOC148:38
32Nicholas SchaeferLoudoun Co NJROTCDNF (82:03)
32Ryan SaulHuntingtown NJROTCDNF (82:55)
32Jeroen Van strienQOCDNF (94:04)
32Justin DuheQOCDNF (109:36)
32Benjamin ZawislakHuntingtown NJROTCDNF (151:58)
32Todd TrappDNF (155:32)
32Corrigan RaileyHuntingtown NJROTCDNF (176:14)


Course Length: 8.2 km

Course Climb: 335 m

Number of Controls: 20

1Ted GoodQOC78:14
2Kim JepsenQOC95:22
3Matthew KnightQOC102:40
4Aaron LinvilleQOC107:46
5Rolemberg Cunha130:27
6Turner LeighLoudoun Co NJROTCDNF (106:37)
6John RosickyQOCDNF (153:11)


Course Length: 9.4 km

Course Climb: 395 m

Number of Controls: 21

1Jon TorranceQOC71:33
2Kevin CulbergQOC77:10
3Victor LinQOC98:56
4Yuriy BulkaQOC110:12
5Nadim AhmedQOC112:38
6Ben RobertsQOC126:36
7Dustine ReppuhnQOC126:45
8Charles CarrickQOC145:14
9Glen BrakeQOC153:41
10Inigo AhedoQOCDNF (170:01)
10Wendy WQOCDNF (191:26)
10Sami SfeirQOCDNF (191:42)
10Thomas DuongDNF (209:49)
10Michael WoodQOCMP (107:45)
10William DickinsonQOCMP (140:48)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).