Morven Park

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Next event: Sunday May 15 at Combat Village. Make sure to have placed your name by 10pm May 10 on the 'Sentry Entry' list to be allowed on base if you're planning on attending.

Short Advanced

Course Length: 3 km

Course Climb: 45 m

Number of Controls: 15

1Alexis Merka ABCQOC26:08
2Maggie Pruden BCAQOCMP (30:05)

Medium Advanced

Course Length: 5.6 km

Course Climb: 75 m

Number of Controls: 23

1Rick Oliver CBAQOC39:33
2Jan Merka CABQOC43:43
3Rob Whitestone BCAQOC49:05
4Mark Hicks BACQOC51:15
5Virginia DeBons BCAQOC56:19
6Valerie Meyer BACQOC58:57
7Patrick Farley ABCQOC64:37
8Rae Ann Hicks ACBQOC92:53
9Amy Louden BACQOC101:39
10Daniel Heimgartner ABCQOC137:06
11Tom Wells BCAQOCMP (46:26)

Long Advanced

Course Length: 8.2 km

Course Climb: 165 m

Number of Controls: 29

1Amber Tomas CABQOC56:14
2Videlin Aleksiev ABCQOC56:30
3Thomas Cochrane ABCQOC57:08
4Adam Smith BCAQOC58:18
5Neal Attfield BACQOC64:50
6Kim Jepsen ABCQOC65:18
7Daniel Quinn CABQOC65:21
8Matt Holman CABQOC66:27
9Tom Nolan ACBQOC67:03
10Eugene Tsypnyatov BACQOC67:11
11Tim Piergalski ACBQOC68:39
12Greg Lennon ABCQOC73:58
13Ben Roberts CBAQOC74:19
14Dagmar Merkova CABQOC79:59
15Kathleen Lennon BACQOC80:34
16Bill Vienna ACBQOC82:59
17Alex Madden CAB86:41
18Gary Smith BACQOC88:47
19Roman Enson ACBQOC90:34
20Ian Jobe BCA93:08
21Keg Good BACQOC117:00
22Dan Tam Do BACQOC129:18
23Paul Nelson ABCQOC148:54
24David Levine CBAQOC164:12
25Victor Lin CBAQOCDNF (62:04)
25Ben Bloschock ABCQOCMP (106:54)
25Daniel Neuhaus ACBQOCMP (116:23)


Course Length: 1.6 km

Course Climb: 15 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Joshua Dacas Ian Evans12:25
2Nicole AleksievaQOC20:57
3Pranac Manivannan & Karunarithi21:55
4Family O'BrienQOC24:18
5Arianna Dickey & MichaelQOC26:25
6Michael Mann33:49
7Radmila Percy Family 354:31


Course Length: 2.4 km

Course Climb: 30 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Mikhail Proskurin16:09
2Thomas WetherellLoudoun Co NJROTC19:10
3Lauren GearhartLoudoun Co NJROTC23:51
4Ian EvansLoudoun Co NJROTC27:22
5Helena Mora-JensenQOC27:57
6Anna Anisimov Benjamin Hutt31:30
7 Schaefer FamilyLoudoun Co NJROTC40:24
8Sara LemanskiQOC41:12
9 Ozarowski & KahnQOC46:32
10Shelley Grove & jen, jaredQOC56:07
11Radka HerndonQOC57:17
12Justin Schreiber & Mike58:25
13Ksenia Ulianova & Maria DaraseliaQOC59:05
14Amanda LippertQOC64:54
15Thaddeus LawQOC67:13
16Magdalena Russell & Meredith87:44
17Ryan Kim & Hong & Diane115:34
18Lori MoersQOCDNF (69:53)


Course Length: 3.9 km

Course Climb: 65 m

Number of Controls: 14

1Christine DohertyQOC37:55
2Joshua CoyleLoudoun Co NJROTC49:24
3Nicholas SchaeferLoudoun Co NJROTC49:29
4Michael & Ariana DickeyQOC52:12
5Jane LeggettQOC53:28
6Florence TanQOC55:09
7Naomi Jarvis & WPOC56:26
8Boyan OnyshkevychQOC72:15
9Tony Kaminski76:53
9Allison ElderQOC76:53
10Martin Heinz Family 382:58
11David FrankQOC86:47
12Kenzie RivenbarkLoudoun Co NJROTC92:17
13Brian & Odin Briggman Family 4QOC99:08
14Samuel Percy118:42
15Nathan RodriguezLoudoun Co NJROTCMP (45:46)
15Anna Anisimova Benjamin HuttMP (64:34)


Course Length: 5.2 km

Course Climb: 125 m

Number of Controls: 14

1Diana AleksievaQOC62:48
2Brody SlusherLoudoun Co NJROTC62:50
3Gogi KalkaQOC68:01
4Wendy WQOC71:57
5Dave ConnollyQOC76:04
6Daniel Lathrop & EmilyQOC83:43
7Petya AleksievaQOC91:02
8Kevin Leary93:02
9Tim CholkoQOC93:47
10Edward EnsonQOC95:40
11Steve Van Winkle105:46
12Mark MaceQOC106:14
13Chris Sharp Becky WhiteQOC112:25
14Patricia MaceQOCDNF
14Justin Kunz & SarahPatriots NJROTCDNF (170:56)
14Dennis DohertyQOCMP (56:47)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).