Mason Neck

Course results can be seen below as well as on Attackpoint for White and Yellow. To enter your routes and see how others went, head to RouteGadget.

Next weekend: A full weekend of events! Training, night orienteering on Saturday, and classic/day orienteering on Sunday, all based out the Happyland Camp at Prince William Forest Park. Training and overnight accommodations require pre-registration (details here). Registration for the Saturday Night-O and the Sunday Day-O will be at those events.

This year, Mason Neck had comfortable temperatures and some rain, but the competitors were not deterred.
We had 170 starts on courses designed by Mark Hicks, which included the Twisted-O. The competitors enjoyed the courses and the challenge of Mason Neck’s unique terrain. We had a few school organizations and a Boy Scout Troop attend the meet. One Scout finished his requirements for the orienteering merit badge, and the others completed the map and compass work for their First Class requirement.
We were able to coordinate a couple of new locations for the post-race meetup this year at Quiznos and Z Pizza, and I hope those of you who took advantage of the 15% discount enjoyed your meal.
Finally, a huge THANK YOU goes out to the following volunteers that supported the event without whom the meet could not be a success: Registration – Jon & Kira Bertheussen, Ashley Hicks, and Paul Hession; Beginner Instruction – Mark Hicks, Bill Wright, Gary Smith and Keg Good; E-punch – Tori Cambell, Amy Louden, and Valerie Meyer; and Control Pick-up – John Baker, Charles Carrick, Mark Hicks, Mark Becker, Scott Sharp, and John Organek.
David Stapleton, Mason Neck Assistant Park Manager, and the Mason Neck State Park staff were very helpful and supportive of our event once again. Thanks to the entire park staff for their assistance.
Overall, it was a great event and we all look forward to returning.

-Rae Ann Hicks, Event Director


Course Length: 2.3 km

Course Climb: 20 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Dennis AzatoQOC30:34
2Kathryn Siehndel33:05
3Nathan Beagle & Riley Nielson & Troop 68842:57
4Kapil Bakshi & Ismnoor & Arunabho Anusha Das47:51
5Peter Campbell & Jon CampbellQOC50:06
5Jake Sullivan & John Nered & Troop 68850:06


Course Length: 2.6 km

Course Climb: 35 m

Number of Controls: 11

1James Moffett32:47
2Radka HerndonQOC33:25
3William IacoponelliLoudoun Co NJROTC33:37
4Ryan LeechQOC33:48
5Robert ZanettiLoudoun Co NJROTC42:54
6Scott Kimball47:08
7Helen DohertyQOC50:00
8Florence TanQOC50:06
9Kira Bertheussen & JonQOC51:02
10Jake Latta & Troop 68851:40
11Andrew TothLoudoun Co NJROTC57:28
12Patrick HessionQOC59:51
13Allison Elder & Karen Ahner60:37
14Steve Van Winkle61:06
15Tony Kaminski61:07
16Daniel Brizuela & JessQOC61:39
17Morgan KirkLoudoun Co NJROTC65:04
18Oliana CooleyHuntingtown NJROTC65:26
19Lauren HavensHuntingtown NJROTC66:12
20Sarah Dirndorfer & Joe, JohnQOC68:01
21Toni MarsanoLoudoun Co NJROTC68:15
22Miroslav HonzakQOC71:36
23Ian EvansLoudoun Co NJROTC71:47
24Nataly VladykaQOC71:52
25Peter Nelson & Melanie Maika & Kai Arden83:31
26Carl Quist83:48
27Michael BianchettaQOC99:20
28Jayda FreemanHuntingtown NJROTCDNF (91:26)
28Justin FreemanHuntingtown NJROTCDNF (97:38)
28Cheryl Wilson & MaxwellQOCMP (68:01)

Score Score

PlaceNameClubScoreTimePre-penalty ScorePenalty
1Hannah CulbergQOC27663:29276
2Kevin CulbergQOC27663:41276
3Ken Walker JrCSU27673:10276
4Mark WalmsleyCVOC27673:38276
5Jon TorranceQOC27674:17276
6Chris GrossDVOA27674:43276
7Jon CampbellQOC25663:23256
8Jay GelmanQOC25665:03256
9Victoria CampbellQOC25672:48256
10Videlin AleksievQOC25673:34256
11Rick OliverQOC24669:34246
12Ted GoodQOC23676:3727640
13William ChesarekQOC22672:24226
14Kim JepsenQOC22673:30226
15Nadim AhmedQOC22675:5224620
16Thomas CochraneQOC21674:05216
17Britt MasonQOC21674:56216
18Jan MerkaQOC20668:57206
19Allison Brown & Boris and BarneyQOC19671:57196
20Mihai G SirbuQOC18673:39186
21Benjamin RobertsQOC18674:52186
22Turner LeighLoudoun Co NJROTC17672:23176
23Eugene TsypnyatovQOC17672:28176
24Dagmar MerkovaQOC17674:03176
25Joel Ford & mcwristQOC17677:2523660
26Austin BristowPatuxent NJROTC16671:42166
27Aaron LinvilleQOC15668:34156
28David AshleyQOC14672:23146
29Tom WellsQOC14674:36146
30Adam SmithQOC13659:40136
31John BakerQOC13669:22136
32Jacob BlycherLoudoun Co NJROTC13669:49136
33Dennis DohertyQOC13672:33136
34Ian Jobe & ITye Sundlee13673:09136
35Gary SmithQOC13673:37136
36Jeremy DebonsQOC13673:49136
37Bill WrightQOC11667:45116
38John OrganekQOC11670:05116
39Stephen DohertyQOC11670:11116
40Nathan BrandPatuxent NJROTC11672:23116
41Matt HolmanQOC11672:44116
42Tim PiergalskiQOC11673:02116
43Nicholas SchaeferLoudoun Co NJROTC11674:34116
44Charles CarrickQOC11677:2417660
45Greg LennonQOC11678:3619680
46Brody SlusherLoudoun Co NJROTC10665:40106
47Connor KlapperPatuxent NJROTC10670:56106
48Robert RichQOC10671:13106
49Daniel LathropQOC10672:36106
50Neal AttfieldQOC10677:2716660
51Donald Van HookLoudoun Co NJROTC9670:1596
52George MinarikBAOC9671:3896
53JP LandersQOC9675:0211620
54Brandon BowersHuntingtown NJROTC8659:5586
55Corrie RaileyHuntingtown NJROTC8661:5386
56Edward EnsonQOC8665:1686
57Jeremy GillespieLoudoun Co NJROTC8670:1586
58Rob BriberQOC8670:2386
59Kim CouranzQOC8673:1986
60Zach LinkinsHuntingtown NJROTC7662:2576
61Anne JepsenQOC7664:3976
62Dominick AltherPatuxent NJROTC7665:0276
63Collin ScottPatuxent NJROTC7666:2176
64Thaddeus LawQOC7667:4376
65Brian MazzonePatuxent NJROTC7670:1576
66Virginia DeBonsQOC7674:5476
67Valerie MeyerQOC7675:479620
68Matt DirndorferPatriots NJROTC6657:0866
69Kea NicosiaHuntingtown NJROTC6657:4566
70Jon MurphyHuntingtown NJROTC6657:4966
71Ryan Pfister & Rachel Mundstock6667:4766
72Joshua SanchezPatuxent NJROTC6677:1812660
73Josh BallHuntingtown NJROTC5665:4656
74Richard HoughPatuxent NJROTC5669:2656
75David LevineQOC5676:359640
76Jody LandersQOC5677:3411660
77Amanda LippertQOC4658:3846
78Greg VermillionHuntingtown NJROTC4662:1946
79Kenzie RivenbarkLoudoun Co NJROTC4670:1446
80Naomi InmanPatuxent NJROTC4671:1746
81Matt WilsonQOC4680:05166120
82Laura HolianQOC3637:4636
83Bob FawcetttQOC3678:4811680
84Leslie MinarikBAOC2659:1826
85Steve MonesQOC2669:5026
86Jennifer WernerQOC2677:178660
87Sammie ZieglerHuntingtown NJROTC1655:4016
88Ryan SmithHuntingtown NJROTC1655:5616
89Nobuyuki Tsukoba & Kyoka1677:197660
90Austin CurtisHuntingtown NJROTC1679:18116100
91Paul SherlockQOC675:472620
92Rebecca RichQOC076:501640
93Rob WhitestoneQOC080:1496120
94Gary QuanQOC081:1146140
95Gavin WeiseQOC082:21116160
96Paul HessionQOC082:56136160
97Jared KalinsPatuxent NJROTC083:07156180
98Keg GoodQOC083:56126180
99Nicholas VettingPatuxent NJROTC084:03106200
100Lynn BlycherLoudoun Co NJROTC084:2156200
101Dave ConnollyQOC084:38186200
102Amy LoudenQOC086:0976240
103Travis SiehndelQOC086:38166240
104Don FishQOC087:55126260
105Sarah SorensonQOC089:0876300
106Dan Tam DoQOC089:16106300
107Tom NolanQOC090:55186320
108Yuriy BulkaQOC091:40276340
109Roman EnsonQOC093:15136380
110Dennis WaltersQOC0100:5636520
111Michelle Fish & sean wilsonQOC0101:42106540
112Michelle JenningsQOC0117:0076840
113Paul & Brian NelsonQOC0189:491962300
114Jared Silk & missed 124QOC185MP (74:56)185
114Dustine Reppuhn & missed 122QOC165MP (60:28)165
114Shaw Smith & missed 121Loudoun Co NJROTC125MP (73:40)125
114Kathleen Lennon & missed 124QOC115MP (72:49)115
114Devin Preston & missed 123Patuxent NJROTC105MP (66:37)105
114Kyle Cashman & missed 121Patuxent NJROTC105MP (73:34)105
114Peggy Dickison & missed 125OK105MP (76:09)14540
114Mike Brewin & missed 124QOC105MP (79:27)205100
114John Landers & missed 122QOC95MP (70:05)95
114John Vincent & missed 122Patuxent NJROTC95MP (73:38)95
114Chris Morgan & missed 123 & 126Huntingtown NJROTC64MP (74:56)64
114Kevin Leary & missed 124QOC55MP (73:07)55
114Don Ames & missed 124 & 125QOC54MP (64:27)54
114Alex Hughes & missed 122 & 123Loudoun Co NJROTC54MP (77:22)11460
114Alexis Merka & missed 123QOC35MP (53:28)35
114Sam Clark & missed 121QOC35MP (69:18)35
114Jason Swantek & missed 12235MP (78:39)11580
114Richard Briggs & missed 121 & 123QOC24MP (75:47)4420
114Bill Vienna & missed 124QOC15MP (81:49)155140
114Kyle Adams & missed 123Huntingtown NJROTC0MP (81:18)55140
114John Studach & missed 126QOC0MP (86:38)45240

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).