Hemlock Overlook

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Course Length: 2 km

1Max AhmedQOC22:18
2Michael DickeyQOC28:35
2Ariana DickeyQOC28:35
3Peter CampbellQOC42:05
4Marty WildQOC44:23
5Kira & Naomi BertheussenQOC44:39
6Nicole AleksievaQOC45:12
7Jerry Smith & Evi & LizzyOther45:53
8 BSA Troop 157 & Isaac & Ethan47:18
9Marcus Wear & RyanOther51:26
10Helen Tim Alice ---QOC55:05
11Michael Goldenpine & Birthday PartyQOC59:45
12 BSA Troop 157 & Adam & Daniel73:08
13Joshua TroutPatuxent NJROTC73:51
14Daniel with Agata Jose-IvaninaQOC88:21
15Polina with Agata Jose-IvaninaQOC88:30
16Marina with Agata Jose-IvaninaQOC88:50
17Ulrika Hansson & ChristopherOther89:09
18Gil with Agata Jose-IvaninaQOC89:13
19Monika Lencesova & Alex & NelaQOC89:30
20Lisa NovinsQOC124:38
21Jill Goldenpine & Birthday PartyQOCMP (59:51)


Course Length: 3.4 km

0 BSA Troop 157 & Roland & Jeffrey
1Alexis MerkaQOC35:58
2Anna CampbellQOC48:31
3Sarah CurtisOther49:42
4Reiko Rager & David & SilasQOC54:01
5Paul Rapavi & Christopher & JonathanQOC61:37
6 Morningstar Family of 267:36
7Rebecca RichQOC69:26
8Radka HerndonQOC81:33
9John & Joan Koss & BSA Troop 157QOC84:37
10Alesso Van Kellen & DaphneQOC85:52
11Tavia SullensQOC95:25
12Brian Davidson & Noah & Taryn & Calvin & SeanQOC99:39
13Rob WhitestoneQOC106:40
14Pat Pruden109:51
15May Joy GrenierQOCDNF
150122 AHDQOCDNF (73:17)
15Kirsten MaylandDVOAMP (45:35)
15David FrankQOCMP (103:52)
15Ariana Dickey & 2nd courseQOCNC (64:22)


Course Length: 4.2 km

Number of Controls: 10

1Turner Leigh42:12
2Diana AleksievaQOC60:48
3James MoffettQOC76:12
4Stephen DohertyQOC79:23
5Dennis Azato Family 3QOC85:18
6Mike Chaney & Andrea & JamisonQOC108:52
7Travis Siehndel & Kathryn & DeanQOC123:38
8Chris Sharp Becky WhiteQOC143:58
9Florence TanQOC144:30
10Group A Troop 1865148:21
11Jack ThomasPatuxent NJROTC153:37
12LiChung LiuQOC155:37
13Courtney SheldenQOC156:57
14Daniel BardroffPatuxent NJROTC159:38
15Alina Scott & AngelaPatuxent NJROTCDNF
15John Forrester & NancyQOCDNF
15Jane LeggettQOCDNF
15Sara RobichQOCDNF (46:15)
15Einar OlsenOtherDNF (68:02)
15Charles GregorskiQOCDNF (151:51)
15Caleb WithersPatuxent NJROTCDNF (158:27)
15Group C Troop 1865QOCMP
15Helen DohertyQOCMP (122:30)
15Kevin LearyQOCMP (158:15)
15Group B Troop 1865 & Paul HessionQOCMP (221:03)


Course Length: 4.1 km

Number of Controls: 11

1Michael WoodQOC43:33
2Adam BeeQOC58:03
3Martin JohanssonOther59:06
4Dennis DohertyQOC59:35
5Don DavisQOC68:12
6Bill WrightQOC73:01
7Daniel LathropQOC76:21
8Chris HemusQOC80:17
9Dagmar MerkovaQOC83:49
10Dominick AltherPatuxent NJROTC85:53
11Nick VettingPatuxent NJROTC89:05
12Petya AleksievaQOC93:27
13Jon BertheussenQOC96:08
14Kara Zallaha & Miguel A Perez108:59
15Daniel SheldenQOC119:49
16Nathan BrandPatuxent NJROTC124:17
17Max AnfilofyevQOC126:27
18Dwight JohnsonQOC128:57
18Mike Spiller & Cole128:57
19Henry ScottQOC133:17
20Pam DvorskyQOC135:15
21Paul CollinsonOther137:12
22Suzanne SheldenQOC138:29
23Mike DvorskyQOC145:32
24Michelle & Tara Holmes & Jenny & JessicaQOC147:30
25Karla HulettQOC156:58
26Amy LoudenQOC163:11
27James MacDougallQOC169:26
28Sara LandersQOC182:15
29Sidney SachsQOCDNF
29Valerie MeyerQOCDNF (76:05)


Course Length: 5.6 km

Number of Controls: 13

1Alex JospeCSU50:55
2Adam SmithQOC59:38
3Rick OliverQOC60:20
4Jan MerkaQOC65:58
5Tom WellsQOC78:12
6Gavin WeiseQOC82:30
7Connor KlapperPatuxent NJROTC86:25
8Jared KalinsPatuxent NJROTC87:30
9Diana ToddQOC87:43
10Greg LennonQOC90:01
11Collin ScottPatuxent NJROTC91:34
12JP LandersQOC92:14
13John LandersQOC93:30
14Gogi KalkaQOC95:08
15Frantisek BrabecQOC95:21
16Thaddeus LawQOC108:45
17Gary SmithQOC117:19
18Rob BriberQOC120:18
19Robert RichQOC124:02
20Wendy WQOC126:53
21John VincentPatuxent NJROTC129:16
22Michelle SvobodaQOC130:54
23Karen Kohanowich136:51
24Patrick FarleyQOC140:00
25Patricia MaceQOCDNF
25Mark MaceQOCDNF
25Pete McLaughlinDVOADNF
25Louis Lamoureux & BSA Troop 157DNF
25Kathleen LennonQOCDNF
25Heidi OnkstQOCDNF (88:42)
25Craig SheldenQOCMP (170:37)


Course Length: 7 km

Number of Controls: 15

1Dan MaylandDVOA79:19
2Tom NolanQOC82:48
3Jared SilkQOC93:34
4Peggy DickisonOK96:12
5Michael DickeyQOC103:44
6Matthew KnightQOC108:27
7Erik GrunerQOC110:37
8Bill ViennaQOC131:37
9Rory WelchQOC134:29
10Anne JepsenQOC144:02
11Don FishQOC147:13
12William SchaeferQOCDNF (91:20)


Course Length: 8.2 km

Number of Controls: 19

1Videlin AleksievQOC87:22
1David AshleyQOC87:22
2Jon CampbellQOC91:12
3Nadim AhmedQOC94:42
4Yuriy BulkaQOC96:03
5Victoria CampbellQOC106:49
6Andrew KommQOC113:37
7Jeff DickeyQOC124:35
8Ben RobertsQOC131:19
9Dustine ReppuhnQOC137:19
10William ChesarekQOC142:09
11Mary FosterQOC187:48
12Jens Scott & FrankieQOC193:03
13Will DickinsonQOC211:15
14Paul Nelson & ClaireQOCDNF
14Dave PrudenQOCMP

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).