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It was a very pleasant day at Fountainhead Regional Park and Course Designer Hannah Culberg had a set of great courses. There was a large turnout of more than 200 runners looking to take advantage of one of the first cooler, end-of-summer days.

This was Laura and Aaron’s first time as Event Directors and they were very appreciative of all the volunteer help!

Dan Do and Bill Wright did double duty helping with both registration and control pickup. Bob Hart, Jon Torrance and John Baker were on duty to impart their knowledge and wisdom with novice orienteers. Jon Torrance, Dave Levine, Victor Lin, Sam Listwak and Mihai Sirbu were also on control pickup. Valerie Meyer, Amy Louden, Mary Snieckus, Kevin Culberg and Tori Campbell handled e-punch results.


Course Length: 1.8 km

Course Climb: 90 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Nick RexroadLoudoun Co HS NJROTC22:12
2Nicholas SchaeferLoudoun Co HS NJROTC26:11
3William IacoponelliLoudoun Co HS NJROTC26:15
4Matthew JablonskiPatuxent HS NJROTC27:53
5Daniel BardroffPatuxent HS NJROTC28:14
6Autumn DarianoPatuxent HS NJROTC32:45
7Lauren GearhartLoudoun Co HS NJROTC33:42
8Nate RexroadLoudoun Co HS NJROTC34:08
9Dave NicholasQOC43:38
10Kole KoerperPatuxent HS NJROTC45:12
11Elizabeth Bury & Christopher Hutsch45:40
12Nicole AleksievaQOC45:42
13Kenzie RivenbarkLoudoun Co HS NJROTC46:47
14Laura GillespieLoudoun Co HS NJROTC46:53
15Rafael Josef49:15
16Alexander HagertyQOC60:50
17Stephanie PrattQOC64:06
18Ryan FiskePatuxent HS NJROTC79:03
19Pavan Mamillapalli & Pallavi & Amil Kalashash81:06
20Leo McNeilLoudoun Co HS NJROTCMP (34:10)
20Carolyn WilsonPatuxent HS NJROTCMP (82:15)
20 Molly & Jillian & 2nd courseQOCNC (21:10)


Course Length: 2.4 km

Course Climb: 95 m

Number of Controls: 10

1John AllenLoudoun Co HS NJROTC31:24
2Valerie MeyerQOC40:10
3Joseph AbramsQOC40:14
4Joshua SanchezPatuxent HS NJROTC43:21
5Radka HerndonQOC46:17
6Lauren HavensHuntingtown NJROTC48:09
7Tara KeenanHuntingtown NJROTC48:32
8Josh BallHuntingtown NJROTC48:39
9Lynn BlycherLoudoun Co HS NJROTC48:45
10Kristy Sundberg & Chris Adams48:48
11Melvin LocHuntingtown NJROTC49:42
12Sammie ZeiglerHuntingtown NJROTC49:53
13Wayne Chambers Grp of 353:14
14Arthur Stone & JennQOC53:31
15Danielle Minar & MatyasQOC54:07
16Amy LoudenQOC56:54
17Michelle Holmes & Tara & LindsayQOC59:03
18Dave Nicholas60:36
19Florence TanQOC61:18
20Henry ScottQOC62:57
21Mark MaceQOC63:15
22Nathan BankerPatuxent HS NJROTC64:27
23Corri RaileyHuntingtown NJROTC66:33
24Hanna HenkelmanHuntingtown NJROTC66:43
25Darby Peterson Family of 370:01
26Michael BianchettaQOC71:04
27Alexandra PhilipsonPatuxent HS NJROTC71:45
28 Mamillapalli Grp of 3QOC74:15
29Patrick HoughPatuxent HS NJROTC74:33
30John SharrockQOC76:28
31Shawn ParkHuntingtown NJROTC77:42
32Srinivas Vaitla & Jitka & Kody & Kaden90:56
33Cheryl Wilson & MaxwellQOC92:05
34 Noble Family of 6QOC94:51
35Helen Tim Alice -- The Klein FamilyQOC97:52
36Lisa NovinsQOC99:18
37Matus MudronQOC105:15
38Austin FowlerHuntingtown NJROTC105:17
39Ian EshlemanHuntingtown NJROTC109:14
40Brian Briggman & OdinQOC109:29
41William EllisQOC116:18
42Bert Robbins & Alex141:23
43Justin FreemanHuntingtown NJROTC143:28
44Nichole MacewenHuntingtown NJROTC143:43
45Oliana CooleyHuntingtown NJROTCDNF (36:30)
45Heather McDowellDNF (50:02)
45 Jillian & MollyMP (43:54)
45Court ZabelQOCMP (51:39)
45Catherine WaltersLoudoun Co HS NJROTCMP (66:07)
45Hunter DempsterHuntingtown NJROTCMP (105:18)
45Kenzie Rivenbark & 2nd courseLoudoun Co HS NJROTCNC (28:00)
45Nate Rexroad & 2nd courseLoudoun Co HS NJROTCNC (28:02)
45Nicholas Schaefer & 2nd courseLoudoun Co HS NJROTCNC (31:28)
45Nick Rexroad & 2nd courseLoudoun Co HS NJROTCNC (31:28)
45Laura Gillespie & 2nd courseLoudoun Co HS NJROTCNC (40:33)
45William Iacoponelli & 2nd courseLoudoun Co HS NJROTCNC (40:37)
45Ryan Fiske & 2nd coursePatuxent HS NJROTCNC (40:49)
45Daniel Bardroff & 2nd coursePatuxent HS NJROTCNC (42:14)
45Carolyn Wilson & 2nd coursePatuxent HS NJROTCNC (42:22)
45Kole Koerper & 2nd coursePatuxent HS NJROTCNC (57:58)
45Matthew Jablonski & 2nd coursePatuxent HS NJROTCNC (72:00)
45Lauren Gearhart & 2nd courseLoudoun Co HS NJROTCNC (78:14)
45Leo McNeil & 2nd courseLoudoun Co HS NJROTCNC (78:18)


Course Length: 2.9 km

Course Climb: 140 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Turner LeighLoudoun Co HS NJROTC41:21
2Devin PrestonPatuxent HS NJROTC43:39
3Mary ThompsonQOC43:48
4Mackenzie MorganPatuxent HS NJROTC50:08
5Diana AleksievaQOC50:35
6Dennis DohertyQOC54:38
7Anna CampbellQOC60:37
8Christine DohertyQOC62:57
9Sara LemanskiQOC65:16
10Richard HoughPatuxent HS NJROTC65:55
11Andrew AllenLoudoun Co HS NJROTC68:21
12Jennifer WernerQOC70:14
13Alexis MerkaQOC70:27
14 Sundberg Family of 270:54
15Dominick AltherPatuxent HS NJROTC71:44
16Gabe QuieroloPatuxent HS NJROTC81:53
17Shane Kraft82:43
18Cory FreemanHuntingtown NJROTC87:01
19Kea NicosiaHuntingtown NJROTC87:06
20Brian MazzonePatuxent HS NJROTC91:27
21Cecilia LandersQOC95:33
22Katie KoerperPatuxent HS NJROTC97:53
23Rene Coughenour & Donna & BeverlyQOC108:06
24Karla HulettQOC110:29
25Andrew Clark & Caroline112:39
26Chip Becker & AydenQOC126:51
27Rachael SanchezPatuxent HS NJROTC158:35
28S & V HutchinsonQOCDNF (116:29)
28Kyle & James Greene & James & KyleDNF (122:32)
28Pramod Mamillapalli & PoornimaQOCDNF (204:36)
28Nick VettingPatuxent HS NJROTCMP (63:47)


Course Length: 3.1 km

Course Climb: 145 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Ron PontiusQOC43:18
2Joseph AbramsQOC54:22
3Bill WrightQOC54:37
4Robert HartQOC57:50
5Shaw SmithLoudoun Co HS NJROTC59:02
6Mary SnieckusQOC63:54
7Edward EnsonQOC65:20
8Keg GoodQOC68:58
9Brandon BowersHuntingtown NJROTC72:05
10Nathan BrandPatuxent HS NJROTC72:39
11Petya AleksievaQOC73:34
12Don AmesQOC76:09
13Jon BertheussenQOC79:47
14Patrick FarleyQOC83:19
15Maggie PrudenQOC87:17
16Eva MatveevaQOC94:06
17Pam DvorskyPatuxent HS NJROTC96:42
18Richard SanchezPatuxent HS NJROTC101:46
19David WeigertQOC119:40
20Hugh Estrada & Isabella Alexander & JP126:10
21Michael DvorskyPatuxent HS NJROTC144:35
22Daniel HeimgartnerQOC170:00
23Marit DavisQOCDNF (100:12)
23Ryan SaulHuntingtown NJROTCDNF (102:33)
23Leander IssenbergQOCDNF (108:51)
23Elessar IssenbergQOCDNF (108:55)
23Scott BlandHuntingtown NJROTCDNF (120:09)
23Wyatt McDowellHuntingtown NJROTCDNF (136:42)
23Tim CholkoQOCMP (88:15)
23Chris MorganHuntingtown NJROTCMP (139:55)
23Louis Novack & Nat McQueenQOCMP (193:21)


Course Length: 4.5 km

Course Climb: 205 m

Number of Controls: 15

1Rick OliverQOC61:08
2Mihai G SirbuQOC63:30
3Collin ScottPatuxent HS NJROTC70:57
4Connor KlapperPatuxent HS NJROTC71:07
5Jody LandersQOC73:31
6Victoria CampbellQOC75:30
7Tom WellsQOC76:07
8Austin BristowPatuxent HS NJROTC76:15
9Daniel QuinnQOC78:36
10Don DavisQOC78:57
11Rob BriberQOC87:16
12Anne JepsenQOC88:35
13Frantisek BrabecQOC89:47
14Roman EnsonQOC90:45
15Brett SidelingerQOC91:47
16Kevin DvorskyPatuxent HS NJROTC92:27
17Heidi OnkstQOC93:49
18Daryl Reed & Chris McAndrew94:29
19Helena Mora-JensenQOC95:31
20Dylan SmithPatuxent HS NJROTC96:18
21Gary SmithQOC99:43
22Austin CurtisHuntingtown NJROTC103:47
23Michael Chester & Ryan Hayes107:39
24Robert DanfordHuntingtown NJROTC111:16
25Kyle AdamsHuntingtown NJROTC111:43
26Patricia MaceQOC113:05
27John LandersQOC120:29
28Gregg StorwickQOC127:12
29Martin HoughtonQOC131:41
30Dan Tam DoQOC135:16
31Sidney SachsQOC155:30
32John VincentPatuxent HS NJROTC177:01
33Kathleen LennonQOCDNF (92:57)
33Bill ViennaQOCDNF (103:36)
33Greg VermilionHuntingtown NJROTCDNF (127:39)
33Thomas SheridanQOCDNF (137:25)
33Joshua Williamson & TrishaQOCDNF (878:36)
33John BakerQOCMP (66:28)
33Hannah Culberg & course setterQOCNC (38:52)


Course Length: 6 km

Course Climb: 310 m

Number of Controls: 19

1Boris GranovskiyQOC51:53
2Amber TomasQOC60:00
3Tom NolanQOC68:48
4Jay GelmanQOC73:07
5Adam SmithQOC86:31
6Greg LennonQOC86:32
7Jared SilkQOC88:10
8Neal AttfieldQOC89:41
9William Chesarek105:59
10Sam ListwakQOC108:29
11John OrganekQOC115:28
12Matt Wilson & Jessica & JulieQOC119:15
13Rory WelchQOC129:44
14Ben BloschockQOC177:54
15Mary Foster Sam MarchiQOC198:23


Course Length: 7.3 km

Course Climb: 355 m

Number of Controls: 19

1Jon TorranceQOC60:19
2Ken Walker JrCSU65:22
3Ted GoodQOC74:46
4David AshleyQOC75:14
5Jon CampbellQOC77:29
6Videlin AleksievQOC78:07
7Dave PrudenQOC79:15
8Thomas CochraneQOC81:28
9Victor LinQOC84:40
10Nadim AhmedQOC88:52
11Yuriy Bulka90:23
12Glen GibsonQOC92:33
13Jeff DickeyQOC97:59
14Britt MasonQOC99:52
15Dustine ReppuhnQOC100:18
16 Seidlova Minar FamilyQOC103:22
17Peggy DickisonOK105:49
18Kim JepsenQOC107:20
19Mike Wood154:52
20Tom O'DonnellQOC158:27
21Erik GrunerQOC158:29
22Greg PalardyQOC161:02
23Jens ScottQOC184:10
24David LevineQOC194:49
25David OnkstQOCDNF (86:10)
25Charles CarrickQOCMP (123:38)
25Dagmar MerkovaQOCMP (143:00)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).