College Park

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Next event: Pohick Bay, MD, Sunday May 10. With a new registration area on a beautiful veranda overlooking the nearby Bay ...

With the sun shining brightly on College Park, QOC members came out to the University of Maryland at College Park to try their orienteering skills on “urban” terrain. The course director for the meet, Ken Walker, created two wonderful sprint courses that took runners throughout the campus. I’m happy to report that many decided to run both courses on a hot day!

As with all meets, the volunteers truly made a world of difference. For registration, I thank Anne and Kim Jepsen, Bob and Rebecca Rich, Chris Hemus, Pat McNeilly, and David Levine for not only keeping track of a more complicated than normal fee structure but also registering members and non-members alike and sending them on their way; Lydia Andrews and Peggy Dickison (who was feeling slightly under the weather but still came out to volunteer!) deserve my thanks for helping out the wonderful Amy and Mary on the computers; a big thank you also goes out Jody Landers, Heidi and David Onkst, Mihai G. Sirbu, and Francis Hogle for going out one last time and picking up the controls. Special thanks also goes out to all of the experienced members who volunteered to do either beginner instruction (Kim Jepsen, Pat McNeilly, David Levine, and David Onkst) or advanced instruction (Mihai G. Sirbu).

I also want to thank Heidi Onkst and Tom Nolan for assisting me with the entire meet director process; their advice and guidance certainly made my first experience as a meet director a lot less stressful!

Finally, I want to end by encouraging other members to volunteer in the future. Working as a meet director taught me firsthand about the time and effort required to host such events. A lot of hard work goes in to making each and every meet operate as smoothly as possible. More importantly, it taught me how vital volunteers are to the club—without volunteers, great QOC meets would simply not be possible. Thus, I want to encourage everyone who loves attending wonderful orienteering meets to consider volunteering in the near future. It’s never too late to start volunteering and there are many wonderful members who would gladly show you the ropes!
-Mihai Sirbu, Jr.

Sprint B

Course Length: 3.9 km

1Thomas CochraneQOC19:24
2Norbert LinkeQOC20:51
3Videlin AleksievQOC21:51
4Kim JepsenQOC22:48
4Tony WarnerQOC22:48
5Istvan NagyQOC24:24
6Mihai G SirbuQOC25:28
7Alan OprsalSMOC25:47
8Jared SilkQOC26:10
9Tom WellsQOC26:15
10Aaron LinvilleQOC26:34
11Chris HemusQOC27:15
12Alexander Novikov27:40
13Bradford SingerQOC27:47
14Ryan StasiowskiQOC28:02
15Matt SweeneyQOC28:13
16Daniel SingerHVO28:14
17Allison BrownQOC28:38
18Doug PalmerGAOC29:12
19Nathan KearneyQOC29:29
20Mark BeckerQOC30:06
21Pat McNeillyQOC30:21
22Francis HogleQOC30:43
23Jody LandersQOC32:40
24Mary ThompsonQOC33:25
25Gary SmithQOC34:03
26Mark HicksQOC34:20
27Keg GoodQOC34:24
28Josh BascomQOC34:37
29Robert RichQOC35:26
30Mark MaceQOC36:58
31Heidi OnkstQOC37:42
32Diana AleksievaQOC38:50
33Mary SnieckusQOC40:06
34John VincentPatuxent HS NJROTC40:39
35Petya AleksievaQOC41:09
36Patricia MaceQOC42:11
37Jeffrey SongQOC42:50
38John LandersQOC43:00
39William WatkinsPatuxent HS NJROTC44:07
40Scott SharpQOC45:57
41JP LandersQOC47:14
42Ryan MukherjeeQOC48:20
43Eva MatveevaQOC49:44
44Richard BriggsQOC52:14
45Stephanie CoffinQOC53:32
46Rae Ann HicksQOC56:53
47John HoerlQOC61:59
48David AlexanderQOC64:09
49Pavol PopovicQOC66:02
50Daniel PikeQOC72:20
51Fred HillmannQOC77:15
52Beth Ann StasiowskiQOC78:32
53Barbara Thomas & Andrew Clem & Nick Sieg & Kathy Brimsfield79:05
54Cecilia LandersQOC83:41
55Antony Eleftheriou89:30
56Toshibumi Tsunematsu & Miwako & Kosei90:09
57Mark & Trish Rehert & Paula Mackey91:08
58Rafael Josef & Team RafaelDVOA92:04
59Mary & Liam Devine & JoesphQOC94:07
60Ben Knipscher & Scotte & Conner & Collin95:38
61Chris Matthews & AidenQOC123:16
62Paula HayesQOC132:32
63Tiffany & Mike WagnerMP (29:48)
63Brian SweeneyHVOMP (33:45)
63Ryan StasiowskiQOCNC (18:46)

Sprint A

Course Length: 4.1 km

1Norbert LinkeQOC19:49
2Ryan StasiowskiQOC20:08
3Thomas CochraneQOC20:14
4Tony WarnerQOC20:46
5Videlin AleksievQOC22:13
6Istvan NagyQOC24:47
7Jared SilkQOC26:26
8Paul HessionQOC26:37
9Alan OprsalSMOC26:47
10Doug PalmerGAOC26:54
11Mihai G SirbuQOC27:10
12Matt SweeneyHVO27:56
13Franklin Silva NettoQOC28:05
14Allison BrownQOC28:09
15Aaron Linville Laura HolianQOC28:30
16Kim JepsenQOC28:54
17Brian SweeneyQOC28:55
18Nobuyuki Tsukabe29:20
19Tom WellsQOC30:07
20Francis HogleQOC30:24
21Peggy DickisonOK30:25
22Jody LandersQOC30:41
23Mark BeckerQOC31:23
24Lydia AndrewsQOC31:41
25Keg GoodQOC32:36
26Josh BascomQOC34:08
27Scott SharpQOC34:31
28Tiffany Wagner & Mike Jerue34:47
29Nathan KearneyQOC34:55
30Mark HicksQOC35:06
31Diana AleksievaQOC35:17
32Petya AleksievaQOC36:50
33Gary SmithQOC37:15
34Patricia MaceQOC37:33
35Xiwen LiQOC37:40
36Zeyu LiQOC37:45
37Heidi OnkstQOC37:47
38Robert RichQOC41:42
39William WatkinsPatuxent HS NJROTC42:17
40Zoe Beck Thatcher Owen &QOC42:29
41Mark MaceQOC43:32
42Rae Ann HicksQOC45:15
43Robert Herschbach & Michael45:38
44Fritz Swartzbaugh47:03
44Ashley HicksQOC47:03
45John Landers & Adam BaerQOC47:10
46Peter TsypnyatovQOC47:51
47Eva MatveevaQOC47:56
48Anne JepsenQOC48:02
49JP LandersQOC48:31
50Anna Padlan49:45
51Nicole AleksievaQOC50:11
52John VincentPatuxent HS NJROTC50:33
53Stephanie CoffinQOC51:42
54Jesse Doggett & Melissa & Tom51:46
55Rebecca RichQOC54:50
56Amy LoudenQOC55:47
57Jeffrey SongQOC57:45
58Karla HulettQOC67:22
59Ksenia UlyanovaQOC67:43
60Patrick HessionQOC70:23
61Fred HillmannQOC71:41
62Daniel Singer & Yvonne GlassQOC76:26
63Rada Hastings & Andus OlssonQOC76:27
64Richard Fulton Kalshoven & Catherine & Jason & Lydia & Garrett & JamesQOC77:52
65Roy Braine83:39
66James BillingtonQOC85:22
67Ananijs Belovs91:55
68David FrankQOC97:19
69Kazunori Hirao102:55
70Melaina SharpeQOC125:43
71Alexander Novikov & Natalia & JimDNF
71Bradford SingerQOCDNF (55:22)
71Mary SnieckusQOCMP (50:46)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).