Lake Needwood

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Next event: Greenbelt, MD, Sunday April 19, and since it requires pre-registration (which closes Friday midnight), if you're planning to go, don't procrastinate - register now!

Many people chose to forgo the crowds at the Tidal Basin for the Cherry Blossom Festival and instead headed north to Rockville to our QOC meet at Lake Needwood. The weather could not have been better-not too hot, not too cold, it was just right! Given that it was also Spring break for several Maryland counties (many potential volunteers were out of town) but still turnout was surprisingly high. We had nearly 150 starts with many families and newbies out on the courses! Several groups lost track of time and moseyed their way to the finish after the close (but at least we didn't have to send out the search party)!
Greg and Kathleen Lennon set the full array of classic courses from white to blue, leading orienteers to many different areas of the park. There was also an advanced training session for QOC members led by Mihai Sirbu that many people took advantage of. The epunch leaders Valerie and Amy were rock stars as always, and Amy made her world famous cookies (Yummy)! The Park Police and Rangers were also very timely in there response to my calls about unlocking the electrical box.
Volunteer numbers were tight leading up to the meet, but in the end you came through! Thank you to all the volunteers who came out. The day would not have run as smoothly without you. Set Up – Nicole Lennon, Mrs. Hillmann; Registration – Fred Hillmann, Josh Bascom, Jinny Szabo Biz, and Pat McNeilly; Beginner Instruction – Michael Dickey, Helena Mora-Jensen, Ben Roberts, and Sam Listwak; E-punch support – Nicole Lennon and Mike Lieder; Clean-up – Pat McNeilly, Jinny Szabo Biz, James Billington, Nicole Lennon, and many others whose names I didn't catch; Control Pick-up – Greg Lennon, John Baker, Nadim Ahmed, Dan Quinn, and Charles Carrick; and Marichu Reeves impromptu photographer! Also, thank you to everyone who help with the food/drink table, washing apples and mixing lemonade, though I may not have caught your names it meant a lot!
Thanks especially to the QOC leadership that makes this one of the best orienteering club in the nation! It takes hours of work behind the scene so that we can run for 1-3 hrs in the woods. If you haven't volunteered you should to help give them a break!
I hope to see you all again at future QOC events.
- Lydia Andrews


Course Length: 1.8 km

Course Climb: 50 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Anna CampbellQOC28:37
2Hannah RodriguesQOC44:34
3Maria Stiteler & Jonathan Saulnier & Pascal Saulnier53:25
4Peter CampbellQOC54:36
5Julie Hudson & Cameron & Lucas & SteveQOC56:10
6Jeffrey Kronenwetter & TammyQOC56:43
7Jason Eshleman62:15
8Paula Hayes65:18
9 Billington FamilyQOC71:38
10Daniel HeimgartnerQOC73:13
11May Joy GrenierQOC87:17
12Susan Goodwin & Steve & Dustin & SpencerDNF (64:01)
12 Saksena Group (7)DNF (104:41)


Course Length: 3.2 km

Course Climb: 90 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Daniel BrizuelaQOC34:35
2Anna CampbellQOC41:07
3 Cooper Family & Ethan & Chloe & Luke42:18
4Zoila Rangel & Selah & Sebastian & Daelen & Patricia & Maya & Giana42:29
5Florence TanQOC46:37
6Daniel & Yury Kalish49:04
7Adam Domanski & Amanda Novonty52:25
8Steven Warner & Nargiz Warner & Trenton ListerChambersburg NJROTC54:47
9Ryan MukherjeeQOC54:51
10Courtney SheldenQOC55:56
11Earl SneeringerQOC56:35
12Rebecca RichQOC57:03
13Li-Chung Liu63:17
14John Whitty & Nick & Stacey & NateQOC65:13
15Andrew Wasielewski66:35
16Abigail Camp & MirandaQOC67:25
17Cory & Kathleen Bilton68:08
18Pavol Popovic (3)QOC77:03
19Sharon MetcalfQOC83:02
20Sudhi Mishra & Palli & Supreet & Adem84:15
21Mark & Trish Rehert & Paula Mackey85:46
22Paula Hayes99:02
23Gaye Holman102:08


Course Length: 4.3 km

Course Climb: 170 m

Number of Controls: 14

1Chris AmmonQOC33:15
2Noah Rhodes & Kelsey Thornton & Kadence MyersChambersburg NJROTC49:48
3Josh BascomQOC50:20
4William Reed & Sam Jackson & Jake PattersonChambersburg NJROTC51:47
5Einar OlsenQOC52:10
6Mary ThompsonQOC54:32
7Jeffrey & Abbey Ladwig55:13
8Diana AleksievaQOC61:44
9Andrew SzaboQOC68:21
10Michael Chester72:41
11Neal AttfieldQOC80:26
12Daniel SheldenQOC84:51
13Cecilia LandersQOC90:31
14Angela & Alina Scott107:58
15Mark Beckman & Maya & Julia & LukeQOC108:20
16Mark & Caroline CancianQOC109:34
17John Hoerl113:24
18Lee ToddQOC134:06
19Yimeen Vu & Helly & Lee141:24
20Philip Walsh Grp 6 & Jeron & Virginia & Aelyn & Logan & AnyaQOC148:58
21David FrankQOC157:11
22Anthony Kellems & Elyse Smith160:12
23David & Teri Saunier & Aden & Josie184:16
24Anne Gonnella & Roger & Linnea & Juniper184:24
25Rahul Madhusudanan & Katitha & NambiarDNF
25Paul SherlockQOCDNF
25Bobbie Verdegaal & Kieren & Derek & MollyQOCDNF (95:00)


Course Length: 3.1 km

Course Climb: 145 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Pat McNeillyQOC44:33
2Kelly SingerQOC48:03
3Robert RichQOC50:05
4Scott SharpQOC50:44
5Chris HemusQOC50:56
6John LandersQOC54:49
7Aaron SzaboQOC55:24
8Tim CholkoQOC55:55
9Sara LemanskiQOC56:35
10Craig SheldenQOC56:59
11Shannon Costello58:22
12Wendy WQOC60:59
13Ben & Stephanie Swanson63:22
14Jeffrey KronenwetterQOC64:58
15JP LandersQOC67:12
16Maggie PrudenQOC67:32
17Steven Jones78:34
18Tony & Carole TeolisQOC80:39
19Rae Ann HicksQOC86:50
20James MacDougallQOC94:10
21Michael Press & Leslie & ZakQOC99:15
22Mike NewmanQOC102:33
23Ryan Collins Family & Lucy & Hannah & Sean105:35
24Tom & Kevin OelschlaegerQOC115:17
25Suzanne IzzoQOC148:36
26Marit DavisQOCDNF (90:59)
26Fred HillmannQOCDNF (160:06)
26Abbey & Jeffrey LadwigQOCMP (41:26)


Course Length: 5.3 km

Course Climb: 280 m

Number of Controls: 17

1Mihai G SirbuQOC58:53
2James BillingtonQOC69:13
3Nathan KearneyQOC76:33
4Cash CostelloQOC77:34
5Steve CampQOC77:52
6Glen GibsonQOC78:06
7Jody LandersQOC78:25
8Russ DamtoftQOC81:04
9Frantisek BrabecQOC82:40
10Don DavisQOC82:47
11Mark HicksQOC82:54
12Anne JepsenQOC83:53
13Mark Wood85:34
14Rob BriberQOC87:03
15Bill ViennaQOC87:20
16Tom WellsQOC89:34
17Mark MaceQOC92:59
18Bryan & Drew GarmanQOC93:39
19Josh BlausteinQOC97:19
20Patricia MaceQOC101:28
21Helena Mora-JensenQOC101:49
22Robert HartQOC104:53
23John VincentPatuxent HS NJROTC137:10
24Amy LoudenQOC203:53
25Michael LiederQOCDNF (82:18)
25Travis DoughertyQOCDNF (107:09)


Course Length: 6.8 km

Course Climb: 385 m

Number of Controls: 18

1Amber TomasQOC70:53
2Daniel QuinnQOC73:05
3Kim JepsenQOC78:12
4John MillerQOC79:48
5Jared SilkQOC88:56
6John RosickyQOC106:48
7Greg PalardyQOC107:27
8Benjamin RobertsQOC107:51
9Gary SmithQOC131:40
10Matt Holman136:01
11Ben BloschockQOC161:54
12William Scott & Henry169:51
13Jan MerkaQOCDNF (64:47)


Course Length: 8.4 km

Course Climb: 415 m

Number of Controls: 22

1Jon TorranceQOC68:55
2Ken Walker JrCSU69:48
3Videlin AleksievQOC79:48
4Norbert LinkeQOC82:34
5Jon CampbellQOC82:43
6David PrudenQOC95:30
7Adam SmithQOC95:39
8Victoria CampbellQOC98:44
9Erik GrunerQOC112:57
10Tom O'DonnellQOC113:00
11Peggy DickisonOK113:14
12Michael Dickey & Amy GrableQOC114:16
13Michael StasiowskiQOC115:56
14Charles CarrickQOC116:29
15John BakerQOC118:43
16Mark BeckerQOC119:28
17Richard GerenQOC156:29
18David LevineQOC159:16
19Bernard DucharmeDNF

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).