Prince William Forest

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Reminder: Pre-registration is mandatory for this coming Sunday's Great Falls Sun. 11/1 event, and we are expecting to reach our max. capacity soon, so if you haven't registered yet, now's the time. And don't forget Daylight Savings Time will end Sunday at 2am, just hours before our event, so please remember to re-set your clocks.

Congratulations to all who came out on a gorgeous day and enjoyed themselves! We were honored to have some very special guests at the meet – members of the All-Marine Orienteering Team from the 1970s. Many of you may not know that the Quantico Orienteering Club got its start 45+ years ago after the Marines at Quantico Marine Corps Base incorporated orienteering into their training. Some of the original Marines present were: Robert Turbyfill, Don Davis, Robert Fawcett, Garth Sturdevan, Steve Andresen, Ed Smith, William Adkins, and Wayne Steele. I know I missed a couple since I only have the names of those who ran a course, so I apologize. Greg Lennon made a special presentation to the group on behalf of both QOC and OUSA.
For those who did not pay in advance, you should have received a slip of paper with payment instructions when you registered. Please use the instructions to pay as soon as possible and mark your payment for the PWFP Meet.
As for the meet itself, the weather was perfect for orienteering and the recent dry weather made for good running. Tori Campbell designed some excellent courses at all levels and provided outstanding course notes. We had one glitch as the long courses had an approved route choice through one of the occupied cabin camps. We had over 200 participants with 181 starts and a number of folks running two courses due to the nice weather. A huge thanks to all the volunteers, especially John Baker, who filled several roles, including rushing out to inform runners of the “out of bounds” cabin camp. Matthew Knight and Eric Hallstrom came early and helped with setup and other tasks. Valerie Meyer and Amy Louden ran the e-punch operation effectively, as usual, with help from Hannah and Kevin Culberg. Registration was a challenge as we were not allowed to collect payment in the park, so we had to change the procedures somewhat. Our registration volunteers, Laura Holian and Aaron Linville did a great job adapting and Valerie also help out when we had a sudden rush of folks who had not pre-registered. James Chaplin provided outstanding beginner instruction, as usual. Jeremy Gillespie volunteered his Loudon Navy JROTC crew to help with parking control and they did a fine job. Three of the midshipmen who helped were Andrew Toth, Nicholas Schaffer, and Kelton Allen, but I think there were more whose names I did not capture. Ben Bloshock stayed and helped with the take down after his long run. I had a number of last-minute volunteers for control pickup and I appreciate those who volunteered, but were not needed. Those who did pick up controls were Paul Hession, Daniel Pike, Shane Hagerman, Bob Hart, Jon Campbell, Sarah Robich, and Adam Bee. And once again, thanks to Tori who designed and set the excellent courses, with assistance from Valerie Meyer, Amy Louden, Hannah Culberg, and Kevin Culberg.
Bill Wright, Meet Director


Course Length: 1.7 km

Course Climb: 70 m

Number of Controls: 10

0 Scharfens 3QOC
1Justice DayLoudoun Co HS NJROTC16:01
2Peter CampbellQOC29:47
3Nicole AleksievaQOC35:48
4Alastair Powers40:53
5Peggy Andresen55:55


Course Length: 2.5 km

Course Climb: 115 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Nicholas SchaeferLoudoun Co HS NJROTC25:51
2Garrett CulbertLoudoun Co HS NJROTC28:18
3Daniel BardroffPatuxent HS NJROTC30:15
4Jean HeibergQOC36:41
5Michael KendrickPatuxent HS NJROTC38:14
6Joshua CoyleLoudoun Co HS NJROTC38:52
7Jack ThomasPatuxent HS NJROTC40:27
8Nathan BankerPatuxent HS NJROTC44:21
9Rebecca RichQOC45:43
10Jacob GreavesPatuxent HS NJROTC45:47
11Tenley Peterson47:43
12Cooper Whitestone & RobertQOC48:26
13Jane Leggett52:22
14Sara RobichQOC52:52
15Ed Bee55:11
16Matt VierowQOC55:44
17Andrew CauseyPatuxent HS NJROTC57:56
18V HutchinsonQOC63:33
19Jeffrey KronenwetterQOC63:59
20Lisa NovinsQOC65:16
21Andrew TothLoudoun Co HS NJROTC68:47
22Jessica HartmanPatuxent HS NJROTC69:48
23Marty Lichtman & Hilary & Winnie71:07
24Ken Ferris & MartaQOC79:17
25Cheryl WilsonQOC79:22
26 FSC Meet-up & Leader Louis NovakQOC101:30
27Brooke Lucas104:08
28Sara LopezQOCDNF
28 De Buys Please & Thomas & MaryMP
28Patrick HessionQOCMP (65:18)
28Justice Day & 2nd courseLoudoun Co HS NJROTCNC (20:46)


Course Length: 2.8 km

Course Climb: 140 m

Number of Controls: 14

1Joshua SanchezPatuxent HS NJROTC38:29
2Diana AleksievaQOC39:25
3Turner LeighLoudoun Co HS NJROTC43:09
4Mary ThompsonQOC45:29
5Steven DohertyQOC46:36
6Alexis MerkaQOC49:13
7Michelle FishQOC51:08
8Rachael SanchezPatuxent HS NJROTC57:22
9John AllenLoudoun Co HS NJROTC60:03
10Jon Bertheussen & Jon & KiraQOC61:57
11Einar OlsenQOC62:34
12John SharrockQOC63:00
13Andrew AllenLoudoun Co HS NJROTC65:33
14Christian WithersQOC67:15
15Jim Sarfass & Mags Hines & Shawn Rumery67:59
16Kyle CashmanPatuxent HS NJROTC71:33
17Anna CampbellQOC72:47
18Radka HerndonQOC75:30
19 PHokie Patrick's & Conner & Cara & DavidQOC88:18
20Warren Preston89:53
21Gabe QuieroloPatuxent HS NJROTC93:57
22Gabriel Rocha & Candy109:41
23S HutchinsonQOC118:21
24Out Wandering Reisdorph & Elke & Kim125:29
25Matus MudronQOC132:09
26Donald Marzullo133:56
27Maggie PrudenQOCDNF
27William EllisQOCDNF
27Doug Taylor & Joanna & JamesQOCDNF (83:52)
27Courtney SheldenQOCDNF (91:39)
27Donna Ferguson & Gene Rene BevQOCDNF (101:57)
27Bernardo Camancho & Carmen & GabrielDNF (106:25)
27Amy Bucci & PollettiMP
27Brooke OliverQOCMP (31:39)
27Helen DohertyQOCMP (89:08)
27Monika KornhauserMP (110:53)
27Allison Brown & 2nd courseQOCNC (38:44)


Course Length: 2.5 km

Course Climb: 115 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Adam BeeQOC40:27
2Christine DohertyQOC40:41
3Brian Tuson & Alex & Ella60:40
4Kelly SingerQOC69:24
5Laura HolianQOC71:12
6Karla HulettQOC79:57
7 Brooke & StephanieQOC89:03
8John Weaver & Courtney Ellis110:09
9Daniel HeimgartnerQOC120:36


Course Length: 3.6 km

Course Climb: 165 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Hannah CulbergQOC38:35
2William SchaeferQOC48:03
3Dennis DohertyQOC48:06
4John VierowQOC52:26
5Robert TurbyfillAll Marine Team53:15
6Don DavisAll Marine Team53:35
7Shaw SmithLoudoun Co HS NJROTC54:35
8Allison BrownQOC55:07
9Franklin FishQOC59:19
10Robert RichQOC60:23
11Robert HartQOC64:00
12Daniel PikeQOC65:25
13Robert FawcettAll Marine Team65:28
14Jeffrey KronenwetterQOC68:17
15Valerie MeyerQOC68:54
16Nathan BrandPatuxent HS NJROTC71:19
17Edward EnsonQOC71:31
18Shannon CostelloQOC71:47
19Sara LemanskiQOC73:24
20Helena Mora-JensenQOC78:14
21Daniel SheldenQOC81:12
22Garth K SturdevanAll Marine Team81:37
23Jason Engstrom82:24
24Michael DvorskyPatuxent HS NJROTC82:38
25PamPatuxent HS NJROTC90:46
26Paul WeberQOC92:23
27Sidney SachsQOC100:31
28Don AmesQOC110:08
29Amy LoudenQOC115:00
30Suzanne SheldenQOC118:42
31Paul Nelson & ClaireQOC130:44
32Steve AndresenAll Marine Team130:59
33Ed SmithAll Marine Team180:54
34William AdkinsAll Marine Team188:06
35Wayne SteeleAll Marine Team281:42


Course Length: 5.6 km

Course Climb: 195 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Amber TomasQOC54:54
2Sam ListwakQOC70:07
3Peggy DickisonQOC75:59
4Roman EnsonQOC76:56
5Greg LennonQOC78:29
6Cash CostelloQOC78:46
7Pat McNeillyQOC82:27
8Mark MaceQOC83:08
9Bill ViennaQOC84:56
10Brian FisherQOC87:56
11Frantisek BrabecQOC91:24
12Gary SmithQOC93:20
13John VincentQOC94:00
14Anne JepsenQOC94:47
15Brody SlusherLoudoun Co HS NJROTC100:14
16Jeremy GillespieLoudoun Co HS NJROTC100:35
17Patricia MaceQOC101:37
18Austin BristowPatuxent HS NJROTC106:22
19Mary Foster Sam MarchiQOC107:13
20Petya AleksievaQOC111:23
21Dave Connolly & Kath RowanQOC115:32
22Michelle SvobodaQOC116:21
23Craig SheldenQOC118:25
24Paul HessionQOC124:42
25Bryan SingerQOC129:38
26Steven MonesQOC145:42
27 Youhas Family of 3QOC163:36
28Dan DoQOC180:08
29Dagmar MerkovaQOCDNF
29Richard SanchezPatuxent HS NJROTCDNF
29Heidi OnkstQOCDNF (47:53)
29William ChesarekQOCMP
29Adam SmithQOCMP (63:55)
29Kathleen LennonQOCMP (70:12)
29Virginia DeBonsQOCMP (111:30)


Course Length: 8.1 km

Course Climb: 320 m

Number of Controls: 16

1Boris GranovskiyQOC64:49
2Mark WalmsleyCVOC78:25
3Kim JepsenQOC98:42
4Jared SilkQOC108:45
5Aaron LinvilleQOC110:39
6Tom StratQOC113:27
7Matthew KnightQOC119:51
8Cliff Hamal128:38
9Matt Holman134:00
10Justin Duhe149:50
11David LevineQOC175:46
12Ben BloschockQOC177:02
13Michael Abbott & ConnorDNF (139:03)


Course Length: 10.1 km

Course Climb: 380 m

Number of Controls: 18

1Jon TorranceQOC80:29
2Victor LinQOC96:31
3Thomas CochraneQOC104:31
4Jonathan CampbellQOC107:04
5David PrudenQOC107:20
6Videlin AleksievQOC107:47
7Nadim AhmedQOC111:19
8Yuriy BulkaQOC120:32
9Victoria CampbellQOC124:46
10Shane HagermanQOC132:19
11Michael Wood134:24
12David OnkstQOC136:30
13Jeff DickeyQOC136:49
14Benjamin RobertsQOC140:19
15Dustine ReppuhnQOC155:46
16Britt MasonQOC159:19
17Glen BrakeQOC161:50
18Francis HogleQOC169:39
19John OrganekQOCMP (186:35)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).