Hemlock Overlook

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But returning to this, the penultimate event of the current QOC season, after a tough, seemingly endless winter and with our usual sweltering Mid-Atlantic summer fast approaching, conditions were, for at least one last shining day, wonderfully pleasant - mostly sunny but shady in the woods now that the leaves are fully out, Goldilocks temperatures - for running through one of the lovelier and faster (and steeper, in places) patches of mapped woods between Prince William Forest Park and the Mason-Dixon Line. Participants seemed to have enjoyed their courses accordingly. For making this possible, we have the following selfless volunteers to thank:

  • VA VP John Baker - set up and control pickup
  • Ed Enson - set up and registration
  • Ben Bloschock - registration
  • Bill Vienna - registration and control pickup
  • Bill Wright - parking control, registration and control pickup, all after running a half marathon that morning
  • Dan Pike - registration and control pickup
  • Liz O'Connell - guardian of compasses, keys, and licenses
  • Jim Chaplin - beginner instruction on his way home after working a third shift!
  • Will Schaefer - beginner instruction
  • Jon Torrance - course setting, parking control and control pickup
  • Jon Bertheussen - control pickup despite having rolled an ankle during his run
  • Tom Nolan - control pickup
  • and as usual Valerie Meyer and Amy Louden ran the e-punching operation to perfection (results up almost immediately + bonus delicious cookies!), assisted by Shirley Tan!

    My possibly biased assessment - best volunteer crew ever!

    Dan Tam Do, Event Director


    Course Length: 2.2 km

    Course Climb: 75 m

    Number of Controls: 10

    1Eavan CoadyQOC44:17
    2Patrick HessionQOC51:46
    3Malachi CoadyQOC63:28
    4Pavol Popovic & Marta67:15
    5Lou NovakQOC69:44
    6Family MarksQOC74:59
    7Mari LundbladQOC81:24
    8Brad Payne & Lisa Nora LilyQOC92:45
    9Liam Hildebert95:40
    10Lloyd Hildebert95:43
    11Alexander Hagerty & Susan Harrelson99:45
    12Daniel Heimgartner107:14
    13Matthew Greenup & Chris Justin140:31
    14Matt VierowQOC151:13
    15Colin Luersen & Patrick Romance & William PhillipsDNF
    15Leslie SeabrookQOCDNF (58:09)


    Course Length: 3 km

    Course Climb: 120 m

    Number of Controls: 9

    1Maarit & Heidi-M Kuusijarvi & Muikku51:34
    2James Adams55:56
    3Peter Tsypnyatov59:52
    4Elena SemenovaQOC60:16
    5Baiba Berzina61:00
    6Timo & Heta-Emil Muikku62:10
    7Helen Doherty66:00
    8Wayne Chambers & Melanie Erica82:02
    9Courtney SheldenQOC86:55
    10Anthony VorthermsQOC89:01
    11Sam OtterQOC92:16
    12Bert Hackney & Charlotte Gabi Peja102:43
    13Chip & Ayden BeckerQOC109:57
    14Cynthia Carabelli126:02
    15Emilia LundbladQOC131:37
    16Nick Eastman & Evie Fritz Lucas131:44
    17Martin Adams & Andrew Whittaker148:41
    18Katie Whittaker & Art Whittaker149:03
    19David FrankQOC163:21
    20Gerson MonjarasQOCDNF
    20Troy McFee & Amy Joey Owen JakeDNF (117:22)
    20Susan Gonzalez & Luke Jonathan LexiMP
    20Edward Adams & Ian WitschayMP (175:31)


    Course Length: 4.8 km

    Course Climb: 230 m

    Number of Controls: 11

    1Diana AleksievaQOC92:44
    2Thomas Sato116:26
    3Paul HessionQOC117:30
    4Jason Engstrom142:59
    5Alexis MerkaQOC171:45
    6Patrick FarleyQOC184:20
    7Dana Webb & Lauren ContosDNF
    7Christine Kury & Scott KuryQOCDNF
    7Tom JorgensenQOCDNF
    7Kelly SingerDNF (108:58)
    7Lee ToddQOCDNF (154:23)
    7Sidney Sachs Jim LoganQOCDNF (155:55)
    7Maggie PrudenQOCMP (120:32)
    7Donna & Hanna LandersQOCMP (225:26)


    Course Length: 4.2 km

    Course Climb: 165 m

    Number of Controls: 12

    1Ron PontiusQOC54:21
    2Dennis Doherty & ChristineQOC70:38
    3John VierowQOC72:28
    4Stephen Doherty75:39
    5Chris HemusQOC89:28
    6Edward EnsonQOC91:34
    7Andrew Sharp Andrew DanceQOC96:22
    8Jeff HaskellQOC98:13
    9Marit Luersen99:33
    10Craig SheldenQOC107:42
    11JP LandersQOC112:27
    12Daniel PikeQOC115:05
    13Stephen NurreQOC115:25
    14Suzanne SheldenQOC120:20
    15Amy LoudenQOC139:34
    16Don AmesQOC143:02
    17Sara LemanskiQOCDNF
    17Martin HoughtonQOCDNF
    17Liz O'ConnellQOCDNF (91:35)
    17John SeabrookQOCDNF (119:25)
    17Julie Elkins & Lori LefflerQOCDNF (120:58)
    17Robert Hanni & Matt HanniDNF (142:35)
    17Daniel SheldenQOCDNF (153:12)
    17Bryan SingerQOCMP
    17Deborah DoyleQOCMP (156:10)
    17Ken Walker JrCSUNC (33:01)


    Course Length: 6 km

    Course Climb: 295 m

    Number of Controls: 11

    1Peggy DickisonOK77:55
    2Jared SilkQOC78:38
    3Greg LennonQOC79:52
    4Jody LandersQOC96:55
    5Rob BriberQOC101:21
    6Petya AleksievaQOC105:10
    7Joseph WhiteQOC105:43
    8Mark MaceQOC107:42
    9Chris AmmonQOC109:41
    10Heidi OnkstQOC110:41
    11Bill ViennaQOC111:26
    12Brian FisherQOC112:10
    13Harry White118:59
    14Patricia MaceQOC123:55
    15Mark HicksQOC127:42
    16Matthew KnightQOC134:46
    17Frantisek BrabecQOC135:56
    18Mark BaughQOC162:12
    19Josh BlausteinQOC167:19
    20Artur InstonsQOC194:36
    21Ben BloschockQOCDNF (130:55)
    21Nicole Fink & Sarah ZikeDNF (212:03)
    21Rae Ann HicksQOCMP (220:59)


    Course Length: 7.9 km

    Course Climb: 365 m

    Number of Controls: 11

    1Daniel QuinnQOC84:57
    2Videlin AleksievQOC91:46
    3Tom NolanQOC97:40
    4Neal AttfieldQOC100:22
    5Dagmar MerkovaQOC126:54
    6Gary SmithQOC133:44
    7Scott SharpQOC136:19
    8Colin McKeeQOC142:00
    9Brian Preedanon & Ritchie FetterQOC169:30
    10Liz NotterQOC178:25
    11Wiliam SchaeferQOCDNF (56:08)
    11Kim JepsenQOCDNF (94:51)
    11Jon BertheussenQOCDNF (107:40)


    Course Length: 9.9 km

    Course Climb: 425 m

    Number of Controls: 15

    1Ken Walker JrCSU75:39
    2Ryan StasiowskiQOC101:02
    3Nadim AhmedQOC104:43
    4Charles CarrickQOC123:30
    5Dave PrudenQOC123:51
    6Jan MerkaQOC128:53
    7Leah Blasiak140:58
    8John MillerQOC148:56
    9John OrganekQOC157:57
    10John BakerQOC159:04
    11Benjamin RobertsQOC159:34
    12Mark BeckerQOCDNF
    12David OnkstQOCDNF (108:37)
    12Dustine ReppuhnQOCMP (140:19)
    12Monika KornhauserQOCMP (236:55)

    Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).