Pohick Bay

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One of the few really beautiful orienteering days of 2013-14 season since last autumn saw 140 starts and 199 participants in the woods at Pohick Bay this saturday with temperatures reaching the low 60s. The ground was wet but had dried out somewhat since our last deluge of rain and snow. Sidney Sachs laid out a great set of courses featuring a particularly challenging orange course and a very popular green course. QOC once again defrayed event costs to individuals and groups by paying the park $1 per start in lieu of participants having to pay a park entry fee. The absence of JROTC unit participation somewhat reduced the total starts but for good reason, as Herndon NJROTC was taking time off to celebrate its 3rd place finish at the national JROTC orienteering championships last month and Huntingtown NJROTC and Fork Union Military Academy were heavily represented at the Flying Pig in Cincinnati this weekend.

As always, the volunteers made the event happen. On registration, Paul Hession, Heather Maher, Jennifer Crouse, Gary Smith, Izzy Ortiz (and family), and Wes Kerr kept a steady throughput to the e-punch table where Valerie Meyer, Amy Louden and Mary Snickeus got all the runners out on the course with the help of Paul Weber, John Studach, and Jenner Johnson (and son). Amy also provided her inimitable chocolate chocolate chip cookies for those who got there fast enough. Participating scout troops and other new orienteers were prepared for their courses by Mark Hicks, Jim Chaplin, Bill Wright--despite his cold--and Sidney Sachs who conducted beginner instruction. To finish off the event, Jon Bertheusen, Matthew Knight, Bryan Garman, John Organek, and Dan Quinn picked up the course controls.

Todd Benson and the Pohick Bay Regional Park staff once again provided first-rate support to the event, lending equipment and space to preposition supplies and contributing immeasurably to the success of the event.

Found on a picnic table adjacent to Shelter 1 was a well-used Boy Scout Handbook inscribed with the initials "CPH" and a navy blue sweatshirt emblazoned with "State Route 241 Crew" in yellow. Contact me (703-416-0413) to claim.
-Charles Carrick, Event Director


Course Length: 1.7 km

Course Climb: 65 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Aaron SachsQOC29:16
2Matt VierowQOC34:53
3Erin Coady & Eavan & MalachiQOC42:52
4Group 1 BSA Troop 1100 & Tommy & Adam49:16
5Group 2 BSA Troop 1100 & Alan & Jack49:54
6Jay Gelman & group with 4 kidsQOC78:08
7Nhat Tran & Tiffany Han90:20
8David & Rita PoppertQOC96:45
9Michael Anduha & JacksonMP (103:50)


Course Length: 2.7 km

Course Climb: 115 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Diana AleksievaQOC47:30
2Alexander Ciccone & Charlie & PennyQOC51:40
3James MacdougallSVO55:49
4Chris Meyer56:29
5Nick VierowQOC57:24
6Helene Hemus67:04
7Anne Quigley & Carson67:23
8Siebrand Niewenhaus67:50
9Robert Adams & Sharmin Syed & Giovani FerrufinoQOC68:00
10Border BSA Troop 859 & Conner & David & Jonathan & Sam68:21
11David Wall & Terrence MooreQOC70:50
12Ananijs Belovs74:12
13Rebecca RichQOC77:56
14Matthew Akers78:25
15Jennifer CrouseQOC78:36
16Phantom BSA Troop 859 & Cameron & Cameron & William & Stephen82:51
17James ChaplinQOC83:06
18David FrankQOC95:06
19Brooke Oliver & Rick & Lisa & LukeQOC97:41
20Spartan BSA Troop 859 & Robert & Alex & Eddie & Azazar101:29
21Tim Cline Helen & Alice HoneywellQOC106:54
22Ranger Patrol BSA Troop 859 & Adhan & Kyle & Wes & Isaah110:17
23Rich HallQOC155:57
24Ryan SuwannuchDNF
24Danny Langley & Dantrell DeanDNF (74:40)
24Peter Coneski & Julie SullivanDNF (120:45)
24Kara Smith & Dash & PierceQOCMP (80:36)


Course Length: 4.3 km

Course Climb: 170 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Jamie Webster56:46
2Jenner Johnson & JennerQOC73:19
3Kelly Singer88:12
4Neil Ewachiw89:30
5Annie Lowry & Colin Young94:00
6Bradford SingerQOC108:00
7Daniel SingerQOC108:04
8Michael Crowley111:41
9Peter Meyer & Nancy & Cam & Marcus & Haden122:36
10Kyle Uptain & KimberlyQOC148:20
11Andrew Schaefer & Heather Galbreath151:32
12Christina YoungQOC159:13
12Jeffrey SongQOC159:13
13Christine KuryQOC175:12
14 BSA Troop 142 & Tomas NicholsDNF
14 BSA Troop 142 & Sean SarksDNF
14 BSA Troop 142 & Leigh ZacharyDNF
14 BSA Troop 142 & Xander BoitDNF
14Helen DohertyDNF (73:43)
14Richard BriggsQOCDNF (93:55)
14Izzy Ortiz & Isaac & NannetteQOCDNF (99:06)
14Mary SnieckusQOCDNF (103:54)
14Katherine Stehle & Robert & Chris & Andrew & Maureen & Suzanne & ClaraDNF (120:03)
14Lee ToddQOCDNF (158:45)
14 BSA Troop 142 & Tim Stoeter & Jonathon GannonDNF (224:57)
14 BSA Troop 142 & Carlitos Stoeter & Josh StoeterDNF (225:04)


Course Length: 4.2 km

Course Climb: 125 m

Number of Controls: 7

1Chris HemusQOC50:08
2Dennis DohertyQOC52:29
3Lydia AndrewsQOC55:30
4Amber TomasQOC55:37
5John VierowQOC57:59
6Robert RichQOC68:10
7Eric & Sarah Stoneking71:41
8Anne JepsenQOC72:13
9Tom StratQOC74:16
10Bryan Singer75:17
11Stephen NurreQOC77:04
12John VincentPatuxent HS NJROTC78:44
13Bill WrightQOC83:00
14John StudachQOC88:10
15Eva MatveevaQOC88:23
16Shannon Costello90:10
17Mark MaceQOC109:01
18John BlaisdellQOC138:18
19Marit DavisQOCDNF (68:18)
19Tony & Carole TeolisDNF (145:40)


Course Length: 5.2 km

Course Climb: 175 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Jared SilkQOC64:47
2Diana ToddQOC65:38
3Gary SmithQOC66:34
4John SawykoQOC66:56
5Brian FisherQOC71:23
6Matthew KnightQOC73:18
7Don DavisQOC74:31
8Michael LiederQOC76:46
9Mark BaughQOC80:43
10Paul HessionQOC81:44
11Patricia MaceQOC82:01
12Joseph WhiteQOC83:23
13Petya AleksievaQOC86:53
14Mark HicksQOC87:09
15Frantisek BrabecQOC93:41
16Don FishQOC94:09
17Cash CostelloQOC95:18
18John LandersQOC101:38
19JP LandersQOC103:44
20Michelle SvobodaQOC107:42
21Leigh BilleaudQOC108:09
22Brett SidelingerQOC110:13
23Sara LemanskiQOC116:59
24Dan Tam DoQOC119:35
25Paul WeberQOC121:55
26Don AmesQOC125:57
27Rae Ann HicksQOC126:10
28Ben BloschockQOC129:14
29Amy LoudenQOC130:04
30Liz O'ConnellQOC140:43
31Pavol Popovic & Rachel FreedmanQOC155:43
32George SchinkQOC167:32
33Winton SmithQOCDNF (95:01)


Course Length: 6.4 km

Course Climb: 200 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Kim JepsenQOC65:07
2Jon BertheussenQOC66:54
3Daniel QuinnQOC67:41
4Thomas CochraneQOC71:07
5Benjamin RobertsQOC81:37
6John OrganekQOC82:52
7Kathleen LennonQOC86:10
8Steve CampQOC88:00
9Garth Reader88:41
10Sandy FillebrownDVOA90:25
11Aaron Linville Laura HolianQOC99:01
12Dave Connelly Kevin LearyQOC99:53
13Heidi OnkstQOC103:03
14Lewis HartQOC108:04
15Bill ViennaQOC115:03


Course Length: 9.4 km

Course Climb: 270 m

Number of Controls: 16

1Eddie BergeronSVO62:36
2Jon TorranceQOC70:10
3Ted GoodQOC88:08
4Dave PrudenQOC90:03
5David OnkstQOC96:52
6Bryan GarmanQOC103:30
7Videlin AleksievQOC108:18
8Gary MaslankaROC141:16
9David LevineQOC165:40
10Greg PalardyQOCDNF (151:31)
10Franz ProbstDNF (158:08)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).