Mason Neck

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WOW, what an awesome day! On Sunday we had our second Introduction to Orienteering event for the new season and it was a great success. We had 165 participants come out and try the sport, most for the very first time. Thanks to our excellent corps of eight instructors, our training sessions flowed smoothly. After learning new skills, 94 groups went out to experience one of two courses (several did both) that took them on paths through mature forest, down to a beautiful marsh, and finally along scenic Belmont Bay (a lovely place to watch the sun set!)

The event could not be possible without the hard work of our many dedicated volunteers. It takes a lot hands to prepare and run our events so I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to……. course designer, instructor, and creator of our Into- to-O event David Onkst; instructors Jim Chaplin, Don Davis, Jeff Haskell, Gary Smith, and Tom Strat (also the mapper; ASL instructors Mark and Patti Mace; “the registration machine” of Kathleen Lennon, Scott Sharp, Dasa Merka, and Alexis Merka; E-Punching experts Valerie Meyer, Mike Haskell, and Trish Strat; course roamers Bill Wright and Kim Jepsen; start/finish assistants and cheerleaders Marit Davis and Scott Sharp; and Valerie Meyer who once again printed all of our maps. And, of course, a HUGE “thank you” to all the volunteers for helping with set up and clean up. You guys are FAB!

To all our new orienteering friends who attended the event, be sure to take advantage of your trial membership and come out to some more events this fall. It’s going to be a great season!

Heidi Onkst, Meet Director


Course Length: 3 km

Course Climb: 40 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Thomas Pudlo & Dawson SlavingsPax HS NJROTC20:40
2Hunter Atherton & Hugh ClarkPax HS NJROTC23:06
2Ethan Aris & James RobertsPax HS NJROTC23:06
3Richard Franklin & Connor KlapperPax HS NJROTC23:17
4Thomas IacoponelliLoudoun Co HS NJROTC24:34
5Joshua GrossLoudoun Co HS NJROTC27:47
6Derrick SlaughterPax HS NJROTC28:15
7Thomas Becknauld & Alexander SledgePax HS NJROTC28:40
8Travis Scott & Jared KalinsPax HS NJROTC32:02
9Keifer Knowles & Collin ScottPax HS NJROTC32:18
10Saya Scott & Samantha JabolnskiPax HS NJROTC33:47
11Ryan Wood & Daniel HartlePax HS NJROTC34:08
12Kelly Brouwer & Kimberly BankerPax HS NJROTC35:28
13Clayton Skinner & Tristan BishopPax HS NJROTC36:16
14Nathan Taylor & Braden BrooksPax HS NJROTC37:51
15Patrick Hession & with fatherQOC38:13
16Dominick Alther & Christopher StonePax HS NJROTC39:45
17Jeff Long & JacobQOC41:18
18Michelle Marchek & Mackenzie MorganPax HS NJROTC42:12
19Viktoria Alston & Rachael SanchezPax HS NJROTC42:59
20Tony Smith & TJ & Tom Lee & Dylan MurphyBSA Pack 91344:37
21Cassidy Rollins & Maegan BenselPax HS NJROTC44:50
22Brian KnappLoudoun Co HS NJROTC45:36
23Sarah Oleen & Aimee FreundQOC48:08
24Ingrid Badia & Pablo & DiegoBSA Pack 91348:10
25Richard Sanchez & Bob WoodPax HS NJROTC49:09
26Raquel de Sousa & Mike BarlettQOC49:31
27Janice & Pete Spillan & Nick & AnthonyBSA Pack 91349:59
28Malachi Coady & with dadQOC52:53
29Eavan Coady & with dadQOC52:59
30Jared Alvey & Eure HaleyPax HS NJROTC54:27
31John Sharrock & ZacharyQOC56:17
32Michelle DuprayQOC57:27
33Andrew - Chris Griffith & Steve & StevieBSA Pack 91358:36
34Kristina AbergQOC58:47
35Steve Spizuco & Danny & Miguel BadiaBSA Pack 91361:26
36Emma Benaissa & SendaQOC62:34
37Aurimas Paludnevicius & RayleneQOC63:01
38Nate Rosenbloom & ScottQOC63:09
39Noah Halterman-Mitchell & JonQOC63:13
40Aaron Sachs & Sidney & Micah & ArlineQOC63:37
41Rhoddy McKown & Daron TaylorQOC64:37
42Patrick Hough & Osten TranPax HS NJROTC65:59
43Ava Good & with fatherQOC70:12
44Corinne Good & with fatherQOC70:20
45Robert Harris-Cross & Aidan & Cameron & MelanieBSA Pack 91374:21
46Ranell Lewis & MylerQOC81:13
47Mia Benaissa & Manny HernandezQOC85:45
48Amara DeVinney & Heidi JosephQOCDNF
48Amina DeVinney & Jason DeVinneyQOCDNF
48Ethan Herzig & Melissa & Model course onlyQOCDNF (12:46)
48Marcus Herzig & Kary & Stella & Model course onlyQOCDNF (12:57)
48Tiffany Jensen & Jensen familyQOCDNF (37:21)
48Marius Paludnevicius & RayleneQOCDNF (55:15)


Course Length: 3.8 km

Course Climb: 70 m

Number of Controls: 15

1Brian Knapp & 2nd courseLoudoun Co HS NJROTC29:56
2Richard Franklin & Connor Klapper & 2nd coursePax HS NJROTC33:36
3Thomas Becknauld & Alexander Sledge & 2nd coursePax HS NJROTC35:12
4Thomas Pudlo & Dawson Slavings & 2nd coursePax HS NJROTC35:48
5Josh Gross & 2nd courseLoudoun Co HS NJROTC37:25
6Thomas Iacoponelli & 2nd courseLoudoun Co HS NJROTC38:36
7Ian HerringHerndon NJROTC41:05
8Aaron Noble & Alice LeeQOC44:26
9Ethan Aris & James Roberts & 2nd coursePax HS NJROTC44:45
10James Lingar & TaylorQOC47:48
11Aimee Freund & Sarah Oleen & 2nd courseQOC48:13
12Keifer Knowles & Collin Scott & 2nd coursePax HS NJROTC48:19
13Dominick Alther & Christopher Stone & 2nd coursePax HS NJROTC48:21
14 Pow-Anpongkul & Karlena Lara-OteroQOC49:35
15Paul Hession & PatrickQOC50:38
16Ryan Wood & Daniel Hartle & 2nd coursePax HS NJROTC51:58
17Marshall WilkinsHerndon NJROTC52:30
18Joseph JacksonHerndon NJROTC55:36
19Pam DvorskyPax HS NJROTC56:16
20Travis LangtryHerndon NJROTC57:21
21Richard Sanchez & 2nd coursePax HS NJROTC57:57
22Rob Hicks & CarterQOC60:16
23Petr Tsypnyatov & EugenyQOC63:05
24Tom BrownHerndon NJROTC63:27
25Trevor GriffithHerndon NJROTC67:08
26Dylan SullivanHerndon NJROTC67:09
27Daniel MedinaHerndon NJROTC68:18
28Tracy McAllister & Terri SpanogleQOC70:53
29Matt McCabe & Wife and sonQOC71:41
30Christine KuryQOC74:03
31Jonathan LacyQOC76:19
32Charlotte SuttleHerndon NJROTC80:14
33Glenn Bock & Robert JacobsonQOC81:07
34Ed Reinfurt & CaleQOC84:17
35Paula Sydenstricker & Kira Beim & Coleen MalloyQOC85:07
36Tim O'Sullivan & ConnerQOC85:30
37Steven Toole & Rob & Matt VierowBSA Pack 91386:07
38Javier Sanz & Enkh-Orchir SanzQOC93:34
39John Landers & Donna & Susan & Holly FreemanQOC96:24
40Gabe Garver & MikeQOC101:40
41Ryan McQueen & Pita & NatQOC102:39
42Tracie Settles & Risharda & Victor & Joyce FyfieldQOC102:57
43Gary Puhek & KeoniQOC103:18
44Louis Novak & Nicole Hinson & Jackie ChapinQOC103:23
45Scott Travis & Jared Kalins & 2nd coursePax HS NJROTCDNF
45Scott Saya & Samantha Jabolnski & 2nd coursePax HS NJROTCDNF
45Derrick Slaughter & 2nd coursePax HS NJROTCDNF
45Viktoria Alston & Rachael Sanchez & 2nd coursePax HS NJROTCDNF
45Kelly Brouwer & Kimberly Banker & 2nd coursePax HS NJROTCDNF (39:09)
45Clayton Skinner & Tristan Bishop & 2nd coursePax HS NJROTCDNF (59:30)
45Nick Arteaga & JenniferQOCDNF (65:09)
45Bella GeisHerndon NJROTCMP
45Matt JonesLoudoun Co HS NJROTCMP (25:17)
45Hunter Atherton & Hugh Clark & 2nd coursePax HS NJROTCMP (40:24)
45Kiambre ParkarHerndon NJROTCMP (62:22)
45Rachel LangeQOCMP (65:43)
45Chris GeisHerndon NJROTCMP (79:05)
45Wyatt Shields & CarlosQOCMP (91:24)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).