Patapsco-Rockburn Branch

RouteGadget and splits on WinSplits are online for this event.

The weather couldn't have been better - the day was sunny and cool, perfect for orienteering - and 232 orienteers (174 start groups) came out to enjoy it. Three families and two individuals joined QOC. Numerous volunteers contributed to the functioning of the event but, in the absence of course setter, Tom Nolan, who was competing at West Point, special thanks go to Jan Merka, who set up the remote start and streamered the route to the start, and to Jody Landers, who hung the white and yellow course controls and placed water on those courses. The clue sheets were not printed separately for the advanced courses, an oversight for which we apologize. Towards 12:30pm, due to the larger than expected turnout for yellow, yellow course maps ran out - thanks to all the yellow finishers who gave up their maps so someone else could use them.


Course Length: 2.5 km

Course Climb: 60 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Christine Alewine & Quill & Tegan60:06
2Adam Kemper & KathrynQOC75:25
3Zac Ufnar & Frances & Isabella83:43
4Chris Wong & JP& Collin & Reagan & Sara & Morgan88:12
5Kunal RoyQOC92:15
5Jack ColeQOC92:15


Course Length: 3.2 km

Course Climb: 65 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Thurston MillerOCIN33:29
2Pavan VaswaniQOC39:54
3Alex HughesLoudoun County HS NJROTC43:09
4Brody SlusherLoudoun County HS NJROTC43:32
5Andrew SzaboQOC43:57
6Boryana Peeva & Evgeni47:47
7Daniel Kelly & CorinQOC48:55
8Hristina Peeva & Mariyan & EmmyQOC50:24
9Eduardo Buenaobra59:04
10Charlotte BlockQOC59:06
11Earl Sneeringer & Sandy & JP & KarenQOC59:27
12Micah Johnson & Anna Brunner61:13
13John LandersQOC64:40
14Mary Snieckus65:02
15Colby & Jolene MurbachQOC66:47
16Cate Gogol & Mark Wilcox68:00
17Alexandria Fujisaki & Yee SuQOC68:54
18Matthew DiddenQOC72:44
19CJ MillsLoudoun County HS NJROTC74:28
20Fallon FulgenziLoudoun County HS NJROTC76:14
21Robert DiddenQOC77:00
22Anne Gonnella & Roger & LinneaSVO79:25
23Joe Huesman & Zoe82:16
24Caroline Freissinet & Erin Norcross & Hannah Bower82:19
25Daniel Poltorak & Troop 793 & Steve90:45
26Martin Houghton & Lena & Alec & Zachary93:23
27Todd King & Anne & Maya & Pei & KaiQOC97:52
28Michael & Sarah BarciniakQOC98:50
29Stephanie Yanovitz & Gabrielle & JadenQOC99:14
30Alexis MerkaQOC99:18
31Matthew Noble & Cece & Cora & Sophie & Matt & Nick & Gareth101:52
32Fred Hartman & Becky & John FineQOC104:57
33Tim Hitzelberger & AbigailQOC107:30
34Colin HitzelbergerQOC107:57
35Emma & Holly HitzelbergerQOC108:12
36Beth & Maggie Van VrankenQOC118:32
37Keith HitzelbergerQOC121:54
38Ray Concrad & Trudy MoritaQOC137:52
39Gloria LazoHerndon HS NJROTCDNF
39Susan Sanderson & Holly & Nick & SusanQOCMP (82:27)
39Martin FlemingQOCMP (121:06)


Course Length: 3.9 km

Course Climb: 90 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Kevin ButlerQOC41:28
2Alexander CicconeQOC45:29
3Ray Collings46:07
4Chris JamesQOC46:49
5Aaron SzaboQOC49:35
6Laura McConnell52:52
7Bryan Singer & Kelly57:45
8Sam MallonLoudoun County HS NJROTC63:28
9Susan Miltenberger65:17
10John Hoerl69:30
11Daniel PikeQOC69:45
12Iva ZichaQOC72:09
13Helen Honeywell & Tim KleinQOC72:19
14Pat KeimSVO78:48
15Megan Nolan & Erin & TaylorQOC80:46
16George WaxterQOC82:14
17Troy BreedenLoudoun County HS NJROTC82:33
18Shaw SmithLoudoun County HS NJROTC86:07
19Monika LateganoLoudoun County HS NJROTC92:36
20Don Thompson & Scott Thompson & Greg Schobert92:42
21Richard Briggs & JulianQOC104:48
22 Butter BelieversQOC111:49
23Walter Benton & MelanieQOC112:12
24Lisa BeckQOC132:47
25Sadie Coleman & Jeff WilbornQOC137:16
26Bryan Exley & Julia & James & TonyQOC146:32
27Eric & Cambria Lyness & IndyQOCDNF
27Patricia Dawns & DonovonDNF


Course Length: 4.6 km

Course Climb: 135 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Steve CampQOC50:48
2Matt JonesLoudoun County HS NJROTC55:01
3Chris Wong61:49
4Thurston MillerOCIN64:15
5Robert Briber66:12
6Kattis AstromQOC67:32
7Andrew GillespieLoudoun County HS NJROTC68:11
8Leigh BilleaudQOC75:19
9Frank SigwartQOC77:42
10John Billingslea & ElizabethDVOA78:29
11Patricia MaceQOC78:31
12Michael PressQOC81:25
13Edward EnsonQOC82:25
14William GrubbQOC84:58
15Steven Jones85:20
16Tim GoodQOC88:57
17Jeremy GillespieLoudoun County HS NJROTC91:32
18Eva MatveevaQOC92:07
19Don FishQOC97:15
20Dwight JohnsonQOC100:31
21Michael Doyle101:51
22David UrbanDVOA112:39
23Chris HemusQOC116:49
24Pat KeimSVO119:31
25Mike NewmanQOC122:04
26Amy LoudenQOC124:06
27Don AmesQOC130:44
28Erin Jenkins & Lisa Novins149:39
29Stephanie Coffin & Stephen & BusterQOC152:47
30Kathy UrbanDVOA165:15
31Maxwell HanlinQOCDNF
31Barry NoblesQOCDNF (80:12)
31Stephanie SchulzeLoudoun County HS NJROTCDNF (101:11)
31Regina Tischer & Christian & Sophie & ClaraQOCDNF (102:31)
31Gregory ManQOCDNF (103:53)
31Diego FloresHerndon HS NJROTCMP (141:13)


Course Length: 5.3 km

Course Climb: 155 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Tom WellsQOC60:05
2Shawn DuffaloQOC60:25
3Greg LennonQOC60:26
4Edward HollandQOC61:33
5Alex BishopQOC63:46
6Peggy DickisonOK63:57
7Jared SilkQOC67:04
8Frantisek BrabecQOC69:51
9Tom DelaneyQOC70:26
10Kathleen LennonQOC74:12
11Heidi OnkstQOC81:25
12Doug & Kris Ann OurslerQOC82:39
13Alex TuckerLoudoun County HS NJROTC91:56
14Christiana LogansmithQOC94:12
15Jeff HaskellQOC99:30
16Josh BlausteinQOC101:26
17Steve MonesDVOA105:17
18Andrew SharpQOC108:51
19Dan DoQOC131:52
20Chris MortonQOC134:40
21Paul WeberQOC136:13
22Jack SprenkleQOC139:49
23George SchinkQOC140:15
24Michael RodriguesQOCDNF
24Jason GoorevitzQOCDNF
24Gary SmithQOCDNF (75:43)
24Chris GeisHerndon HS NJROTCMP (111:21)


Course Length: 7 km

Course Climb: 250 m

Number of Controls: 19

1Bjorn SkjaevestadQOC62:56
2Istvan NagyQOC72:26
3Kim JepsenQOC83:25
4Howie WeinsteinQOC84:59
5Thomas Goss87:50
6Mihai SirbuQOC95:29
7John WirzburgerQOC100:48
8Alastair YoungHerndon HS NJROTC117:48
9Mark MaceQOC118:20
10Tim Van Vranken & EllyQOC127:08
11Liz NotterQOC130:34
12David LevineQOC135:12
13Zack TershakHerndon HS NJROTC138:40
14Marshall WilkinsHerndon HS NJROTC155:39
15Michael LiederQOCDNF (148:55)
15Travis LangtryHerndon HS NJROTCDNF (195:59)
15Virginia MurphyHerndon HS NJROTCDNF (205:07)
15Benjamin RobertsQOCMP (135:34)


Course Length: 9.4 km

Course Climb: 300 m

Number of Controls: 24

1William SchaeferQOC83:50
2Ryan StasiowskiQOC87:33
3Nadim AhmedQOC88:00
4Dave PrudenQOC91:46
5Victor LinQOC95:44
6David OnkstQOC100:42
7Jan MerkaQOC104:15
8John BakerQOC124:35
9Charles CarrickQOC129:52
10Dagmar MerkovaQOC135:34
11Francis HogleQOC151:33
12Jack Anderson154:37
13Mike Berry & Mary ThompsonQOC157:34
14John MillerQOCDNF (122:54)
14Travis BatemannDNF (152:28)
14Greg PalardyQOCMP (162:50)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).