RouteGadget and splits on both WinSplits and Attackpoint are all online for this event.

QOC spent the last day of September extending a season-beginning streak of excellent weather during events to three at Meadowood SRMA. The fine weather and the presence of FUMA and several JROTC groups contributed to a record-shattering number of starts for Meadowood, indeed the second largest number of starts for a QOC local event on record. This unfortunately made it questionable whether the designated parking inside the SRMA would suffice under a laissez faire parking plan, hence the strong encouragement of carpooling and the request that non-carpoolers park at Gunston Elementary and walk to the event following a marked route through the park. The carpooling response was commendable. However, one lesson learned from the event - you really can't overdo it when it comes to making the beginning of a marked route obvious. It seems Ken Walker may have been the first person to take the marked route, apparently without any problems, but "not so poorly marked as to cause Ken Walker Jr. to get lost" isn't quite the gold standard when it comes to making a route easy to follow - several other experienced orienteers didn't do so well finding the beginning of the correct route rather than another, more visible trail leaving the school grounds. Our apologies to those this inconvenienced and extreme gratitude to Virginia DeBons for taking it on herself, on encountering the problem, to drive around to the event to pick up more flags and streamers and improve the trail markings for later arrivals.

Once at the event, it seems safe to say everyone found Sid had set a challenging set of courses, replete with chances to make parallel errors, through mostly quite pleasant woods. Unfortunately, he made at least one fairly significant error in control placement himself, hanging a rootstock control affecting the green, red and blue courses on the next mapped rootstock south of the desired one. The generally philosophic attitude towards having to search the vicinity of the mapped rootstock adopted by most of the affected runners is appreciated but not so intensely appreciated that we won't do our best to make the consolations of philosophy unnecessary for the rest of the season.

The day's volunteers deserve thanks - apologies in advance for any omissions:

  • Steve Nurre (setting up, registration, beginner instruction)
  • David Levine, Amy Louden (setting up, cleaning up)
  • Ken Ferris, John Baker, Jon Bertheussen, Jon Torrance, Kathleen Lennon (parking and traffic control)
  • Jon Torrance, Virginia DeBons (streamering walk from school parking lot to registration)
  • Lisa Beck (registration, control pick-up)
  • Marla Ozarowski, Jana Seidlova, Michael Bianchetta (registration)
  • Valerie Meyer, Ryan Hanna, Cathy Attfield, Neal Attfield, Peggy Dickison (e-punch)
  • David Linthicum, Greg Lennon (beginner instruction)
  • Bill Wright, Charles Carrick, Tim Good, Jon Torrance (control pick-up)
  • Gary Smith (cleaning up)

    Dan Do, Meet Director

    Additional notes:

  • The carpooling raffle winners were Trish Strat and Tim Good. Each won a $50 REI gift card.
  • Lost and found: one Suunto thumb compass (this was found at Lake Needwood the previous weekend), one Suunto baseplate compass, and one black Adidas digital watch.

  • White

    Course Length: 2.1 km

    Course Climb: 50 m

    Number of Controls: 8

    1Austin Bristow & Hugh ClarkPatuxent HS NJROTC23:55
    2Colin BoldFUMA26:36
    3Kai Riley & Vinny KellyBS Troop 99631:09
    4Johanne SkjaevestadQOC37:26
    5Matthew Byron & Connor BreenBS Troop 99637:33
    6Joseph Brooks & Devin LambertPatuxent HS NJROTC39:41
    7Jared GiszackFUMA39:54
    8Rebecca Banker & Maegan BenselPatuxent HS NJROTC41:30
    9Naomi InmanPatuxent HS NJROTC41:31
    10Sewon RoFUMA44:59
    11Kim BankerPatuxent HS NJROTC45:13
    12Michael Treat & Kevin Ryo & Kia Sorrento48:14
    13Nicole Aleksieva & with MomCVOC49:08
    14Tonya Snow & Jon & Joseph49:15
    15Stephanie SchulzeLoudoun County HS NJROTC50:01
    16Matt Mattice Family51:29
    17Barbara Saffir & Sandy MunsonQOC54:51
    18Dylan Smith & Angel StrotherPatuxent HS NJROTC55:56
    19Patrick Tierney & Osten TranPatuxent HS NJROTC57:06
    20Jordy VeraForest Park JROTC58:51
    21Martin Fleming & Brian FlemingQOC59:09
    22Susan MooreQOC59:48
    23Keegan Hower & Derrick SlaughterPatuxent HS NJROTC60:14
    24William EllisQOC63:21
    25Margaret Fisher & Jonathan Rosenthal65:11
    26 Leone Family 5QOC66:52
    27Max AhmedQOC81:27
    28Nicole LennonQOC81:40
    29Greg Schantz & Judy & Shannon87:15
    30Guillame Bodelle-Pasturel95:16
    31Andrew EstesFUMAMP (36:01)
    31Timi OsunkoyaFUMAMP (57:29)
    31Kirk Kalian & 2nd courseLoudoun County HS NJROTCNC (26:14)
    31Oliver Alliss & 2nd courseLoudoun County HS NJROTCNC (26:41)


    Course Length: 2.9 km

    Course Climb: 82 m

    Number of Controls: 12

    1Adam Bee40:13
    2Evan LinkousFUMA50:12
    3Kirk KalianLoudoun County HS NJROTC51:17
    4Colin BrewerFUMA51:39
    5Thomas SnowFUMA51:46
    6Diana AleksievaCVOC53:44
    7Matt JonesLoudoun County HS NJROTC54:03
    8Ben ChiovaroFUMA54:49
    9David MuenchFUMA56:47
    10Monika LateganoLoudoun County HS NJROTC57:11
    11Jose RodriguezLoudoun County HS NJROTC58:39
    12Julian YescasFUMA61:42
    13Spencer MaghrouriLoudoun County HS NJROTC63:06
    14Alexis MerkaQOC63:17
    15Austin LenhardHuntingtown HS NJROTC66:16
    16Oliver AllissLoudoun County HS NJROTC69:35
    17Amy LoudenQOC70:53
    18Jared Silk & Roger WhyteQOC71:01
    19Troy BreedenLoudoun County HS NJROTC72:16
    20Ricardo Aversa & JVQOC73:09
    21Alex HughesLoudoun County HS NJROTC77:21
    22Joshua Stearns80:40
    23William BryantQOC81:28
    24Michael BianchettaQOC92:48
    25M HuffakerQOC104:01
    26Pat PrudenQOC104:02
    27Donald BeckPatuxent HS NJROTC118:30
    28David Frank124:41
    29Parker Hoge & (Jeff Chaplin)132:07
    30Micah GiszackFUMA133:27
    31Mitch Rapp & Irene KennedyQOCDNF
    31Coyt MarthersLoudoun County HS NJROTCDNF
    31Timi Osunkoya & 2nd courseFUMADNF (55:56)
    31Joseph Snow & Tonya & Jon & 2nd courseDNF (56:57)
    31Barbara Saffir & Julie L & Sandy & 2nd courseQOCDNF (69:49)
    31Steve Gurney & Asa Ashley BonnieDNF (116:47)
    31Shirley TanQOCDNF (130:14)
    31 Ozarowski & KahnQOCDNF (135:35)
    31Kai Riley & Matt Byron & 2nd courseBS Troop 996MP (79:39)
    31Sewom Ro & 2nd courseFUMANC (35:49)
    31Ben Stewart & 2nd courseLoudoun County HS NJROTCNC (38:41)
    31Austin Bristow & Hugh Clark & 2nd coursePatuxent HS NJROTCNC (55:09)
    31Stephanie Schulze & 2nd courseLoudoun County HS NJROTCNC (57:24)
    31Andrew Estes & 2nd courseFUMANC (59:00)
    31Keegan Hower & Derrick Slaughter & 2nd coursePatuxent HS NJROTCNC (60:27)
    31Jared Giszack & 2nd courseFUMANC (60:59)
    31Dylan Smith & Angel Strother & 2nd coursePatuxent HS NJROTCNC (65:14)
    31Colin Bold & 2nd courseFUMANC (67:58)
    31Patrick Tierney & Osten Tran & 2nd coursePatuxent HS NJROTCNC (84:58)
    31Connor Breen & Vinny Kelly & 2nd courseBS Troop 996NC (88:20)
    31Joseph Brooks & Devin Lambert & 2nd coursePatuxent HS NJROTCNC (90:43)
    31Naomi Inman & 2nd coursePatuxent HS NJROTCNC (138:05)
    31Rebecca Banker & Maegan Bensel & 2nd coursePatuxent HS NJROTCNC (138:06)


    Course Length: 3.6 km

    Course Climb: 137 m

    Number of Controls: 11

    1Jon BertheussenQOC48:45
    2William PhillipsFUMA54:36
    3Zach MillerFUMA57:13
    4Jessica MuenchFUMA65:12
    5Ben StewartLoudoun County HS NJROTC67:09
    6Amy Garman79:31
    7Regan SkjaevestadQOC85:51
    8Matthew HessPatuxent HS NJROTC93:40
    9Don AmesQOC96:23
    10Jonathon TaylorLoudoun County HS NJROTC98:11
    11Megan DeneneaPatuxent HS NJROTC102:17
    12Robert BairdFUMA104:12
    13Matt LancasterLoudoun County HS NJROTC104:36
    14Cory InmanPatuxent HS NJROTC107:13
    15Cody Loher Tyler Martin & Adam Negvesky & Mario JamesForest Park JROTC107:49
    16Marit & Bob LuersenQOC127:40
    17Megan HansenPatuxent HS NJROTC133:22
    18Joe Klopfer139:18
    19Andrew Schantz139:21
    20Christian WithersPatuxent HS NJROTC143:36
    21Otavio Maior & JoaoQOC158:20
    22Ashley HicksQOC186:30
    23Stephen Nurre & Stephanie & Nicholas & ElizabethQOCDNF
    23 Leone Family 5 & 2nd courseQOCDNF (52:14)
    23Craig SheldenQOCDNF (53:25)
    23Colin Brewer & 2nd courseFUMADNF (60:17)
    23Trish StratQOCDNF (68:11)
    23Thomas Snow & 2nd courseFUMADNF (70:28)
    23Evan Linkous & 2nd courseFUMADNF (70:30)
    23Deb O'DonnellQOCDNF (77:59)
    23Adam Bee & 2nd courseQOCDNF (86:05)
    23Jose Rodriguez & 2nd courseLoudoun County HS NJROTCDNF (88:30)
    23Nicholas LeapleyPatuxent HS NJROTCDNF (119:20)
    23Kaytlynn SextonPatuxent HS NJROTCDNF (119:23)
    23Jen Schober & Terri SpanogleDNF (120:25)
    23Tyler WeathersPatuxent HS NJROTCDNF (138:44)
    23Skylar Edwards & (Steve Edwards)QOCDNF (147:14)
    23Christopher GrosskurthPatuxent HS NJROTCDNF (147:15)
    23Lisa BeckQOCDNF (175:34)
    23Klaus SextonHuntingtown HS NJROTCDNF (187:45)
    23Lindsey OgleHuntingtown HS NJROTCDNF (187:55)
    23Allison MaxwellHerndon HS NJROTCDNF (193:48)
    23Matt Jones & 2nd courseLoudoun County HS NJROTCMP (88:29)
    23Adam LayerLoudoun County HS NJROTCMP (140:22)
    23Patrick McFetridge & Andre Searcy & Tyrone HeathForest Park JROTCMP (141:17)
    23Michael CascieroHuntingtown HS NJROTCMP (147:25)
    23Amy Louden & 2nd courseQOCMP (178:47)
    23Julian Yescas & 2nd courseFUMANC (75:00)
    23Ben Chiovaro & 2nd courseFUMANC (104:45)


    Course Length: 3.7 km

    Course Climb: 122 m

    Number of Controls: 10

    1Ioana FlemingQOC71:37
    2Edward EnsonQOC80:02
    3Addie NolanQOC96:09
    4Joshua HuntPatuxent HS NJROTC99:54
    5Brian LimerickPatuxent HS NJROTC104:59
    6Mark MaceQOC107:32
    7Jeremy GillespieLoudoun County HS NJROTC109:19
    8Bill Wright113:31
    9Pam DvorskyPatuxent HS NJROTC113:40
    10Andrew GillespieLoudoun County HS NJROTC117:43
    11Don FishQOC119:02
    12Alex TuckerLoudoun County HS NJROTC123:29
    13Matthew Knight & Monika Kornhauser133:07
    14Paul WeberQOC133:22
    15Robert BurgessPatuxent HS NJROTC144:18
    16Rae Ann HicksQOC145:51
    17Bryan Brittan148:42
    18Ed MooreFUMA159:23
    19Ken FerrisQOC160:22
    20Lydia AndrewsQOC163:51
    21Dillion FitzgeraldHuntingtown HS NJROTC165:54
    22Joey Angeles & Joneil AngelesQOC169:00
    23Chris MorganHuntingtown HS NJROTCDNF
    23Boyan OnyshkevychQOCDNF
    23Michelle SvobodaQOCDNF
    23Dagmar MerkovaQOCDNF (62:02)
    23Jim ChaplinQOCDNF (82:59)
    23John VincentPatuxent HS NJROTCDNF (94:04)
    23Amy Moroney & Andrea & Al HoffmanQOCDNF (157:48)
    23Rhonda KrafchinQOCDNF (184:52)


    Course Length: 5.5 km

    Course Climb: 190 m

    Number of Controls: 13

    1Bjorn SkjaevestadQOC64:26
    2Greg LennonQOC75:24
    3Jana SeidlovaQOC92:27
    4Jacinto CostaQOC99:15
    5Tom WellsQOC101:09
    6Ed BuckQOC102:01
    7Garrett UrsinyPatuxent HS NJROTC106:00
    8Russ DamtoftQOC117:01
    9Michael SirotinQOC119:03
    10Patricia MaceQOC120:39
    11Seth BearjarPatuxent HS NJROTC121:11
    12Marshall WilkinsHerndon HS NJROTC121:45
    13Tim GoodQOC124:26
    14Mark HicksQOC125:05
    15Brian Fisher & James Ellis126:34
    16Kris FortierLoudoun County HS NJROTC129:05
    17Gary SmithQOC133:20
    18John SawykoQOC133:32
    19Troy LeBlancPatuxent HS NJROTC136:49
    20Michael Swanson148:17
    21Troy LydenLoudoun County HS NJROTC150:17
    22Patrick FieldsLoudoun County HS NJROTC152:32
    23Tim KaufmanLoudoun County HS NJROTC154:54
    24Cody LeachPatuxent HS NJROTC156:39
    25Zack TershakHerndon HS NJROTC179:58
    26Travis LangtryHerndon HS NJROTC184:14
    27Kenneth JagersHerndon HS NJROTC187:55
    28Mark BeckmanQOCDNF
    28Brett SidelingerQOCDNF
    28Matt Ratcliff & Royce RatcliffDNF
    28Nyall MeredithQOCDNF
    28Tom O'DonnellQOCDNF
    28William Phillips & 2nd courseFUMADNF (51:37)
    28Jessica Muench & 2nd courseFUMADNF (51:49)
    28Zach Miller & 2nd courseFUMADNF (51:54)
    28Virginia DeBonsQOCDNF (69:47)
    28Justin BernsteinHuntingtown HS NJROTCDNF (102:22)
    28Alastair YoungHerndon HS NJROTCDNF (103:16)
    28Nick LintonHerndon HS NJROTCDNF (114:09)
    28Noah DixonPatuxent HS NJROTCDNF (122:33)
    28Ricardo FabilaPatuxent HS NJROTCDNF (125:57)
    28Chris GeisHerndon HS NJROTCDNF (129:54)
    28Sean SullivanHerndon HS NJROTCDNF (141:00)
    28Brent SulhoffPatuxent HS NJROTCDNF (155:11)
    28Liz NotterQOCDNF (194:46)
    28Kevin HennesseyHerndon HS NJROTCDNF (229:07)


    Course Length: 6.8 km

    Course Climb: 221 m

    Number of Controls: 14

    1Victor LinQOC73:30
    2Bryan GarmanQOC77:48
    3Mark Pittman97:15
    4Charles CarrickQOC107:41
    5Daniel QuinnQOC108:05
    6Tom NolanQOC117:01
    7Josh HilbergFUMA125:27
    8John BakerQOC151:26
    9Ryan FrankelHuntingtown HS NJROTC160:38
    10Louis BethgeHuntingtown HS NJROTC160:40
    11David WallQOCDNF
    11William Schaefer & Lisa Novins & StellaQOCDNF (103:14)
    11Kathleen LennonQOCDNF (121:22)
    11Aaron Fletcher & Sydney BuddHuntingtown HS NJROTCDNF (223:29)
    11Howie WeinsteinQOCMP


    Course Length: 8.7 km

    Course Climb: 236 m

    Number of Controls: 18

    1Ken Walker JrCSU76:52
    2Jon TorranceQOC77:22
    3John GoodwinUNO89:27
    4Nadim AhmedQOC101:40
    5Videlin AleksievCVOC111:42
    6Tom StratQOC114:03
    7Peggy DickisonOK123:37
    8Neal AttfieldQOC148:54
    9David OnkstQOC153:47
    10John OrganekQOC178:09
    11David LevineQOC220:46
    12Jeremy DebonsQOCDNF (96:03)
    12Ryan HannaQOCDNF (124:21)
    12Dave PrudenQOCMP (94:52)

    Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).