Pohick Bay

RouteGadget and splits on both WinSplits and Attackpoint are all now online for this event.

Sunday at Pohick Bay was, by all accounts, much more hospitable--weather-wise--than the cold, windy conditions prevailing the day previous at Patuxent Park. With winds having dropped over night and continuing to lessen during the event, bright sunny weather and a high near 50 degrees made for a very comfortable day for those who were moving on the courses.

In a very tight blue course competition, Eddie Bergeron edged Jon Torrance by 42 seconds. Non-QOC participants at the event included orienteers from the Cambridge Sports Union, Delaware Valley Orienteering Association, Hudson Valley Orienteering, Susquehanna Valley Orienteering as well as Fork Union Military Academy, Loudon County High School Naval Junior ROTC, and BSA Troop 786.

Thanks also to all the volunteers who supported the event:

Ryan and Jackie Hannah, Jeremy Gillespie, and Chuck Ferguson at the registration tables; Erminia Farenfield, David Onkst and Trish Strat on E-punch/Start operations; Ted Good, Jim Chaplin, and Bill Wright providing orienteering instruction at various levels; Don Ames, Neil Arnold, Stephen Magennis on control pick-up; and of course Karla Hulett for a great course design, aided by Gary Smith and Jacob Pierce and Valerie Meyer, as always, at the helm of the E-punch effort.

Finally, welcome to new QOC member Horace “Bash” Bashor.


Course Length: 1.6 km

Course Climb: 20 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Baxter HamiltonQOC14:36
2Thomas SnowFUMA20:35
3David MuenchFUMA22:20
4Kathy Taylor29:28
5 Snow Family29:35
6Alex FarenfieldQOC30:13
7Sofia FarenfieldQOC30:18
8Craig Hugger & Elizabeth Harlan31:31
9Cathy Attfield40:24
10Stephen Daniels42:50
11Sean & Jason Conlan48:50
12 BSA Troop 786 & Ammar & IzzuddinFUMA52:19
13Scott & Noble Bonney52:52
14Eric & Cambria LynessQOC52:53
15John & Daniel Gilday60:39
16Matt Phillips & Natasha Summer & Logan70:43
17 Estrada & Cooley93:31


Course Length: 2.4 km

Course Climb: 45 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Jessica MuenchFUMA20:44
2Julian YescasFUMA22:18
3Baiba Berzina25:16
4Zach MillerFUMA25:19
5Valerie MeyerQOC25:50
6Sim BrandFUMA28:37
7David Burr & Matt Alfred29:07
8Cortney & Wim Brown29:25
9Amy Garman32:38
10 Snow Family36:04
11Adam Mabe & Sarah40:22
12Kathy Taylor43:03
13Warren Polensky44:17
14Gail Kulisch46:07
15Florence TanQOC47:17
16Tyler Bunch50:08
17Lisa & Mitchell Greenwood51:06
18Jim ChaplinQOC53:19
19William EllisQOC53:59
20Joe & Jason Huesman & Robert Burroughs59:01
21Charlie WalmsleyQOC62:18
22Michael BianchettaQOC64:08
23Dennis & Janice Pritchett64:49
24David Chandler65:09
25Sue Ostrem67:29
26Johanne SkjaevestadQOC69:31
27 BSA Troop 786 & Mahmood & Nyle81:54
28Erin Rhodes88:05
29Anna Rhodes88:06
30Heather Maher & Robin & David96:19
31 BSA Troop 786 & Emad & Fahed & Mohamed101:40
32 BSA Troop 786 & Yousof & Esam & Abdelulheh103:32
33 BSA Troop 786 & Ziad & Tameem104:53
34 Shapiro Family114:44
35Haythem Memmi140:36
36Thomas SnowFUMADNF (56:22)
36David MuenchFUMADNF (56:22)
36Ben ChiovaroFUMAMP (21:11)
36David SignorettiFUMAMP (22:47)
36Michael TonerQOCNC (36:59)


Course Length: 4.2 km

Course Climb: 110 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Scott SharpQOC58:31
2Chris Ammon61:41
3Mike Meenehan63:37
4Bill Wright63:46
5Michael TonerQOC69:30
6Ben Hornung72:33
7Laura Hanlon & Mickey77:05
8Michael Mayo81:28
9Ben ChiovaroFUMA81:56
10Zach MillerFUMA83:12
11Jessica MuenchFUMA84:49
12Jonathan TaylorLoudoun County HS NJROTC88:08
13Joe Dulmage88:29
14David SignorettiFUMA91:25
15Richard BriggsQOC94:46
16Bruce Baker & Robin Schafer100:52
17Thomas & Karen Osterhoudt102:43
18George McAleese & Katherine MillerQOC104:48
19Sim BrandFUMA107:35
20Emily & Douglas Schauss108:38
21Julian YescasFUMA110:22
22Allison ElderQOC112:22
23William BryantQOC113:55
24John Hampton Grp124:43
25Richard Liebl & Nicholas138:43
26Craig & Courtney SheldenQOC148:18
27 BSA Troop 786 & Ahmed150:15
28Eric & Cambria Lyness & Joan IndyQOC153:32
29M HuffakerQOC156:15
30Dwight Hood162:49
31Matthew & Evan Liebl171:27
32Lisa & Mitchell GreenwoodDNF
32Iva Zicha & & Jerry (dog)QOCDNF
32Maya BruckDNF (78:01)
32Lisa BeckQOCDNF (95:11)
32Mark Schultz & Erin Max AmeliaDNF (97:28)
32Alex TuckerLoudoun County HS NJROTCDNF (154:43)
32Steve & Terri ReinkenQOCMP
32David ClarkLoudoun County HS NJROTCMP (79:47)
32Joey PritchettMP (127:28)


Course Length: 4.3 km

Course Climb: 180 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Linus HamiltonQOC68:20
2Dagmar MerkovaQOC68:53
3John Teixeria74:05
4Russ DamtoftQOC75:20
5Bev HartlineDVOA85:22
6Jacqueline CurrieQOC85:38
7Don AmesQOC87:52
8Kattis AstromQOC89:00
9Fred HartlineDVOA90:08
10Mark HicksQOC90:10
11Patricia MaceQOC94:40
12Wolfie Zachar100:08
13Jay KennedyQOC102:58
14David Johnston & Victoria Tanenbaum120:51
15Anne JepsenQOC127:08
16Esben JepsenQOC132:06
17Ted Salas & Horace BashorQOC141:45
18Ginger & Bill ArnoldQOC142:31
19George CrittendenQOC151:51
20Steve Mones & John MeyerDVOA167:49
21Fred HillmannQOC171:46
22George SchinkQOC177:53
23Amy LoudenQOC179:51
24Elliott HamiltonQOCDNF
24Rae Ann HicksQOCDNF
24Bambi Walmsley & GeorginaQOCDNF (65:52)
24Linda CorneliusQOCDNF (71:31)
24Sam WalmsleyQOCDNF (88:20)
24Tony & Carole TeolisDNF (140:01)
24Lauren ZacharMP (152:36)
24Frank ZacharMP (152:40)
24Gary SmithQOCNC (76:12)


Course Length: 5.6 km

Course Climb: 240 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Mark WalmsleyQOC61:37
2Bryan Garman64:40
3Rick Oliver65:16
4Jan MerkaQOC70:32
5Greg LennonQOC73:01
6Erminia FarenfieldQOC77:00
7Francis HogleQOC77:29
8Tom WellsQOC78:46
9Dilan Swift78:54
10John BakerQOC81:43
11Tim GoodQOC86:19
12John SawykoQOC92:58
13Bill ViennaQOC93:39
14Kathleen LennonQOC94:24
15Frantisek BrabecQOC105:59
16Mark MaceQOC111:26
17Julia KallozQOC130:26
18Emily Reisinger & Brian Rife133:52
19Nyall MeredithQOC139:15
20Josh BlausteinQOC147:06
21Anthony DurantQOC148:50
22Dan DoQOC167:40
23Michelle Svoboda (overtime)QOCDNF
23David Burr & MattQOCDNF (88:13)
23Jeremy GilliespieLoudoun County HS NJROTCDNF (115:51)
23 The Quads & Yee Alexandria & Lydia SteveDNF (140:07)
23Melissa ReamsDNF (156:31)


Course Length: 6.9 km

Course Climb: 345 m

Number of Controls: 17

1Daniel QuinnQOC71:36
2Martin FarenfieldQOC81:51
3Tom NolanQOC90:30
4Kim JepsenQOC103:01
5Benjamin RobertsQOC126:12
6Nate Liefer & Rob Alyssa & Ani126:42
7Peggy DickisonOKDNF (54:39)


Course Length: 8.5 km

Course Climb: 405 m

Number of Controls: 18

1Eddie BergeronSVO64:50
2Jon TorranceQOC65:32
3Ken Walker JrCSU72:15
4Johan AstromQOC78:57
5Brian MayerQOC82:53
6Nadim AhmedQOC84:15
7Joe BrautigamHVO84:36
8Ted GoodQOC86:13
9Tom StratQOC94:04
10David OnkstQOC100:49
11Ryan HannaQOC107:23
12Neal AttfieldQOC113:35
13Bernard Ducharme119:49
14Videlin Aleksiev124:22
15John OrganekQOC144:29
16David LevineQOC180:16
17Stephen MagennisQOCDNF (198:32)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).