Patuxent River Trail 10K

The winds blew but the sun shone and it was overall quite a nice cool day on which to enjoy a run on lovely and almost entirely dry trails - what's a hundred meters or so of mud puddles in the context of 10 kilometers of running? In any case, the second annual Patuxent River Trail 10K drew slightly more than half again as many people as the first edition and they appeared to have gone away at least as happy as last year's crowd. If you took part, thanks for coming and we'll hope to see you again at future QOC events, on or off-trail. Taking a QOC-centric perspective, we'll note that a number of QOC members placed in their age groups while US National Orienteering Team member, Ken Walker Jr. won the race convincingly overall. For an exciting sprint finish, the place to look this year was the race for the women's overall title, which was decided by a single second.

Results have also been posted here on imATHLETE, and you can see both min/mile and min/km paces per runner by double-clicking on their name.

There are now over 1,100 photos from this race posted on Flickr; click here to browse the set; if you've got more, or know who's in some of the untagged photos, let us know! Searching by bib number and/or name is possible; one of the easiest ways is to search on either (name and/or bib) plus "patuxent", "10K" and/or "2012" as additional terms. And if you have photos or videos to share, please let us know via our Contact Us form.

By the way, pre-registration - which is optional - for this coming Saturday's orienteering event at this very same place (which, weather permitting, will include kite flying and a no-map-needed Super String-O Sprint Course) is now online via the event webpage.

10K Trail Race

Course Length: 10 km

ClassBib No.NameAgeCity and StateTime
11M 30-39302Walker Jr, Ken33Bethesda, MD40:12
21M 20-2986English, Benjamin27Jackson Center, PA41:09
32M 20-29179Lowe, Adam29Mechanicsville, MD41:40
41M 40-4967Diaz, Jose41Bethesda, MD42:15
52M 30-3923Brennan, James33Alexandria, VA42:16
62M 40-49224Puglisi, Matt44Annapolis, MD42:22
73M 30-39321Paes, Chris36Severn, MD42:28
81M 19-Under134Herzog, Trent14Lusby, MD42:48
94M 30-3911Astrom, Johan32Silver Spring, MD42:54
103M 40-49170Lambert, Yon40Alexandria, VA43:09
113M 20-2998Fish, Sean27Washington, DC43:11
121M 60-69242Rossiter, Spider60Washington, DC43:24
135M 30-39166Kelman, Erin35Germantown, MD44:11
144M 20-29200Monroe, Jacob25Washington, DC44:38
151F 20-29295Valentine, Nicole29Rockville, MD44:40
161F 30-39299Voiland, Amy36Baltimore, MD44:41
175M 20-29120Gross, Christopher29Washington, DC45:11
186M 20-29126Hanna, Ryan28Arlington, VA45:16
197M 20-29261Smith, Justin29Germantown, MD45:39
206M 30-39137Highfield, Craig39Annapolis, MD45:50
217M 30-39267Stakes, Donald32Port Tobacco, MD46:08
228M 30-39228Reader, Jeff32Greenbelt, MD46:39
234M 40-49158Kammerer, Gregory (Jack)49Washington, DC47:11
248M 20-29100Forster, Daniel27Lexington Park, MD47:15
259M 20-2935Carroll, Nathan24Arlington, VA47:18
261M 50-59314Wills, Stephen50College Park, MD47:31
2710M 20-29298Voiland, Adam29Washington, DC47:49
2811M 20-29241Rogers, Wes28King George, VA47:56
2912M 20-29127Hartle, Troy27Easton, MD47:58
305M 40-49296Varga, Paul45Ellicott City, MD48:16
312F 30-3994Ferguson, Emily35Arlington, VA48:41
322M 50-59201Mornini, John56Germantown, MD48:46
333M 50-59207Nolan, Tom59Kensington, MD48:48
342M 19-Under129Hayes, Nick17Arlington, VA48:50
359M 30-3972Drane, James30Washington, DC48:52
362F 20-29246Sackett, Holly26Timonium, MD49:14
3710M 30-39331White, John38Arnold, MD49:30
3811M 30-39332Falk, Andrew30Silver Spring, MD49:52
393F 30-39237Rhodes, Kelly35Alexandria, VA50:00
404M 50-59217Phillips, Steven50Crofton, MD50:07
4113M 20-29105Gault, Emslie25Towson, MD50:22
4214M 20-29203Moyer, Steve28Arlington, VA50:23
436M 40-49116Goyette, Michael49Crofton, MD50:32
4415M 20-29269Stansbury, Daniel29Odenton, MD50:50
4412M 30-3930Buppert, Jesse30Odenton, MD50:50
453F 20-29319Younk, Lisa28Baltimore, MD51:10
4616M 20-2947Cook, Michael27Tracys Landing, MD51:12
4617M 20-29156Kahl, Josh27Baltimore, MD51:12
475M 50-59125Hamilton, Elliott51Hyattsville, MD51:36
4818M 20-29325Sneeringer, Gregory22Columbia, MD51:42
4913M 30-39257Shapiro, Paul32Takoma Park, MD51:45
504F 30-39204Murphy, Teresa32Waldorf, MD51:57
5119M 20-29193McNeill, Jeremy26Waldorf, MD52:00
527M 40-49183Marsh, Dave45Alexandria, VA52:02
5314M 30-3979Duffy, Michael38Ellicott City, MD52:05
5420M 20-29136Hideriotis, Hunter27Crofton, MD52:10
558M 40-49305Wenzler, MadMike40Spotsylvania, VA52:16
5615M 30-39338Holczman, Robert36Manassas, VA52:31
5721M 20-2918Bland, Bo28Annapolis, MD52:32
581F 19-Under132Herzog, Rachel16Lusby, MD52:40
599M 40-49133Herzog, Scott45Lusby, MD53:04
605F 30-39264Spackman, Christy34Brooklyn, NY53:13
6122M 20-29307Wheeler, Lance24Arlington, VA53:14
6210M 40-49143Humphrey, John47Alexandria, VA53:27
631F 40-4913Bachmann, Monika46Upper Marlboro, MD53:29
6416M 30-3912Avery, Scott33Sterling, VA53:32
6517M 30-39275Sundberg, Daniel31Arlington, AE53:41
6618M 30-3989Farmer, Chris32Columbia, MD53:48
6723M 20-29233Reimers, Charlie24Saint Leonard, MD53:52
686M 50-596Andre, John55Kensington, MD53:56
6911M 40-49244Rust, Thomas42Alexandria, VA53:59
7019M 30-3928Bryan, Michael33Lusby, MD54:12
7124M 20-29106George, David23Arlington, VA54:29
7212M 40-49258Silva, Stephen45Herndon, VA54:57
7320M 30-3941Chesser, Timothy36Arlington, VA55:38
747M 50-59110Gilman, Bradley54Vienna, VA55:40
7525M 20-2938Caton, Scott28Arlington, VA55:45
758M 50-59308Whitt, Larry51Laurel, MD55:45
7613M 40-49145Hunter, Laddie46Bethesda, MD56:05
774F 20-295An, Amanda24Ellicott City, MD56:11
7821M 30-39265Spackman, Thomas35Brooklyn, NY56:18
7922M 30-39211Ochoa, Raul33Alexandria, VA56:21
805F 20-2978Duff, Caitlin20College Park, MD56:26
8123M 30-39155Jurgensen, John39Laurel, MD56:39
826F 20-29215Perry, Lauren24Silver Spring, MD56:46
8326M 20-29118Greenwell, Mike23Chesapeake Beach, MD56:53
8427M 20-2974Drelich, Rob29Mountaintop, PA56:55
8528M 20-29252Schmid, Jake20Mechanicsville, MD57:07
8629M 20-29278Takach, Andrew27Rockville, MD57:41
877F 20-29164Kelley, Ashley23Alexandria, VA57:43
889M 50-59320Cason, Kevin58Ashburn, VA58:04
898F 20-29159Kanaskie, Mary26Baltimore, MD58:09
909F 20-29168Kogel, Caitlyn22Hollywood, MD58:12
9124M 30-39339Hampton, Dwayne34Washington, DC58:15
9225M 30-39115Goolsby, Jesse33Alexandria, VA58:17
932F 40-49223Proffitt, Merrilee44Oakland, CA58:29
9410F 20-2917Betts, Jacqueline25Ellicott City, MD58:34
9510M 50-59240Rogers, Michael54King George, VA58:35
9614M 40-4956Curtin, Gus40Annapolis, MD58:58
9711F 20-2959DeArmon, McCamie27Washington, DC59:04
9826M 30-39199Mish, Patrick36Odenton, MD59:08
9930M 20-29226purkayastha, bhaskar27Gaithersburg, MD59:19
10031M 20-29256See, Stephen29Pasadena, MD59:21
1016F 30-39235Renner, Nicki36Waldorf, MD59:25
10212F 20-29292Turk, Chelsea26Reisterstown, MD59:30
10311M 50-5983Eisenhauer, David51Silver Spring, MD59:31
10415M 40-49268Stanley, Timothy44Waldorf, MD59:41
10513F 20-294Alvarez, Emily22Washington, DC59:44
10516M 40-49340Briggs, Richard46Columbia, MD59:44
1067F 30-39333Chall, Joelle30Silver Spring, MD59:45
10717M 40-498Aris, Brandon45Port Republic, MD60:02
10832M 20-29326Sneeringer, Austin26Columbia, MD60:12
1098F 30-3965Devlin, Stephanie33North Bethesda, MD60:22
11027M 30-39198Mish, Kevin38Crofton, MD60:46
1112M 60-69157Kallemyn, Daniel60Upper Marlboro, MD60:49
11233M 20-29229Reece, Joshua29Silver Spring, MD60:51
1132F 19-Under107Gibson, Caroline14Edgewater, MD60:54
1149F 30-39225Pullifrone, Leah38Baltimore, MD60:55
11510F 30-39190McDowell, Tracie38Waldorf, MD61:02
11514F 20-29287Traub, Elise25Chevy Chase, MD61:02
11512M 50-59184Martino, Tony50Edgewater, MD61:02
11615F 20-29121Gustin, Anne28Baltimore, MD61:08
11611F 30-39247Salsbury, Rebecca30Baltimore, MD61:08
11734M 20-29213Painter, Alex25Arlington, VA61:09
11813M 50-59270Stern, Ed56Columbia, MD61:17
11828M 30-39335Padiernos, Emerson33Bethesda, MD61:17
1193F 40-4926Brosius, Caroline44Washington, DC61:18
12012F 30-3933Calderone, Nina33Silver Spring, MD61:22
12129M 30-3993Ferguson, Alex30Rockville, MD61:27
12216F 20-2953Crittenden, Kelsey27Arlington, VA61:28
12330M 30-39276Sutherland, Trejuan32Ft. Belvoir, VA61:34
1244F 40-49138Hinton, Christine40Crofton, MD61:45
12517F 20-29266St.Dennis, Honey29Alexandria, VA61:53
12618F 20-29234Reimers, Molly20St. Leonard, MD61:56
12714M 50-59194McWilliams, Ross56Washington, DC62:01
12813F 30-39284Tiedemann, Susan30Washington, DC62:12
12918M 40-4952Cowan, James40Edgewater, MD62:13
13019F 20-292Alexander, Janna28Alexandria, VA62:20
13114F 30-39172Lannon, Jennifer31Towson, MD62:27
13235M 20-29187Maus, Patrick27Falls Church, VA62:35
13336M 20-2943Collins, Justin25Arlington, VA62:39
13415F 30-39238Rocher, Emma31Rockville, MD63:00
13516F 30-3949Costello, Shannon35Columbia, MD63:03
13517F 30-39259Singer, Kelly35Ellicott City, MD63:03
13620F 20-2982Edwards, Jennifer28Washington, DC63:09
13737M 20-29205Myers, Orrie25Mechanicsville, MD63:16
13819M 40-49271Stewart, Douglas49Bowie, MD63:23
13918F 30-39273Stone, Andrea31Crofton, MD63:33
14019F 30-39230Reese, Kara32Annapolis, MD63:35
1415F 40-4996Finley, Ann41Springfield, VA63:37
14221F 20-2990Farrell, Eliza24Maryland, MD63:43
14238M 20-29315Wilson, Matt25Washington, DC63:43
14322F 20-2940Charles, Katie25Kennesaw, GA63:53
14439M 20-29119Grenier, Daniel23Hughesville, MD63:55
14520F 30-3945Colvin, Lauren36Annapolis, MD63:56
14621F 30-39174Lee, Melissa30Saint Leonard, MD64:01
14723F 20-29197Miller, Lindsay24Arlington, VA64:13
14824F 20-29149Ide, Coles23Springfield, VA64:16
1496F 40-49171Lanier, Lisa47Fairfax, VA64:19
1501F 50-59289Truesdale Haney, Peggy51Silver Spring, MD64:26
15131M 30-39282Taylor, Wade32Alexandria, VA64:38
15240M 20-29239Rodens, Joshua28Owings Mills, MD64:57
15222F 30-39214Parde, Rebecca31Brunswick, MD64:57
15320M 40-49142Hubbard, Charles43Gainesville, VA65:00
15423F 30-39251Schilling, Joan38Ellwood City, PA65:04
1552F 50-59103Gasnier, Philippa50Hyattsville, MD65:10
15624F 30-393Ali, Sultana31Falls Church, VA65:24
15625F 20-29186Maus, Ashley28Falls Church, NV65:24
15732M 30-39220Polensky, Warren34Alexandria, VA65:36
15825F 30-39196Meier, Erica37Takoma Park, MD65:38
15933M 30-39303Walton, Jeff32Mechanicsville, MD65:40
16026F 30-39337Tuttle, Paula32N/A, 65:54
16121M 40-4984Elkins, Jack42Woodbridge, VA66:06
16222M 40-4921Bonomo, James48Crofton, MD66:11
16323M 40-49122Hale, David47Owings, MD66:29
16427F 30-39131Herwick, Nora37Fairfax, VA66:31
16534M 30-39109Gillen, Nathan34Silver Spring, MD66:42
16624M 40-49150Inman, Rich49Edgewater, MD66:43
16735M 30-3988Eucker, Erik38Alexandria, VA67:17
16841M 20-2927Brown, Carl27Bethesda, MD67:28
16826F 20-29176Lin, Cynthia27Rockville, MD67:28
16928F 30-39178Lopez, Susana35Washington, DC68:29
17015M 50-59232Reid, Eric55Windsor Mill, MD68:34
17125M 40-4939Chapman, Steven44Waldorf, MD68:45
17227F 20-29219Pinkney, Megan26Columbia, MD69:01
17316M 50-5950Cottingham, Charlie59Burkittsville, MD69:03
17428F 20-2971Domanski, Stacy28Waldorf, MD69:04
17517M 50-59336Neal, William50Ellicott Cty, MD69:05
17629F 20-29255Scott, Catherine26Waldorf, MD69:06
17736M 30-39141Hornish, Michael36Alexandria, VA69:10
17830F 20-29231Reese, Mollie27Monkton, MD69:15
1787F 40-49114Gontang-Highfield, Ally41Annapolis, MD69:15
17929F 30-39167Kersgard, Colleen37Bethesda, MD69:19
18018M 50-59148Ide, Charles58Springfield, VA69:20
18130F 30-3936Casey, Kimberly34Odenton, MD69:21
1823F 50-59102Garth, Karen53Alexandria, VA69:41
18331F 30-39334Pere, Danielle32Bethesda, MD70:01
1843F 19-Under262Smith, Lindsey19Ellendale, DE70:07
1854F 50-5916Benecke, Eileen55New Market, MD70:34
18632F 30-3966DiAngelo, Christina35Odenton, MD70:45
18731F 20-29280Tappel, Jessie25Falls Church, VA71:13
1888F 40-49324Rafterry, Jacqueline45Bowie, MD71:38
18932F 20-29291Tull, CC25Laurel, MD71:54
19033F 20-2932Burt, Rebecca24Mechanicsville, MD72:04
19126M 40-49146Hurst, Adam47Rockville, MD72:07
19233F 30-39248Sanders, Tina31Waldorf, MD72:10
1931F 60-6914Barratt, Peg63Arlington, VA72:27
19434F 30-39160Karampatsos, Jennifer34Brandywine, MD72:36
19435F 30-39210Noone, Veronica35Perry hall, MD72:36
19542M 20-29117Granger, Michael25Grasonville, MD72:41
1965F 50-59101Freinkman, Elena51Washington, DC72:56
1979F 40-49322Keohan, Elizabeth40Crofton, MD73:00
19836F 30-399Asein, Ohita30Hampton, VA73:08
1996F 50-59310Whittington, Kim50Dunkirk, MD73:19
20037F 30-39192McLain, Shaiah31Baltimore, MD73:41
20027M 40-49130Herlong, James40Crownsville, MD73:41
20143M 20-29281Taylor, Kenneth29Crownsville, MD73:49
20210F 40-49283Terrill, Tina41Silver Spring, MD73:56
20337M 30-39328Holzerland, Paul37Leesburg, VA74:12
20434F 20-2937Caton, Michelle28Arlington, VA74:22
20428M 40-49195Meadows, David41Takoma Park, MD74:22
20538F 30-3931Burnett, Shoshannah35Parkville, MD74:24
20519M 50-5997Fish, Don54Potomac, MD74:24
20639F 30-39317Woods, Randi34Baltimore, MD74:59
20720M 50-5915Baxley, Jim53Elkridge, MD75:03
2087F 50-59123Hale, Sharon52Ellicott燙ity M, D75:15
20921M 50-5934Cannon, Malcolm59Hyattsville, MD75:27
2108F 50-59161Kaufmann, Jeanette59Hollywood, MD75:29
21038M 30-3987Escobar, George37Washington, DC75:29
21140F 30-39162Keim, Julie30Lancaster, PA75:34
21235F 20-2920Boland, Serra Ann23Alexandria, VA75:42
21229M 40-4919Boland, Robert48Palatka, FL75:42
21341F 30-39236Reznicek, Michelle36Dale City, VA76:11
21411F 40-4980Dunsmore, Sarah47Rockville, MD76:20
21512F 40-49108Gibson, Lawana41Owings Mills, MD76:26
21639M 30-39306Wesley, Jacob30Rockville, MD76:32
21742F 30-39180Lynch, Miriam30Alexandria, VA76:40
21740M 30-3985Ellis, Jamarlon32Bowie, MD76:40
21813F 40-49147Hyden, Lee47Baltimore, MD76:59
21936F 20-29288Travis, Brandi29Washington, DC77:03
22041M 30-39329Hampton, Matt35Baltimore, MD77:24
22143F 30-3992Faust, Melissa33Gwynn Oak, MD77:58
22137F 20-2963Dentry, Emily25Mechanicsville, MD77:58
22238F 20-2964Dentry, Hannah22Mechanicsville, MD78:10
22344F 30-39188McCarter, Tonya31Baltimore, MD78:26
22445F 30-3957Dallhoff, Carrie32Fallston, MD78:35
22539F 20-29182MacLean, Elizabeth27Annapolis, MD78:41
22646F 30-3976Dubois, Brigitte33Annapolis, MD78:43
2273M 60-69208Noonan, Richard62Hollywood, MD78:55
22847F 30-39260Skidmore, Monica36Frederick, MD79:05
22942M 30-39154Jones, Michael34Bryantown, MD79:16
23014F 40-49243Roxbury, Lavon41Lusby, MD79:18
23122M 50-5970Doehnert, Kurt55Springfield, VA79:33
23240F 20-29312Williams, Erin26Upper Marlboro, MD79:42
23341F 20-2944Collins, Kathryn29Burke, VA79:50
23448F 30-39330Hampton, Sarah33Baltimore, MD79:52
23542F 20-29206Negrinelli, Allison24Bethesda, NY79:53
23643F 20-29128Hartway, Mary27Lexington park, MD80:00
23749F 30-3977Duckhorn, Mary38Laurel, MD80:24
2389F 50-59309Whittington, Beverly52Dunkirk, MD80:35
23915F 40-4991Fatemi, Zina49Columbia, MD80:55
24010F 50-59311Willett, Christine50Reston, VA80:59
24150F 30-3910Asmundson, Irena36Washington, DC81:01
24251F 30-39104Gates, Janet30Odenton, MD81:17
24311F 50-5922Brautigam, Deborah57Arlington, VA81:39
24423M 50-59113Golding, Mark55Lothian, MD81:46
24552F 30-39318Young, Carole38Baltimore, MD82:18
24624M 50-5962DeMarais, Philip50Huntingtown, MD82:41
24716F 40-4961Delaney, Janet49Edgewater, MD82:45
24812F 50-59277Tabach, Linda51Potomac, MD83:18
24925M 50-59254Schmid, Peter51Mechanicsville, MD84:05
24913F 50-59253Schmid, Linda55Mechanicsville, MD84:05
25017F 40-4942Clinedinst, Paula41Greenbelt, MD85:02
25030M 40-49286Trangsrud, John44Greenbelt, MD85:02
25153F 30-391Aleshire, Elaine38Bowie, MD85:17
25254F 30-39124Ham, Tracey37Hyattsville, MD85:26
25318F 40-4975Drury, Robin40Owings, MD86:07
25444F 20-29263Smith, Sakeenah29Baltimore, MD86:11
25555F 30-39165Kelly, Virginia30Columbia, MD86:32
25656F 30-39316Woods, Charonda30Baltimore, MD87:00
2574M 60-69139Hirschmann, David67Arlington, VA88:16
25845F 20-29279Takach, Genny26Rockville, MD88:38
25943M 30-39249Sands, Everett34Baltimore, MD88:54
26046F 20-2929Bui, Helen26Rockville, MD89:00
26119F 40-4948Corley, Kimberly49Fort Washington, MD89:17
26231M 40-49323Lee, Alan47Bowie, MD89:45
26320F 40-49181Mace, Patricia48Odenton, MD90:36
26421F 40-49327Maguire, Tammy48Pomfret, MD93:30
26514F 50-59163Keim, Patricia58York, PA97:12
26657F 30-39212Page, Sara32Alexandria, VA100:02
26622F 40-4955Cureton, Lisa48Alexandria, VA100:02
26726M 50-59294Valentine, Jon51Severna Park, MD101:38

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).