RouteGadget and splits on both WinSplits and Attackpoint are all now online for this event.

Sunday, January 8th turned out to be a great day for orienteering at the McKeldin Area of Patapsco State Park. Thanks to Mark and Patti Mace for setting a full complement of courses and extending into the park area west of Marriottsville Rd. As you can see from the number of starts (over 200) and the total number of participants (almost 300), there were a lot of people who attended the first Quantico meet of 2012. It was great to see so many new faces and beginners come out to have fun and test their map and compass skills.

Staging an event of this size would not be possible without the help and support of many volunteers. Thanks to Heidi Onkst and Valerie Meyer for during their usual superb job of handling the e-punch operation. The registration was under the capable hands of Dwight Johnson and Frank Sigwart, with assistance from Cecilia Landers. Mike Newman singlehandedly and ably dealt with the map distribution, with assistance from Amber Tomas who cut and bundled the clue sheets. The roaring fire that blazed in pavilion for the entire duration of the event, was thanks to the wood gathering, sawing, chopping and herculean fire tending talents of Tony Landers (another one of the Landers brothers).

The fire was good for warmth and it also made it possible for participants to enjoy roasting more than 5 lbs of marshmallows, which translates into hundreds of the sticky treats. Plaudits to Amy Louden for bringing the home-made cookies to share.

The control pickup went quickly, thanks to the expert help of Dan Quinn, Tom Nolan, Tony Landers, Amy Louden, Victor Lin, and the meet directors. Thanks again to all for making this event a tremendous success.

- Jody and John Landers


Course Length: 2.6 km

Course Climb: 75 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Mark Blanquart24:38
2Baxter HamiltonQOC26:38
3Mark BaughQOC43:55
4Ernest Wright & Trip & Brady56:45
5Tracey Azato & Evan & Addian, Ryan58:20
6Erin Jenkins & Blasiak Leah58:38
7 Weigert FamilyQOC69:45
8Finn & Aidan Dolan70:25
9 Murray Family & Danielle Nathan & Grayson BrauchDVOA71:03
10Adam IssenbergQOC81:19
11Jake Muller82:15
12Joseph Hartung & Jennifer82:16
13Margaret Schear & Dave Caleb & Jacob83:18
14Musa Salaam & Joshua & Haroon84:02
15Debbie & Francis Proctor110:46
16Alex FarenfieldQOCDNF (21:05)


Course Length: 2.8 km

Course Climb: 105 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Laura Sirbu & MiahiQOC39:45
2Ivan & Beatriz Rosas43:39
3Andrew SzaboQOC46:38
4Alexis MerkaQOC49:06
5Shawn MatlockQOC53:34
6Joe Jackson & Abby Jackson56:25
7Jenna OdehHerndon HS NJROTC58:00
8Kevin HennesseyHerndon HS NJROTC58:02
9Ahmed Kochaji & Zayd & Omeed58:41
10Joshua Mah & Dana Eldreth59:16
11Anna Padlan59:45
12Pat Reeves59:49
13Florence TanQOC60:14
14Don Thompson & Bridget Scott63:26
15Anita TylerQOC64:00
16 Briggs FamilyQOC64:05
17Christian WithersPatuxent HS NJROTC65:52
18Farooq Syed & Omar Ibraheem68:19
19Ron Van Huizen & Rob69:01
20Samantha WalkerQOC76:14
21John Baker & Mimi & DianeQOC79:59
22Ken Dahl & Marilyn87:04
23Samantha Sheridan & Justin Seasholes & Nick Leon90:52
24Megan HansenPatuxent HS NJROTC100:45
25Glenn Fueston & John Zachrey Mark110:25
26William Neault & Kyle Chris Brandon & Gene Jeff DonDVOA142:44
27Obaidah Fareed & Yousef Sana & Manal & Salwa, Mahood144:18
28Abdul Rashid Abdullah & Izzuddin & Seifuddin145:32
29Kirsten JohnsonQOCMP (95:38)
29Mark Blanquart & 2nd Beg/Int courseNC (33:07)


Course Length: 4.1 km

Course Climb: 135 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Garrett UrsinyPatuxent HS NJROTC46:06
2Mark Blanquart50:59
3Laura Hanlon51:58
4Stephen MagennisQOC53:07
5Jim BohrerSVO56:05
6Joe IschSVO58:13
7Bunny Huber & Bob Huber59:40
8Joshua HuntPatuxent HS NJROTC63:00
9Christiana LogansmithQOC66:54
10Don AmesQOC67:14
11John Godfrey & EllenQOC70:43
12Jack LogansmithQOC71:26
13Ed Furlong & CJ Korissa Dan71:34
14Chris Hemus & Helene72:09
15Grace Pavalko & WayneQOC72:14
16John Sawyko & ValerieQOC74:06
17Anthony Durant76:22
18Rikke Jepsen & Sarah HorstkampQOC76:43
19Jon Baldwin & Sarah Baldwin77:35
20Richard Fulton Family & Catherine & Garrett78:21
21Rashini Patel & Will Brett Brett & John79:03
22 Hebral Family & Anne-Lise Liam & Jean-Philippe Maiana81:29
23Allison Elder & Susan ScheungrabQOC83:55
24Frann Haskell & JeffQOC85:57
25Michael GodfreyQOC87:00
26Boyan Onyshkevych & Lukash & RuslanQOC89:01
27David & Carrie Wall91:56
28David AlexanderQOC92:14
29Lee ToddQOC93:08
30Richard BriggsQOC100:48
31Beth Ann Stasiowski103:45
32Sherry SterlingQOC104:21
33M. Huffaker106:49
34Iva Zicha109:36
35Claire HirschornHerndon HS NJROTC116:05
36Michael Doyle116:43
37Amy LoudenQOC118:02
38Jeffrey WeathersPatuxent HS NJROTC120:23
39John VincentPatuxent HS NJROTC124:32
40Jenna OdehHerndon HS NJROTC129:44
41Kevin HennesseyHerndon HS NJROTC133:58
42Marcus DixonQOC139:49
43Maya Bruck & Steve Little143:58
44Colin Wolfe & Brad & EliDVOA147:06
45Gail KulischDNF
45Anita TylerQOCDNF (76:26)
45Alastair Young & 2nd courseHerndon HS NJROTCMP (64:00)
45Steve MurphyMP (94:07)


Course Length: 3.8 km

Course Climb: 160 m

Number of Controls: 8

1William VickersQOC36:19
2Elliott HamiltonQOC37:10
3Pat McNeillyQOC49:41
4Diana ToddQOC50:27
5Brent SulhoffPatuxent HS NJROTC53:03
6Julie KeimSVO53:07
7Mark HarrisQOC54:12
8Liz NotterQOC54:25
9Michael FrawleyPatuxent HS NJROTC56:17
10Linus HamiltonQOC56:48
11Greg KaczorowskiPatuxent HS NJROTC57:11
12Dylan O'DonnellQOC59:30
13Lydia AndrewsQOC64:09
14Anne JepsenQOC65:48
15Michelle HolmesQOC66:52
16Henry GodfreyQOC68:48
17Seth BearjarPatuxent HS NJROTC69:18
18Jacqueline CurrieQOC69:22
19Aaron SzaboQOC73:11
20Evgenia MatveevaQOC77:40
21Dwight JohnsonQOC78:11
22Andy & Kelly BaconQOC79:56
23Alex BishopQOC81:14
24Esben JepsenQOC83:36
25Marit DavisQOC86:47
26Nathan TenniesQOC94:39
27Fred HillmannQOC96:55
28Pam DvorskyPatuxent HS NJROTC99:19
29Karla HulettQOC105:56
30Chris GeisHerndon HS NJROTC109:32
31Steve MonesDVOAMP (94:17)
31Mark Blanquart & 2nd Adv courseNC (79:37)


Course Length: 5.5 km

Course Climb: 235 m

Number of Controls: 15

1Mike BerryQOC57:14
2Amber TomasQOC62:29
3Noah DixonPatuxent HS NJROTC65:03
4Cory InmanPatuxent HS NJROTC67:20
5Tom WellsQOC67:38
6Kim JepsenQOC67:39
7Brian FlemingQOC68:39
8Ioana FlemingQOC69:18
9Brian DolanQOC70:01
10Ricardo FabilaPatuxent HS NJROTC70:33
11Billy AllabandDVOA71:24
12Don DavisQOC73:24
13Derrick McnamaraHuntingtown HS NJROTC81:39
14Louis BethgeHuntingtown HS NJROTC82:55
15Rob WilkisonDVOA83:10
16Alec MorganHuntingtown HS NJROTC85:27
17Robert KaczorowskiPatuxent HS NJROTC86:05
18Erminia FarenfieldQOC86:41
19Dave ScheidtQOC87:17
20Bill ViennaQOC89:48
21Aaron FletcherHuntingtown HS NJROTC89:52
22Josh BlausteinQOC91:18
23Tyler FarneseHuntingtown HS NJROTC94:33
24Daniel HendersonHuntingtown HS NJROTC96:32
25Nick LintonHerndon HS NJROTC96:33
26Alastair YoungHerndon HS NJROTC97:15
27Ryan FrankelHuntingtown HS NJROTC97:16
28Justin BernsteinHuntingtown HS NJROTC97:37
29Troy LeBlancPatuxent HS NJROTC97:39
30Zach MorenHuntingtown HS NJROTC100:09
31George CrittendenQOC100:17
32Rachel BlankenshipHuntingtown HS NJROTC100:50
33Nyall MeredithQOC114:34
34Marshall WilkinsHerndon HS NJROTC128:51
35Sean SullivanHerndon HS NJROTC129:56
36Dillion FitzgeraldHuntingtown HS NJROTC139:40
37Austin LenhardHuntingtown HS NJROTC139:52
38Klaus SextonHuntingtown HS NJROTC141:08
39Alex PfeiffHuntingtown HS NJROTC141:09
40Dan DoQOC147:07
41Charles GregorskiQOC164:57
42Anne GonnellaSVO181:32
43Ryan KeenanHuntingtown HS NJROTCDNF (98:25)
43Tobias ButlerHuntingtown HS NJROTCDNF (128:04)
43Howard Lenzer & Vince Van JoolenDNF (164:44)
43Kenneth JagersHerndon HS NJROTCMP (130:25)


Course Length: 6.3 km

Course Climb: 265 m

Number of Controls: 14

1Daniel QuinnQOC51:52
2Tom NolanQOC63:43
3Zac BarkerDVOA63:49
4Martin FarenfieldQOC64:23
5Ryan HannaQOC64:39
6Tom StratQOC65:09
7Neal AttfieldQOC66:35
8Peggy DickisonOK72:33
9Jan MerkaQOC74:37
10Mihai SirbuQOC76:28
11Tom O'DonnellQOC77:44
12Jim WeberQOC77:45
13Greg LennonQOC78:47
14Vince CassanoROC80:50
15Kathleen LennonQOC83:20
16Christopher BurnettQOC90:31
17Adam Issenberg91:27
18David WeigertQOC97:22
19Heidi OnkstQOC100:32
20Gary SmithQOC111:37
21Barry Nobles & Kathy HovisQOCDNF (104:16)


Course Length: 7.2 km

Course Climb: 290 m

Number of Controls: 18

1Eddie BergeronSVO49:11
2Jon TorranceQOC58:21
3Ted GoodQOC64:45
4Dave HauverQOC68:29
5Victor LinQOC71:25
6Nadim AhmedQOC72:33
7Ryan Stasiowski74:07
8Kjell Waals74:09
9David OnkstQOC74:44
10Jon PiferQOC77:54
11Michael Stasiowski79:33
12Charles CarrickQOC82:53
13Francis HogleQOC92:37
14Orla Kastberg111:08
15Daniel Inman116:44
16Dan BarkerDVOA116:46
17Reece Bonhold132:24
18David LevineQOC132:36
19Matthew Uecker & Jeremy UeckerDNF (208:12)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).