PWF South Fork

RouteGadget and splits on both WinSplits and Attackpoint are all now online for this event.

Mostly sunny skies and temps in the high 40s greeted almost 300 orienteers at the Pine Grove shelter in Prince William Forest Park on Sunday January 29, 2012. With no football to watch, 238 individuals or groups started one of 7 classic length courses designed by Martin Farenfield.

Just prior to the meet, Ted Good held a 30 minute advanced training session attend by about 25 participants. He discussed techniques that could save a few seconds per control that, when accumulated, could reduce course times by minutes.

Jon Torrance narrowly beat Ken Walker Jr for the best time on the Blue course and Peggy Dickison ran the best time for a woman on the Red course.

We could not hold meets like this without a great corps of volunteers that included course setter Martin Farenfield, course set up by Chuck Ferguson, beginner instruction by Jon Torrance and John Baker, registration by Lynne Millholland and Sid Sachs and control pickup by Gary Smith, Jon Torrance, Sam Listwak, Charles Carrick and John Baker.

Valerie Meyer also set up some radio controls that allowed friends to follow runners on the course on monitors at the shelter. Helping her with radio control set up was Sandy Fillebrown and operating the epunch station were Tom Goss, Jim Chaplin, Chris Nelson and Don Nicholas.

Thx to all who ran and helped.

- Vic Culp, Event Director


Course Length: 1.8 km

Course Climb: 100 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Michael MatthewsPatuxent HS NJROTC15:11
2Dawan ColemanPatuxent HS NJROTC15:14
3Marc Blanquart15:34
4Sam WalmsleyQOC18:54
5Abbey FurlowQOC19:22
6Alex FarenfieldQOC20:06
7Melissa WickLoudoun County HS NJROTC27:38
8Susan Dilbeck Donna Yoder & Anne Quigley31:13
9Sofia FarenfieldQOC33:01
10David MuenchFUMA34:04
11Sammy FurlowQOC34:41
12Adit Jain & Amit38:16
13Spencer & Mills Kelly45:33
14Tab Asselin45:54
15Julian YescasFUMA47:02
16Amanda MattaPatuxent HS NJROTC59:04
17Chad DelongPatuxent HS NJROTC59:06
18Caroline Brosius63:53
19William Ellis67:25
20M Donald74:51


Course Length: 2.6 km

Course Climb: 125 m

Number of Controls: 10

1 Arlington AerialsQOC25:44
2Marc Blanquart & 2nd course26:42
3Ben ChiavoroFUMA28:15
4William PhillipsFUMA28:22
5Zachary MillerFUMA30:34
6Jessica MuenchFUMA32:14
7Andrew GilliespieLoudoun County HS NJROTC32:32
8Michael Matthews & 2nd coursePatuxent HS NJROTC33:09
9Julian Yescas & 2nd courseFUMA33:15
10David SignorettiFUMA34:06
11 O'Reilly & Elmer39:18
12Horace Bashor & Ted Salas42:16
13Lukas FunkeHerndon HS NJROTC44:51
14Brad ChiavoroFUMA46:07
15Kirk KalianLoudoun County HS NJROTC47:13
16Simon Stephenson51:17
17Douglas & Emily Schauss51:51
18John CarrQOC52:59
19Angela FurlowQOC53:03
20Florence TanQOC53:30
21John Farley62:17
22Ayman AliHerndon HS NJROTC68:00
23Caroline Brosius & 2nd course71:42
24Georgia Briggs & Julian & GeorgiaQOC74:24
25Traci Azato & Aiden & Evan & Ryan75:56
26Olivia WellsQOC77:32
27Julia WellsQOC77:36
28Deborah UrsinyPatuxent HS NJROTC78:51
29M Donald & 2nd courseDNF
29Melissa Wick & 2nd courseLoudoun County HS NJROTCDNF (104:12)
29Dawan Coleman & 2nd coursePatuxent HS NJROTCMP (33:23)


Course Length: 3.6 km

Course Climb: 170 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Brian Mayer & 2nd courseQOC27:46
2Carl MuenchFUMA34:12
3Robert BairdFUMA40:53
4Christiana LogansmithQOC47:41
5Marc Blanquart & 3rd course47:48
6Jack LogansmithQOC48:21
7Scott Sharp50:28
8Marit & Bob LuersenQOC52:01
9Braden BlonshinePatuxent HS NJROTC53:06
10Daniel HendersonHuntingtown HS NJROTC53:39
11Aaron FletcherHuntingtown HS NJROTC55:43
12Jack WaggamonHuntingtown HS NJROTC56:50
13Tyler FarneseHuntingtown HS NJROTC57:28
14James O'Shaughnessy57:36
15Mary ThompsonQOC62:25
16Jeremy GilliespieLoudoun County HS NJROTC65:21
17Alex TuckerLoudoun County HS NJROTC65:23
18Kaytlynn SextonPatuxent HS NJROTC66:53
19Boyan & Roman OnyshkevychQOC67:01
20Robert BurgessPatuxent HS NJROTC67:12
21 De Leo Family GuysQOC67:19
22Klaus SextonHuntingtown HS NJROTC67:51
23Jessica Muench & 2nd courseQOC68:32
24Zachary Miller & 2nd courseFUMA68:33
25Ben Chiavoro & 2nd courseFUMA68:46
26James O'SullivanQOC69:34
27Austin LenhardHuntingtown HS NJROTC70:05
28Brad Chiavoro & 2nd courseFUMA70:48
29Marmie Schuster-WalkerQOC71:20
30Zach MorenHuntingtown HS NJROTC72:24
31Todd Davis75:28
32Dante WalkerHerndon HS NJROTC77:05
33Lukas Funke & 2nd courseHerndon HS NJROTC77:10
34 De Leo Family GalsQOC77:16
35Bambi WalmsleyQOC80:36
36Katrina Stalik & Peter80:42
37Kevin HennesseyHerndon HS NJROTC81:52
38Marc Sweet83:08
39Seth Klein88:29
40Alexi SuraHerndon HS NJROTC89:21
41Joey Angeles & JoneilQOC90:28
42Richard BriggsQOC98:06
43Christian WithersPatuxent HS NJROTC98:59
44Alex PfeiffHuntingtown HS NJROTC99:28
45Gail Kulisch102:53
46Craig & Dan SheldenQOC106:26
47Suzanne Shelden & CourtneyQOC108:32
48Dwight Hood & Mary James108:38
49Steve Mones & John MeyerDVOA109:30
50Emily & Douglas Schauss & 2nd course118:14
51Jenna OdehHerndon HS NJROTC146:31
52Lisa BeckQOC153:27
53Roy & Karen Douglas169:14
54William Phillips & 2nd courseFUMADNF (43:37)
54Blaine HillegassFUMADNF (50:53)
54Kirk Kalian & 2nd courseLoudoun County HS NJROTCDNF (52:35)
54Bruce Ohr & Nellie & RichardQOCDNF (92:15)
54Lyric OakesPatuxent HS NJROTCDNF (93:42)
54Ayman Ali & 2nd courseHerndon HS NJROTCDNF (127:35)


Course Length: 3.5 km

Course Climb: 160 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Ron PontiusQOC33:57
2Sandy FillebrownDVOA38:53
3Bev HartlineDVOA46:51
4Don AmesQOC49:19
5Addie NolanQOC51:22
6Mark Hicks52:24
7Lydia AndrewsQOC58:30
8Fred HartlineDVOA59:34
9Jacqueline CurrieQOC66:40
10Evgenia MatveevaQOC67:03
11Anthony Durant68:56
12Chris Hemus69:51
13John SawykoQOC71:06
14Nick Linton & 2nd courseHerndon HS NJROTC72:05
15Marit DavisQOC72:42
16Rachel BlankenshipHuntingtown HS NJROTC73:30
17Pam DvorskyPatuxent HS NJROTC74:20
18Marc Blanquart & 4th course76:12
19Karla HulettQOC76:36
20Ed MooreFUMA76:54
21Dante Walker & 2nd courseHerndon HS NJROTC82:39
22Don FishQOC84:47
23Kevin Hennessey & 2nd courseHerndon HS NJROTC85:03
24Rae Ann Hicks86:50
25Ginger & Bill ArnoldQOC88:33
26Amy LoudenQOC88:35
27John VincentPatuxent HS NJROTC92:22
28Barry NoblesQOC99:30
29Jim ChaplinQOC111:42
30Claire HirschornHerndon HS NJROTC124:06
31Alexi Sura & 2nd courseHerndon HS NJROTCDNF (60:24)
31Cody HicksQOCDNF (144:47)
31Brent SulhoffPatuxent HS NJROTCMP (37:46)
31Jeremiah Foxwell & Rhoddy McKownMP (66:00)


Course Length: 5.2 km

Course Climb: 250 m

Number of Controls: 15

1Rick Oliver46:46
2Jessica HickeyQOC56:42
3Brent Sulhoff & 2nd coursePatuxent HS NJROTC58:13
4Don DavisQOC59:59
5Josh HilbergFUMA60:11
6Christopher NelsonQOC60:36
7Jon BertheussenQOC61:21
8Tony GarmanQOC61:32
9Van AnthonyQOC61:35
10Erminia FarenfieldQOC62:27
11Louis BethgeHuntingtown HS NJROTC63:26
12Michael FrawleyPatuxent HS NJROTC66:31
13Dylan O'DonnellQOC69:32
14Garrett UrsinyPatuxent HS NJROTC70:01
15Bill ViennaQOC70:46
15Robert KaczorowskiPatuxent HS NJROTC70:46
16Ryan FrankelHuntingtown HS NJROTC71:16
17Chris Haag71:43
18Marshall WilkinsHerndon HS NJROTC73:13
19John BakerQOC73:30
20Troy LeBlancPatuxent HS NJROTC76:21
21Ricardo FabilaPatuxent HS NJROTC77:01
22Frantisek BrabecQOC77:49
23Stephen MagennisQOC80:07
24Dennis Doherty & Steve & Elizabeth81:10
25Christopher Robinison82:29
26Alastair YoungHerndon HS NJROTC86:18
27Gary SmithQOC87:06
28Sidney SachsQOC89:30
29Dan DoQOC93:52
30Patricia MaceQOC94:33
31Seth BearjarPatuxent HS NJROTC96:33
32Bryce Read97:20
33George CrittendenQOC98:50
34Dillion FitzgeraldHuntingtown HS NJROTC102:46
35Nick LintonHerndon HS NJROTC109:34
36Chris GeisHerndon HS NJROTC116:27
37Kenneth JagersHerndon HS NJROTC117:45
38Stefan HernandezHuntingtown HS NJROTC119:51
39Justin BernsteinHuntingtown HS NJROTC125:48
40Courtney HillPatuxent HS NJROTC138:09
41Tobias ButlerHuntingtown HS NJROTCDNF (67:33)
41Thomas Kaye FamilyDNF (88:52)
41Sean SullivanHerndon HS NJROTCDNF (152:26)
41Derrick McnamaraHuntingtown HS NJROTCMP (53:23)
41Mark MaceQOCMP (63:43)
41Alec MorganHuntingtown HS NJROTCMP (76:48)
41Craig OdellMP (100:06)
41Kimberly DennyPatuxent HS NJROTCMP (111:28)


Course Length: 7.2 km

Course Climb: 260 m

Number of Controls: 20

1Zac BarkerDVOA61:01
2Tom NolanQOC64:03
3Mark WalmsleyQOC71:06
4Dave HauverQOC71:33
5Tom BruceQOC73:05
6Greg LennonQOC74:59
7Sam ListwakQOC80:15
8Tim GoodQOC82:33
9Mike BerryQOC84:03
10Peggy DickisonOK84:24
11Tom O'DonnellQOC85:31
12Ted Stuart86:28
13Charles CarrickQOC93:14
14William VickersQOC100:30
15Heidi OnkstQOC114:18
16Eric MaylQOC124:04
17Erin BrandtQOCDNF
17Kim JepsenQOCDNF (66:56)
17Kathleen LennonQOCDNF (82:48)
17Christopher BurnettQOCDNF (126:00)


Course Length: 9.7 km

Course Climb: 315 m

Number of Controls: 22

1Jon TorranceQOC65:01
2Ken Walker JrCSU65:56
3Brian MayerQOC70:03
4Scott PlebanQOC74:20
5Nadim AhmedQOC81:14
6Ted GoodQOC82:40
7Tom StratQOC85:20
8David OnkstQOC92:24
9Kevin DvorskyPatuxent HS NJROTC95:12
10Jon PiferQOC98:40
11Neal AttfieldQOC104:41
12Orla Kastberg105:21
13Videlin Aleksiev109:55
14Francis HogleQOC115:24
15John OrganekQOC133:06
16John MillerQOC146:59
17Dennis Azato & Mike Spliier147:13
18Dan BarkerDVOA160:35
19David LevineQOC166:09
20Ursula & Jordan Kelly & Morgan O'BrienDNF
20Steph Aaron Aaron BernardDNF (81:37)
20Will Denman & Rebecca PriceDNF (98:05)
20Adam MznikDNF (139:50)
20Ryan HannaQOCMP (93:15)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).