Jug Bay

RouteGadget and WinSplits are now online for this event.

On June 3, The QOC Chase for 2011 returned to the Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary. The day was overcast and humid, but without thunderstorms or overly aggressive mosquitoes.

For the Chase Ted Good prepared 5 courses:

  • Beginner: White/Yellow course; one loop; 2.91 K
  • Intermediate: 2 loops; 4.95 K
  • Wimpy Advanced: 1 loop; 3.25 K
  • Short Advanced: 2 loops; 6.26 K
  • Long Advanced: 3 loops; 8.29 K.
  • There were 66 starts spread among the choices. Results are shown below.

    Dasa Merkova and Jan Merka organized the Lemonade Chase “O” which was enjoyed by the younger orienteers as well as many of the grown-ups. This event incorporated all types of O—foot, bike, ski, and canoe—as adapted for the Jug Bay site. Snowshoes substituted for skis, for example.

    The 2011 Annual General Meeting was held prior to the Chase. A quorum being present, as ascertained by Secretary Dave Hauver, voting for five Board positions was conducted with the results as follows:

  • President: Jon Torrance
  • Vice-President, Maryland: Mike Newman
  • Vice-President, Virginia: Gary Smith
  • Secretary: Dave Hauver
  • Treasurer: Vic Culp
  • Following the Chase and picnic came general announcements, recognition of course setters and meet directors from the second half of the season, and the awarding of QOC’s Volunteer of the Year award to Gary Smith, VP for Virginia, and Karla Hulett.

    Gary Smith and Mike Newman then presented the schedule for 2011—2012 and began recruiting meet directors and course setters. In addition to the regular meets, Jan Merka is organizing another ski-O in Pennsylvania in February 2012. Bike-Os and another trail race are also likely.

    This was the last meet for a number of Brazilians who have been an active contingent in QOC over the past three years, most of whom are returning home to Brazil this summer. We wish them the best and hope to have them visit again soon.

    QOC donated $200 to the Jug Bay Sanctuary for the use of the site.

    Many thanks to all the volunteers* who made the day so much fun:

  • Hosts—Peggy Brosnan and Dave Linthicum
  • Course Setter – Ted Good
  • Beverage Meisters—John Landers, Jody Landers
  • Beverage Service—Florence Tan and other helpful volunteers
  • Control pick up— Eddie Bergeron, Sam Listwak, other hardy individuals
  • ePunch—Valerie Meyer
  • * A certain meet director (initials: M. Newman) failed to post the volunteer sign-in and therefore has a far-from-complete list of the many people who helped at the Chase. My apologies and many, many thanks for your efforts.


    Course Length: 2.94 km

    Course Climb: 20 m

    Number of Controls: 10

    1Fredrik BorgeQOC29:53
    2Vemund BorgeQOC29:57
    3Marc Blanquart36:28
    4Beth Roderick42:07
    5Eduarda Hamann44:35
    6Ivan & Beatriz Rosas46:58
    7Kathy Taylor54:24
    8Stephen Murphy70:45
    9Mei-An NolanQOC71:04
    10Tara Chaisson71:35


    Course Length: 4.9 km

    Course Climb: 50 m

    Number of Controls: 18

    1Valerie MeyerQOC49:03
    2Laudier Gomes (did extra Loop 3 in 48:41)QOC55:55
    3Mason & Mark Baugh72:52
    4George WaxterQOC73:30
    5Don Fish & MichelleQOC80:03
    6Lydia Andrews & Patrice WolfeQOC86:41
    7Christina Cox & Court ZabelQOC89:50
    8Daniel Jontof-Hutter & Laura Silverstein & Dherj & Ram94:00
    9Amy LoudenQOC95:23
    10Mark & Lisa Zobrisky & Chad Britni Phillip & Traci112:32
    11Nick Maglis & Josh McCoyQOC114:35
    12Eric & Cambria Lyness & Joan & IndyQOC140:41
    13Lisa BeckQOC160:00
    14Richard Briggs & Julian & GeorgiaQOC171:50
    15Steph Maglis & Leigh BilleaudQOCDNF (179:17)

    Short Advanced

    Course Length: 3.18 km

    Course Climb: 105 m

    Number of Controls: 7

    1Mark MaceQOC54:37
    2Addie NolanQOC69:47
    3Karla HulettQOC93:21
    4Suzanne IzzoQOC122:26
    5Mike NewmanQOC156:31
    6Jonathan TaylorLoudoun County HSDNF (41:23)
    6David AlexanderQOCDNF (167:05)

    Medium Advanced

    Course Length: 6.2 km

    Course Climb: 135 m

    Number of Controls: 13

    1Lars-Erik BorgeQOC54:05
    2Andre NovaesBrazil65:30
    3Ladka Neuhauserova76:22
    4Jody LandersQOC91:04
    5Heidi OnkstQOC92:07
    6Josh BlausteinQOC99:55
    7Gary SmithQOC102:45
    8John LandersQOC106:09
    9Don AmesQOC133:35
    10Patricia MaceQOC135:25
    11Jan Zicha146:53

    Long Advanced

    Course Length: 8.2 km

    Course Climb: 175 m

    Number of Controls: 21

    1Jon TorranceQOC52:55
    2Ken Walker JrCSU53:02
    3Clem McGrathDVOA53:30
    4Eddie BergeronSVO53:32
    5Daniel QuinnQOC58:23
    6Nadim AhmedQOC67:45
    7Dave HauverQOC68:12
    8Jan MerkaQOC71:31
    9Tom NolanQOC71:37
    10Randy HallDVOA75:55
    11David OnkstQOC76:21
    12Peggy DickisonOK86:45
    13Dagmar MerkovaQOC86:47
    14Tom StratQOC89:24
    15Sam ListwakQOC90:51
    16Tim GoodQOC99:44
    17Joe GarmanQOC101:40
    18Greg LennonQOC102:31
    19Tomas Matousek102:56
    20Tom WellsQOC102:59
    21Kathleen LennonQOC105:08
    22John StudachQOC162:50

    Orange Long

    Course Length: 6 km

    Course Climb: 60 m

    Number of Controls: 16

    1Tim Gilbert (White & Loop 3)QOC72:35

    Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).