College Park

A surprising day of beautiful weather presented itself on Sunday morning, despite the forecast that probably scared folks away. Instead of clouds and rain, we had sunshine and temperatures in the 70’s. There were 75 individuals and groups who ran the course. The event was a Score-O, set by Jon Torrance with 30 controls each worth 1 point. A 1 point penalty was imposed for exceeding the time limit and then for each minute over 60 minutes.

The course was challenging. Only 2 runners found all 30 controls in less than 60 minutes. Ken Walker, Jr., had the fastest time finding all 30 in 48 minutes. Second was Jan Merka with a time of 54 minutes. Anders Sundstrom found 29 in 60 minutes. All the scores are listed below.

Special thanks to all of the volunteers who helped with to set up and clean up; run registration and start/finish; and collect controls: Mike Lieder, Elliott Hamilton, Mary Newman, Mihai Sirbu, Mark Mace, Kathleen and Greg Lennon, and Jon Torrance.

A big thank you to the Terrapin Trail Club for sponsoring the meet and especially co-president Sarah Katz-Hyman, who negotiated the arrangements with the University, and TTC member Tony Warner, who picked up controls.


PlaceNameScoreTimePre-penalty ScorePenalty
1Ken Walker Jr3048:0030
2Jan Merka3054:0030
3Anders Sundstrom2960:0029
4Dave Hauver2761:00292
5Alex Bishop2659:0026
6Mihai Sirbu2661:00282
7Linus Hamilton2558:0025
8Tom Wells2559:0025
9Tony Warner2560:0025
10Andre Novaes2561:00272
11Jared & Ryan Silk2456:0024
12Diarmaid O'Donghaile2457:0024
13Mike Lieder2458:0024
14Sean Fish2461:00262
15Mark Beckman2357:0023
16Kathleen Lennon2253:0022
17Jeremy DeBons2258:0022
18Josh Blaustein2260:0022
19Virginia Stratton2261:00242
20Greg Lennon2158:0021
21Bev Hartline2055:0020
22Gary Smith2057:0020
23John Baker2058:0020
24Matthew Laskowski2059:0020
25 Lathrop Family1951:0019
26Jared Macary1957:0019
26Matt Rosedale1957:0019
27Grant Staats1970:003011
28Mikeljon Nikolich1847:0018
29Baxter Hamilton1854:0018
30Laudeir Gomes1755:0017
31Jan Sirbu1756:0017
32Mark Mace1762:00203
33Tom Nolan1772:003013
34Gail Edwards1655:0016
35Victoria Kelley1657:0016
35Meredith Nyall1657:0016
36 Don Fish/Ken Tabach1660:0016
37Aaron Szabo1556:0015
38Adam & Andrew Szabo1558:0015
39Fred Hartline1454:0014
40Don Ames1462:00173
41Mason & Mark Baugh1362:00163
42Scott Rakaw1257:0012
43Lynn & Mark Nicki Montgomery1260:0012
44 DeGuzman 21156:0011
45Daniel & Nathan Hoernlein1159:0011
46Walter Hill1160:0011
47Iva & Jan Zicha1165:00176
48Sarah Katz-Hyman1049:0010
49Carla Hulett1055:0010
50Rob Field1060:0010
50Mark Levenson1060:0010
51John & Elise Sarah Becker958:009
52Mark & Jay Montgomery856:008
53 DeGuzman 1857:008
54Nathan & Melissa Richardson859:008
55Matt & Ben Andelman759:007
56Jacob Field760:007
57Sherry Sterling563:0094
58Amy Louden567:00138
59Alexis Merka452:004
60Richard Briggs065:0066
61Max & Charlie Field-168:0089
62Nick Bogdan-392:003033
63Will Capone Patrick Fields-669:00410
64Robbie Field-782:001623
65John & Andy John VanWie-1385:001326
66Marit Davis-1389:001730
67 Don and Gene-1483:001024
68David & Joe Anna VanWie-1586:001237
69James Salter-26115:003056
70Don Davis0DNF0
70 Lucy and Elizabeth0DNF0
70 Phillip and Sammy0DNF0

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).