Little Bennett

Little Bennett Regional Park in Clarksburg Maryland was the scene for QOC’s orienteering event on March 27. Little Bennett is the largest of Montgomery County’s parks, and Sunday’s event was staged from a less-visited section of the park. Dire weather predictions were overrated as we had a nice partly cloudy day with temps in the upper 40’s. Over 120 participants from elite runners to nature hikers came out for the fun and challenge of racing through forested stream valleys, over rocky hills, and across old farmer’s fields, using only a map and compass for navigation. As a testament to the relative remoteness of this beautiful spot, white tailed deer and a fox were both seen from the start area.

Special appreciation goes out to the club members who volunteered to help manage this event: Sam, Valerie, Greg, Kathleen, Suzanne, Fred, Dave, Angela, Anita, Mike L, Mike N, Pat, Heidi, Mihai, Alex, Laudier, Mark M, Mark W, Ted and Erica.

RouteGadget and WinSplits are now online for this event. Note: There are two RouteGadget entries for this meet, due to the map differences between one set of courses (White, Yellow, Orange and Brown) and the rest (Green, Red, Blue).


Course Length: 2 km

Course Climb: 20 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Max AhmedQOC23:32
2Abigail FurlowQOC23:35
3Jim Weber & EthanQOC28:37
4Leatrice Lee32:35
5Maureen Williams33:08
6Sally Martiny44:33
7Joel Glover & Ruthanne Brian Eric60:47
8Maria WoodsonQOC88:10
9Leatrice Lee & (2nd course)NC (21:19)


Course Length: 2.6 km

Course Climb: 50 m

Number of Controls: 12

1Fredrik BorgeQOC26:10
2Brian LimerickPHS JROTC28:40
3Jacqueline Currie & VictoriaQOC47:11
4Addie Nolan & NeungQOC47:40
5Wayne Pavalko & GraceQOC48:06
6Anthony DeMare & Charlotte HabenichtQOC48:48
7Lyric OakesPHS JROTC50:28
8James Salter53:53
9Eric & Cambria LynessQOC75:48
10Matt Hudson82:32
11Alexis MerkaQOC83:17
12Robert JacksonPHS JROTCDNF
12Megan Drefs GroupMP (61:13)


Course Length: 3.9 km

Course Climb: 110 m

Number of Controls: 13

1John GodfreyQOC46:21
2Laudeir GomesQOC47:52
3Henry GodfreyQOC48:57
4Scott MabryQOC53:01
5Joshua HuntPHS JROTC63:07
6Robert BurgessPHS JROTC70:53
7James Salter70:54
8Braden BlonshinePHS JROTC72:48
9Jim Faber & Karen LoParcoQOC73:56
10Kaytlynn SextonPHS JROTC77:40
11Brian LimerickPHS JROTC83:19
12Amy LoudenQOC91:36
13Adam Heifetz Family95:52
14Kristina Beall & Erik & David100:27
15Kai Riley & Toney & YukiQOC108:42
16Ken Yates110:48
17Anita TylerQOC112:34
18Pat ReevesMP (121:28)
18Sherry SterlingQOCMP (133:56)
18Maureen PatanMP (149:31)


Course Length: 4.5 km

Course Climb: 140 m

Number of Controls: 16

1Ken Walker JrCSU27:40
2Elliott HamiltonQOC39:18
3Linus HamiltonQOC48:05
4Mihai SirbuQOC48:08
5Bev HartlineDVOA55:41
6Noah DixonPHS JROTC56:49
7Tracy AcuffDVOA57:24
8Kattis strQOC59:07
9Kimberly DennyPHS JROTC64:09
10Mark WalderhaugQOC65:37
11Courtney HillPHS JROTC65:56
12Troy LeBlancPHS JROTC73:08
13Josh BlausteinQOC76:14
14George CrittendenQOC80:31
15Mike FordQOC84:46
16Garrett UrsinyPHS JROTC85:31
17John Hampton89:42
18Fred HartlineDVOA93:22
19Mike NewmanQOC93:48
20Marit DavisQOC106:42
21Karla HulettQOC107:19
22Don FishQOC107:59
23Michael Haskell & Crew 701QOC109:24
24Mark LeePHS JROTC110:56
25George SchinkQOC119:22
26Suzanne IzzoQOC120:15
27Dwight JohnsonQOCMP (82:07)


Course Length: 6.1 km

Course Climb: 200 m

Number of Controls: 16

1Ryan HannaQOC59:59
2Nathaniel InmanPHS JROTC62:15
3Russ DamtoftQOC65:16
4Ioana FlemingQOC67:03
5Lars-Erik BorgeQOC69:02
6Cory InmanPHS JROTC70:33
7Jody LandersQOC70:59
8Don DavisQOC71:16
9Brian FlemingQOC72:31
10Brian DolanQOC73:09
11Tom WellsQOC74:17
12Garrett LeePHS JROTC76:38
13Kathleen LennonQOC77:03
14Alex BishopQOC78:54
15Heidi OnkstQOC82:30
16Frantisek BrabecQOC84:22
17Reece BomholdPHS JROTC85:26
18John LandersQOC87:37
19Pat McNeillyQOC88:55
20Nyall MeredithQOC103:04
21Ricardo FabilaPHS JROTC104:38
22Gail EdwardsQOC107:12
23Mark MaceQOC108:35
24Eric Landers & Becky108:46
25David LevineQOC112:56
26Dan DoQOC124:10
27Mark BaughQOCDNF
27Fred HillmannQOCDNF
27Dagmar MerkovaQOCMP (72:28)
27Dave ScheidtQOCMP (81:43)
27Marshall LiederQOCMP (97:59)


Course Length: 7.4 km

Course Climb: 270 m

Number of Controls: 22

1Andres Sundstrom62:56
2Daniel QuinnQOC64:19
3Tom NolanQOC73:32
4Peggy DickisonOK79:39
5Tim GoodQOC86:29
6Mike BerryQOC86:45
7Valerie MeyerQOC95:27
8Gary SmithQOC101:15
9Mikhail MatveevQOC101:54


Course Length: 9.5 km

Course Climb: 320 m

Number of Controls: 23

1Eddie BergeronSVO58:37
2Jon TorranceQOC68:29
3Nadim AhmedQOC73:00
4Johan AstromQOC73:57
5Brian MayerQOC73:58
6David OnkstQOC75:59
7Ted GoodQOC78:28
8Dave PrudenQOC80:52
9Andy BrittonQOC85:53
10Erik GrunerQOC110:08
11Kevin DvorskyPHS JROTC117:36
12Francis HogleQOC128:58
13Justin WoodsonQOC139:11
14Dan VillarrealMP (74:42)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).