Patuxent River 10K Trail Run

Thanks to everyone who turned out! Results are also posted on imATHLETE. Care to see photos? We've uploaded over 400 photos to a QOC Flickr account that you can browse or even search by name and/or bib number - download the full resolution photos and enjoy them. And if you have any comments, compliments or complaints - or suggestions for ways to make our trail races even better - feel free to submit them anytime via our Contact Form.
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10K Trail Race

ClassBib No.NameAgeCity and StateTime
11M 19-Under180Michael Wegner14Columbia, MD39:45
21M 20-2942Philip Cook20Hyattsville, MD40:14
32M 20-2932Sean Burn22Washington, DC40:17
43M 20-2999Romain Mareuil29Washington, DC40:47
5999 Unknown41:22
61M 30-39122Chris Paes35Severn, MD41:59
74M 20-29186Randall Southwick26Ft. Meade, MD42:56
85M 20-29188Kenneth Decker24Beltsville, MD43:02
96M 20-2958Ricardo Flores29Woodbridge, VA43:11
107M 20-2957Sean Fish26Washington, DC43:25
118M 20-2931Ricky Burcat21College Park, MD44:17
121F 20-2935Sin Carrano27Yucca Valley, CA44:25
131M 40-49199Jack Kammerer48Washington, DC44:30
142M 19-Under181Jereamy Hall13MD44:43
152M 40-49182George Hall42MD45:34
162M 30-39185Erin Kelman34Germantown, MD45:54
173M 40-49171Stephen Wills49College Park, MD46:08
181F 30-3955Emily Ferguson34Arlington, VA46:19
192F 20-29160Nicole Valentine28Rockville, MD46:41
203M 30-3989Angus Lane35Severna Park, MD47:08
214M 30-3936Michael Castelblanco32Alexandia, VA47:25
229M 20-297David Armstrong27Brooklyn, NY48:11
2310M 20-29151Tylor Tarantino22Glen burnie, MD48:15
241M 60-69161Allen Vaughan60Stafford, VA48:35
255M 30-39138Joe Hylant32Severna Park, MD48:58
262F 30-39130Emily Reuter30Arlington, VA49:04
273M 19-Under183Joshua Hall13MD49:09
2811M 20-29174Douglas Drewyer28Ellicott City, MD49:18
294M 40-49190Steven Phillips49Crofton, MD49:37
305M 40-4990Nestor Laserna40Chesapeake Beach, MD49:44
316M 30-39106Stewart Miley31Baltimore, MD49:54
323F 30-3993Karina Lubell30Washington, DC49:55
331M 50-59118Dennis Noskin52Greenwich, CT49:59
3412M 20-293German Albalopez24Great Mills, MD50:00
352M 50-5977Elliott Hamilton50Hyattsville, MD50:01
3613M 20-2970Dave Goodman28Washington, DC50:02
376M 40-4974Ryan Gutzwiller40Kailua, HI50:34
384M 19-Under176Jonathan Zorn18Springfield, VA50:38
3914M 20-2980Douglass Hay25Washington, DC50:50
403M 50-59139Mark Baugh51MD50:54
4115M 20-29141Will Schoenfelder28Mont Alto, PA50:59
427M 30-39132David Robertson31New York, NY51:07
434M 50-59197Carl Scripps51Rochester, NY51:32
441F 40-4937Claire Chiamulera41La Plata, MD51:39
4516M 20-2910Eric Azriel25Towson, MD52:29
464F 30-39173Sarah Wood38Indian Head, MD52:39
4717M 20-2950Kevin Dvorsky25Saint Leonard, MD52:48
487M 40-49155John Tokar46Highland, MD52:59
4918M 20-29104Andrew Melito26Elkridge, MD53:24
508M 30-3918Jon Bertheussen37Springfield, VA53:39
515M 50-5969Timothy Good51Burke, VA53:40
5219M 20-2978Landon Whitt25Cedar Park, TX53:59
536M 50-59169Larry Whitt50Laurel, MD54:08
545M 19-Under152Peter Taylor19Annandale, VA54:11
558M 40-4986Paul Johnson45Annapolis, MD54:41
567M 50-5919Alex Bishop51Columbia, MD54:45
579M 40-49110Jeff Mitchell43Waldorf, MD54:47
586M 19-Under179Kevin Wegner12Columbia, MD55:07
599M 30-39191Stephen Skippen31Crofton, MD55:18
6020M 20-2964Christopher Fulcher25Fort Meade, MD55:52
6021M 20-29162Brandon Walker25Baltimore, MD55:52
613F 20-29126Katie Price22Westminster, MD56:03
627M 19-Under125Sean Price19Westminster, MD56:10
6310M 40-4949Todd Durst40Waldorf, MD56:11
6422M 20-29193Brad Smith27Alexandra, VA56:16
6511M 40-49114Steven Nettleton40Pasadena, MD56:19
6610M 30-39109Patrick Mish35Odenton, MD56:53
678M 50-596William Andrews58Upper Marlboro, MD57:06
6812M 40-49137John Sanchez46Baltimore, MD57:19
694F 20-29198Kathleen Souweine27Washington, DC57:38
695F 20-29196Katie Seckman25Washington, DC57:38
7013M 40-49103Jeff McIntyre43Cabin John, MD57:41
7123M 20-29115Philip Nicovich28Baltimore, MD58:16
7211M 30-39167Rodney Wells39Manassas Park, VA58:29
731F 50-59140Debra Spatz52Port Republic, MD58:38
7414M 40-4916Daniel Bendt43Upper Marlboro, MD58:41
755F 30-39102Tracie McDowell37Waldorf, MD58:50
769M 50-5979Lewis Hart54Reston, VA58:55
772M 60-6920Jim Bitgood65Laurel, MD58:57
7824M 20-29133Joshua Rodens27Owings Mills, MD59:10
792F 40-49195Jessica Friedman40Annandale, VA59:16
8015M 40-4996Scott Mackintosh47Springfield, VA59:19
8112M 30-39108Kevin Mish37Crofton, MD59:22
8216M 40-49192Steve Rose42Millersville, MD59:25
836F 20-2952Jennifer Edwards27Washington, DC59:32
8417M 40-4995Matt Turner44Baltimore, MD59:34
8518M 40-49149Douglas Stubblefield42Fort George G Meade, MD59:37
8613M 30-39131Jacque Phillips30Baltimore, MD59:51
872F 50-5973Mary Greer52Washington, DC59:59
886F 30-3966Angela Gannon30Brooklyn, NY60:08
897F 20-29150Anna Suntseva23Silver Spring, MD60:13
9025M 20-29158Dominic Turner24upper marlboro, MD60:16
9126M 20-2965Adam Galas24Kensington, MD60:17
928F 20-2940Christine Cole29Upper Marlboro, MD60:23
933F 40-49112Janet Moody48Owings, MD60:29
943F 50-59128Cornelia Randolph50Bowie, MD60:40
954F 50-5992Carolyn Liebrand51Upper Malboro, MD61:18
9614M 30-39187Michael Reed35Baltimore, MD61:24
9715M 30-39189Donald Smith32Lothian, MD61:34
989F 20-29200Jennifer Bounds25Churchton, MD61:40
997F 30-3983Charlene Howard39Mount Rainier, MD61:56
10019M 40-49101Todd McDonald40Mount Rainier, MD61:57
10110F 20-2985Kimberly Johnson28Hampstead, MD62:34
10216M 30-3926Richard Bright30Bowie, MD62:42
10320M 40-49177Richard Briggs45Columbia, MD62:49
10417M 30-3948Ryan Dupre31Baltimore, MD63:06
1054F 40-49156Sarah Tokar46Highland, MD63:12
10618M 30-39148Peter Smith30Severn, MD63:21
10710M 50-5922Kevin Boland56Jessup, MD63:47
1088F 30-39164Rebecca Walter31Washington, DC63:59
10911F 20-29142Molly Simonson26Washington, DC64:04
1105F 50-59143Kathleen Sirois52Dunkirk, MD64:07
1119F 30-392Erin Acosta32Washington, DC64:15
11119M 30-391David Acosta35Washington, DC64:15
11210F 30-3941Debbie Collier39Laurel, MD64:25
11321M 40-49194David Schwartz49Arlington, VA64:56
11411F 30-3975Dianne Hale39Glen Burnie, MD64:58
11511M 50-5953Howard Ettinger50Bowie, MD65:13
11620M 30-3912Jeremy Debons31Lexington Park, MD65:21
11712F 20-29134Yuliya Romanova24Rockville, MD65:22
11812M 50-59170Stephen Wiley55Glen Burnie, MD65:35
1195F 40-4930Maya Bruck43Rockville, MD65:46
12027M 20-29166Jeffrey Watson28Bolling AFB, DC66:01
12113F 20-2923Kathleen Boland26Jessup, MD66:09
12214F 20-29113Colleen Moore26Crofton, MD66:36
12228M 20-2951Robert Eccles29Chevy Chase, MD66:36
12315F 20-29129Chelsea Reid25Reisterstown, MD66:58
12412F 30-3945Christina DiAngelo34Odenton, MD67:10
12513F 30-399Virginia Stratton31Lexington Park, MD67:22
12616F 20-29121Brittany Omess25Laurel, MD67:29
12713M 50-5934Malcolm Cannon58Hyattsville, MD67:58
12822M 40-4944Philip DeMarais49Huntingtown, MD68:12
12914M 50-5994Mark Mace59Odenton, MD68:22
1303M 60-69144George Sisson63Owings, MD68:38
13117F 20-29175Ava Yuen28Baltimore, MD68:43
1324M 60-69147Larry Stake63Hanover, MD68:46
13329M 20-29111Daniel Mitchell28Odenton, MD69:02
13421M 30-3913Ryan Bautz32Baltimore, MD69:03
1356F 40-4982Paige Hinkle-Bowles43Fort Belvoir, VA69:13
1366F 50-5991Patricia Lewis55Saint Leonard, MD69:15
1377F 40-4968Natalie Garner43Saint Leonard, MD69:16
13814F 30-3954Brandi Farrell35Takoma Park, MD69:22
13918F 20-295Corrie Amick29Fairview, PA69:26
1408F 40-49100Ann McDermott43Potomac, MD70:16
14115F 30-39127Tara Nielsen31Washington, DC70:26
14219F 20-29178Stacy Domanski27Waldorf, MD70:27
1435M 60-69146Bob Sommerville62Westminster, MD70:34
1441F 19-Under15Roxanne Psaltis19Olney, MD70:37
1457F 50-59136Barbara Saffir57McLean, VA70:51
14623M 40-4972Scott Granieri41Alexandria, VA70:54
14720F 20-29117Amadea Noriega de Watson28Bolling AFB, DC72:31
14816F 30-3947Danielle Downs34Elkridge, MD73:32
1499F 40-4997Kathleen Madden46Annapolis, MD73:34
15017F 30-3987Christin Jolicoeur39Washington, DC73:47
15118F 30-39145Diane Snediker37Washington, DC73:49
15210F 40-49120Elizabeth O'Connell48Silver Spring, MD74:57
15321F 20-2928Jennifer Brotsky26Alexandria, VA75:22
15411F 40-49159Kathy Tuttle40Churchton, MD75:56
15522F 20-29119Josephine Ocheni26Rockville, MD75:57
15619F 30-39172Mary Windham35Sandy Spring, MD76:07
15712F 40-4939Patricia Clark40Bowie, MD76:41
15813F 40-4984Michelle Hurt41Baltimore, MD77:01
15922M 30-398Scott Avery32Sterling, VA77:08
16020F 30-3911Allison Banks30Fort Washington, MD77:55
16115M 50-594Don Ames59Burke, VA79:14
16221F 30-39123Vimi Pooranmal37Upper Marlboro, MD79:28
16323M 30-39107Keith Nielsen34Washington, DC79:55
16423F 20-2988Jessica Jones29Laurel, MD80:19
16422F 30-3998Tara Mahan31Upper Marlboro, MD80:19
16524F 20-29168Rebecca Harned29Washington, DC81:38
16625F 20-29154Erica Thoele27Cockeysville, MD82:58
16614F 40-49116Maxine Norcross45Lothian, MD82:58
16724M 40-4924Dave Boucher45Woodbridge, VA84:12
16815F 40-4925Mary Boucher44Woodbridge, VA84:14
1688F 50-59135Maureen Rudell50Cheltenham, MD84:14
1699F 50-59163Cynthia Wallace53Lothian, MD84:51
17026F 20-29105Catherine Mercado26Washington, DC86:24
17125M 40-49124Joseph Pooranmal45Upper Marlboro, MD86:25
17224M 30-39184Shane Ballenger33Upper Marboro, MD88:37
17327F 20-2917Corrinne Bendt29Upper Marlboro, MD90:01
17323F 30-39157Katherine Trott35Reston, VA90:01
17424F 30-39165Tiffany Washington34Baltimore, MD94:38
17525M 30-3914Joshua Bazis33Odenton, MD94:40

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).