Swanson Road Natural Area

RouteGadget and WinSplits are now online for this event.

Despite the threat of rain showers, we saw a respectable turnout at QOC’s inaugural event at Swanson Road Natural Area - a total of 98 starts by 93 individuals/groups. A good mixture of club members (53) and non-members (including 23 students from Patuxent High School’s JROTC program) showed up for the premiere of the map. Probably some potential newcomers were scared off by the threat of rain showers so course setter Jon Torrance is thankful to the first-time orienteers from Patuxent HS for coming and making up the numbers on the beginner and intermediate courses, even if their high representation on yellow and orange make comparing the completion rate for those courses to his last set somewhat apples and oranges. Still, based on the results, he'll try to take things down another notch on his next courses.

In any case, the day turned out a little chilly for early fall but not excessively so - great weather for orienteering - and while the looming storm clouds dropped a few sprinkles on us while the courses were open, the heavier downpours held off until after everyone and everything was packed up and on their way. Despite the small-ish size of the park, most people found the courses and terrain to be both navigationally and physically challenging.

If you weren't there towards, maybe a bit before the official beginning of the start window, sad to say you missed a rare occurrence at QOC meets in that the event was overflown at low altitude by several fighter jets, presumably out of Andrews Air Force Base.

Big thanks to everyone who pitched in and helped to make this event work:

Frantisek Brabec, Heather Maher, Kim Jepsen, and Liz O’Connell got everyone registered and handed out maps and clue sheets.

Dave Linthicum and Jody Landers provided instructions to beginners. Dave Linthicum also helped hang the controls early Saturday morning and, of course, made the map in the first place.

The controls flags and punch boxes: were ably extracted from the woods by Jon Pifer, Scott Pleban, Greg Lennon, Tim Good, Mark Walderhaug and Jon Torrance.

Heidi Onkst, Amy Louden, and Jon Torrance got people started with e-punch, collected their results and made sure that everyone was back safe and sound before we packed up and hit the road. And Amy also spoiled us as usual by bringing home-baked cookies.

Thanks also go out to Ted Good, Kathleen Lennon, and Mike Newman for staying to help pack up the club’s gear and supplies at the end of the day.

Mike Newman produced the quote of the day on looking at some printed results fairly late in the day, including those for the Brown course he ran, and uttering the immortal words "I won!?!?". Then he wept that there were no more worlds to conquer. Perhaps he'll not be too disappointed that a late finisher ended up a few minutes faster than him on Brown.

- Dave Levine, Meet Director


Course Length: 1.9 km

Course Climb: 45 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Mark Blanquart & Thomas31:46
2Noah GrollmanPatuxent HS JROTC34:28
3Scott GarrenPatuxent HS JROTC36:24
4Calvin KlapperPatuxent HS JROTC36:42
5Megan DeneneaPatuxent HS JROTC42:08
5Madison ScottPatuxent HS JROTC42:08
6Janet FrawleyPatuxent HS JROTC57:29
7Heather Maher58:55
8James Farquhar & Jessica and Carmen66:10
9Christian WithersPatuxent HS JROTC67:13
10Rachel DixonPatuxent HS JROTC67:14
11Ryan Gutzwiller & Laura, Nancy & Tyra79:22
12Matthew FletcherPatuxent HS JROTC85:51
13Deondre SmithPatuxent HS JROTC85:58
14Aidan DolanQOC113:45
15Finn Dolan119:48
16Brittany OakesPatuxent HS JROTC122:26
17 Deshawna SmithPatuxent HS JROTC122:33
18Sabrina WoodsonQOCDNF
18Sophia WoodsonQOCDNF


Course Length: 3.6 km

Course Climb: 115 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Garrison O'DonnellQOC84:23
2Mark Blanquart & Thomas87:16
3Emily Reisinger98:52
4Iva Zicha118:56
5Jeffrey Kronenwetter & TammyQOC120:45
6Madison Scott & 2nd coursePatuxent HS JROTC128:28
7Megan Denenea & 2nd coursePatuxent HS JROTC128:32
8Jane Parody191:18
9Scott Garren & 2nd coursePatuxent HS JROTCDNF
9Calvin Klapper & 2nd coursePatuxent HS JROTCDNF
9Noah Grollman & 2nd coursePatuxent HS JROTCDNF
9Pat ReevesDNF
9John VincentPatuxent HS JROTCDNF
9Barry Dresdner & CameronDNF (137:21)
9William BonneyPatuxent HS JROTCDNF (202:01)
9Lyric OakesPatuxent HS JROTCMP (207:25)


Course Length: 4.5 km

Course Climb: 185 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Troy LeBlancPatuxent HS JROTC107:20
2Michelle HolmesQOC142:30
3Don AmesQOC150:28
4Lisa Novins165:55
5Amy LoudenQOC203:04
6Lydia AndrewsQOCDNF
6Christiana LogansmithQOCDNF
6Austin HopsonPatuxent HS JROTCDNF (86:35)
6Lisa BeckQOCDNF (88:19)
6Mark WalderhaugQOCDNF (93:32)
6Rebecca & Bob RichQOCDNF (147:23)
6Jack LogansmithQOCDNF (150:30)
6Esben JepsenQOCDNF (156:42)
6Brian LimerickPatuxent HS JROTCDNF (206:43)
6Michael FrawleyPatuxent HS JROTCDNF (207:10)
6Braden BlonshinePatuxent HS JROTCDNF (207:46)
6Halley PattesonPatuxent HS JROTCDNF (213:57)
6Fernando RodriguezDNF (245:56)


Course Length: 4.5 km

Course Climb: 175 m

Number of Controls: 14

1Joseph WhiteQOC154:33
2Mike NewmanQOC159:38
3Evgenia MatveevaQOC160:49
4Joshua HuntPatuxent HS JROTC161:11
5Sidney SachsQOC171:28
6Karla HulettQOC189:32
7Dylan O'DonnellQOCDNF (93:49)
7Suzanne IzzoQOCDNF (188:07)
7Harry WhiteMP (116:33)


Course Length: 5.9 km

Course Climb: 200 m

Number of Controls: 19

1Tom StratQOC81:56
2Greg LennonQOC84:13
3Jan MerkaQOC92:14
4Brian FlemingQOC94:48
5Ioana FlemingQOC103:44
6Kim JepsenQOC105:39
7Tim GoodQOC107:29
8Heidi OnkstQOC110:36
9Jody LandersQOC113:55
10Frantisek BrabecQOC114:54
11Mark MaceQOC151:22
12Gary SmithQOC159:38
13John LandersQOC163:10
14Kathleen LennonQOCDNF
14Brian DolanQOCDNF (95:17)
14Michael LiederQOCDNF (113:23)
14Noah DixonPatuxent HS JROTCDNF (136:16)
14Martin HoughtonDNF (155:40)
14Dan DoQOCDNF (162:00)
14Patricia MaceQOCMP (163:16)


Course Length: 7.5 km

Course Climb: 305 m

Number of Controls: 21

1Ken Walker JrCSU64:13
2Victor LinQOC82:17
3Ted GoodQOC83:23
4Scott PlebanQOC85:40
5Jon PiferQOC95:09
6Dave PrudenQOC99:26
7Daniel QuinnQOC101:00
8Neal AttfieldQOC118:41
9Justin WoodsonQOC120:05
10William SchaeferQOC139:52
11Dagmar MerkovaQOC141:17
12Benjamin RobertsQOC155:02
13Rolemberg Cunha157:28
14Mark BeckmanQOCDNF (133:34)
14Tom NolanQOCMP (111:38)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).