Wheaton Regional Park

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2011 started out with a chill in the air but more than 200 warm hearts pounded as members and friends participated in our Wheaton Regional Park event – our first of the New Year. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to the many wonderful and dedicated volunteers that helped make the day run smoothly and ensured that everyone had a great time.

Our course designers Russ Damtoft (advanced courses) and Linda Cornelius (white through orange) linked a network of features to create courses that provided challenging route choices in a relatively small area. And Eric Damtoft and Pete Minderman helped with control placement.

John Whitty, Liz O’Connell, Mark Walderhaug, and Robert Harrelson did a fabulous job at the registration table making sure everyone signed up for the appropriate course, disseminating important information, and encouraging lots of new memberships.

Sam Listwak was a tremendous help to our E-punch guru, Valerie Meyer. Together this dynamic duo kept the line moving quickly while helping new folks learn about the SportIdent system. And Robert Harrelson did his second shift as the download supervisor as we wrapped up the day.

David Onkst and Jon Torrance helped prepare beginners with excellent instruction and good pointers to ensure a fun first course for our many groups and first time attendees. Jon was also on hand to provide training for those who signed up to use the club’s Garmin Forerunner watches (a nice opportunity to track your steps!)

When all was done, a FAB team of QOC members picked up the control flags quickly, allowing us all to depart by 4:30pm: Nadim Ahmed, Jan Merka, Dan Quinn, Josh Blaustein and Tom Nolan.

And then there were those who did vital work prior to the event as well as day off: Maryland VP, Mike Newman made sure we got our permit; Greg Lennon and Valerie Meyer created and printed our maps; Greg helped direct cars to the overflow parking; and Kathleen Lennon not only updated all of the meet documents in the kit, including wonderful volunteer instructions, but she also enhanced our refreshments with cider, coffee, cream and sugar. And finally, QOC member Amy Louden once again baked and brought lots of her homemade cookies – YUM!

A million “thank you's” to you all!!!!

We were also delighted to have groups join us from Cedar Lane Church, the Philmont Scouts, and the Patuxent NJROTC. And finally, a big QOC welcome to our newest members: Ellen Kurland, Iva Zicha, Jeremy Dick, Marko Choma, and the families of Eric Lyness, Lars-Erik Borge, David Weigert, Stas Burgiel and Zachary Sikes.

Looking forward to a great year of orienteering!

Heidi Onkst, Event Director


Course Length: 1.7 km

Number of Controls: 8

1Philmont Crew 701 - Blue: Frankie, Riley, Clayton & Jerry15:58
2Philmont Crew 701 - White: Garrett, Mason, Steve & Tyler19:29
3Zachery Sikes Family22:01
4Harrison Sikes22:21
4Aidan DolanQOC22:21
5Philmont Crew 701 - Red: Jeff, Mike & Billy22:39
6Rose Trapp & Peter23:58
7Vemund Borge25:10
8Cedar Lane #1 Gale & Mathew & Colin26:11
9Iva ZichaQOC27:32
10Baxter HamiltonQOC27:35
11Josiah SeguinQOC32:08
12Sherrie Gossett40:34
13Lourdes & Burgiel & Phipps52:08
14Oscar Carrillo & Gabriel CoteMP (43:07)
14Ricardo Fabila (2nd course)PHS JROTCNC (12:32)
14Valerie Meyer (2nd course)QOCNC (14:42)
14Troy LeBlanc (2nd course)PHS JROTCNC (18:02)


Course Length: 2 km

Number of Controls: 10

1George WaxterQOC22:58
2Ryan Hanna & Jacqueline HannaQOC32:53
3Cedar Lane #3 Devin & Alex & John & Sarah33:39
4Joey Angeles & Joneil Angeles35:06
5Matthew Laskowski36:09
6Don & Graham VelseyQOC36:26
7Richard Fulton & Catherine & Garrett38:26
8Mei-An NolanQOC38:38
9Rebecca & Bob RichQOC44:36
10Cedar Lane #2 Kira & Elise & Sarah48:59
11Andrew SzaboQOC53:32
12Adam Heifetz Family & Caleb & Moriah77:21
13Christina Cox & Court ZabelQOC79:51
14William BonneyPHS JROTC82:09
15Eric & Cambria Lyness & Indy & Joan97:16
16Christopher GrosskurthPHS JROTCDNF
16Cory RandallDNF
16Melissa ChaumpQOCDNF
16Reese Bomhold (2nd course)PHS JROTCNC (15:37)
16Valerie Meyer (Training course)QOCNC (19:54)
16Nathaniel Inman (2nd course)PHS JROTCNC (21:56)


Course Length: 3.9 km

Number of Controls: 9

1Mark Baugh47:06
2Julia Kalloz56:26
3Shane Van Hoesen & Ryland Chapman58:08
4Josh BlausteinQOC59:28
5Michael TonerQOC60:09
6Charles GregorskiQOC61:24
7Addie NolanQOC63:00
8Brian LimerickPHS JROTC64:24
9Laudeir GomesQOC65:21
10Neal Polzin67:51
11Michelle HolmesQOC68:30
12Seth BearjarPHS JROTC68:35
13Andrea BallouQOC69:28
14Dmitry Charit & John WoodQOC71:43
15David Turk & Gilbert Mears72:44
16Troy LeBlancPHS JROTC73:45
17Mark StonemanQOC81:10
18Elizabeth O'ConnellQOC82:13
19Lee ToddQOC87:28
20Dylan O'Donnell89:06
21Sherry SterlingQOC91:06
22Don AmesQOC95:04
23Janet Delaney99:29
24Robert Kaczorowski SrPHS JROTC99:44
25Michael FrawleyPHS JROTC101:05
26Nicholas Nurre & Elizabeth & StephenQOC106:42
27Ellen Kurland & Chris Gomes108:49
28Pat KeimSVO119:40
29Jeremy Dick123:33
30Michael Laskowski124:20
31Amy LoudenQOC124:38
32Anita TylerQOC142:42
33Kevin Houghton & Robert Houghton151:50
34Cody LeachPHS JROTC177:03
35Richard Briggs FamilyQOCDNF (103:27)
35Paul MorrisQOCMP (94:31)
35Brian Mayer (2nd course)QOCNC (34:01)
35Joe Garman (2nd course)QOCNC (35:40)
35Jim Seguin (2nd course)QOCNC (43:32)


Course Length: 2.6 km

Number of Controls: 10

1Anne JepsenQOC38:49
2Edward EnsonQOC45:54
3Mark WalderhaugQOC46:09
4Ekaterina IzotovaQOC50:52
5John Trapp & Todd52:51
6Ricardo FabilaPHS JROTC56:37
7Dwight JohnsonQOC57:01
8Adam Trapp & Emily Clark59:19
9Robert HarrellsonQOC61:35
10George CrittendenQOC67:16
11Peter WalderhaugQOC67:38
12Mike FordQOC68:08
13Carolyn DennyPHS JROTC75:55
14Fred HartlineDVOA77:06
15Karla HulettQOC79:58
16Gregory KaczorowskiPHS JROTC82:03
17Pam DvorskyPHS JROTC84:37
18Aaron SzaboQOC85:05
19Mike NewmanQOC97:45
20David Weigert & Zach & SophieDNF (150:39)
20Ryan Hanna & Jacqueline Hanna (2nd course)QOCNC (58:56)
20Dmitry Charit (2nd course)QOCNC (61:41)


Course Length: 4.2 km

Number of Controls: 14

1Joe GarmanQOC48:22
2Neal AttfieldQOC48:53
3Tom WellsQOC49:07
4Svetlana SokolovaQOC52:25
5Nathaniel InmanPHS JROTC54:41
6Greg LennonQOC54:50
7John WhittyQOC55:01
8Reese BomboldPHS JROTC56:54
9Kathleen LennonQOC58:01
10Jon BertheussenQOC58:07
11Garrett LeePHS JROTC63:31
12Adam Issenberg64:27
13Jody LandersQOC65:15
14Jeremy DebonsQOC67:06
15Pat McNeillyQOC67:33
16Virginia StrattonQOC68:16
17Frantisek BrabecQOC68:53
18Julie KeimSVO69:00
19Robert KaczorowskiPHS JROTC69:13
20Lars Erik Borge69:42
21Brian DolanQOC70:11
22Felipe JardimQOC70:24
23Elliott HamiltonQOC70:47
24Daniel TierneyPHS JROTC71:22
25Rob WilkisonDVOA75:28
26Mark BeckmanQOC77:05
27Bev HartlineDVOA77:07
28Tom O'Donnell78:23
29Tim GilbertQOC78:38
30Jim SeguinQOC80:31
31Nyall MeredithQOC86:39
32Jordan Kelly & Ursula Kelly90:28
33Steve MonesDVOA92:45
34John LandersQOC92:53
35Michelle SvobodaQOC94:36
36Gail EdwardsQOC95:14
37Cory InmanPHS JROTC99:54
38Noah DixonPHS JROTC118:43
39Kimberley DennyPHS JROTC122:08
40Dimitri Salomao & Marcelo Oliviera161:27
41Linus HamiltonQOCDNF
41Barry NoblesDNF (50:59)
41Eric MaylQOCMP (122:21)


Course Length: 6.6 km

Number of Controls: 18

1Jon TorranceQOC48:43
2Ken Walker JrCSU51:04
3Daniel Quinn52:50
4Brian MayerQOC54:03
5Ted GoodQOC59:41
6Nadim AhmedQOC60:50
7David OnkstQOC61:40
8Jan MerkaQOC63:03
9Victor LinQOC65:30
10Mihai SirbuQOC70:21
11Tom StratQOC73:11
12Zac BarkerDVOA73:23
13Tom NolanQOC76:14
14Andre Novaes76:39
15Dave HauverQOC77:47
16Dan BarkerDVOA84:09
17Andy BaconQOC86:04
18Tim GoodQOC86:44
19Peggy DickisonOK87:49
20Diana ToddQOC90:22
21Kim JepsenQOC92:29
22Jon PiferQOC94:17
23Kevin DvorskyPHS JROTC94:49
24Lukas EklundQOC95:01
25Kerry ShannonHVO95:33
26Alex BishopQOC96:58
27Bill ViennaQOC100:00
28Michael LiederQOC103:48
29Keith DvorskyPHS JROTC108:47
30Rolemberg Cunha114:17
31Marko ChomaQOC114:30
32Guy MontgomeryQOC121:19
33Mark MaceQOC134:41
34David LevineQOC134:45
35Gary SmithQOC135:27
36Jared MacaryDNF

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).