Ski Orienteering at Laurel Ridge SP, PA

James ChaplinWell, that was different! QOC's first ski-O - at least that we can recall - drew quite an international crowd, with skiers hailing originally from six different countries. Keep in mind that this was intended all along to be a pretty low key training event ... but it certainly answered event impresario Jan Merka's question of whether there was enough interest!

Among competition highlights, we'd like to single out US Ski-O Team member Scott Pleban's 43 minute speed run on the long course (no wonder he's headed to Europe for championship races within a month), and also call your attention to the honorable showing by the self-anointed first-ever Brazilian Ski-O team of Andre Novaes and Cunha Rolemberg.

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As for photos, there are several places online to see photos from this event, including these from Alexis Rzewski.

Who made this happen? Courses were set by Jan Merka. Dagmar Merkova, Kathleen and Greg Lennon were freezing at the start and finish writing down times, and the control pickup was done by Scott Pleban, Nadim Ahmed, Jon Torrance and Jan Merka.

Medium Ski Orienteering A

1 Ragnhild SkjaevestadQOC Norway75:20
2 Peggy DickisonQOC USA91:32
3 Greg LennonQOC USA93:00
4 Dave Hauver & Chris Stever & Starr WilbrahamQOC USA180:58
5 Alexis Rzewski & David Battista (2nd course)WPOC ItalyDNF
5 Bob Dobson (2nd course)QOC USADNF
5 Kathleen LennonQOC USADNF
5 Scott Pleban (2nd course)QOC USANC (34:32)
5 Jon Torrance (2nd course)QOC CanadaNC (50:50)

Long Ski Orienteering B

1 Scott PlebanQOC USA43:16
2 Jan MerkaQOC Czech Repulic52:46
3 Jon TorranceQOC Canada55:06
4 Bjorn SkjaevestadQOC Norway65:04
5 Dagmar MerkovaQOC Czech Repulic69:46
6 Nadim AhmedQOC USA113:12
7 Tom StratQOC USA114:31
8 Cunha RolembergBrazil114:36
9 Andre NovaesBrazil115:50
10 Alexis Rzewski & David BattistaWPOC Italy126:54
11 Bob DobsonQOC USA140:48
12 Tom GrayWPOC USA140:49
13 Ted GoodQOC USA144:33
14 Lisa BeckQOC USA169:00
15 James ChaplinQOC USADNF

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).