Great Falls MD

An exceptional turnout enjoyed Nadim's fine courses, set in the forested and fast terrain of Great Falls, despite the near freezing windy day. [Hot beverages afterwards probably helped participants a bit too.] Park staff monitoring our event were pleased as well, though apparently the deer were very confused by the fleet-footed company sharing the woods with them.

This meet also saw the debut of the “borrow a GPS watch” program, designed to help members improve their orienteering and get more familiar with the technology. Each participant's data has been uploaded by coordinator Jon Torrance directly to RouteGadget (head to the bottom of each course roster to see the 'GPS' designation).

We did experience a technical glitch for which we're sorry; the "split printer" connected to the epunch software failed, and so we were unable to provide results to participants. We are working on this issue (which also affected many runners at Oregon Ridge) and definitely hope to regain our ability to provide both individual and per-course result printouts by our next meet at Meadowood on Dec. 19.

An all-star volunteer crew braved the chilly temps; many thanks to Nadim Ahmed, Mike Berry, Josh Blaustein, Russ Damtoft, Don Fish, Mike Ford, Joe Garman, Laudeir Gomes, Erik Gruner, Elliot & Linus Hamilton, David Levine, Sam Listwak, Valerie Meyer, Mike Newman, Heidi Onkst, Scott Pleban and Svetlana Sokolova, backed up by Tom Nolan, Ken Walker and Dan Quinn - thanks to all of you for being available!

Head to RouteGadget and WinSplits to see event data.


Course Length: 2.7 km

Course Climb: 75 m

Number of Controls: 7

1Joe GarmanQOC19:46
2Shane Hagerman19:48
3Kris FortierLoudoun County HS20:06
3Finn PetridesLoudoun County HS20:06
4George WaxterQOC23:09
5Antonio ArancibiaQOC31:22
6Gabriel EwachiwQOC32:19
7Laudeir GomesQOC33:58
8Chris Hemus34:24
9Troy LydenLoudoun County HS35:08
10Matthew Laskowski35:26
11Daniel HendersonHuntingtown HS41:16
12Dillon FitzgeraldHuntingtown HS41:17
13Klaus SextonHuntingtown HS41:23
14David PopeHuntingtown HS41:31
15Mason & Mark Baugh41:45
16 Brand FamilyQOC42:58
17Christian Scheidt & Nicole LarentQOC43:42
18Linda CorneliusQOC44:05
19Abbey FurlowQOC44:11
20Sammy FurlowQOC44:59
21Angela FurlowQOC45:21
22Amy LoudenQOC46:49
23Jared Macary & Tesfa AlexanderNone46:57
24Dave Petty & Emily/Caroline/Kata & Karen/Charlie - DogQOC47:14
25Lisa BeckQOC47:43
26Edward MooreFUMA48:12
27Pat Reeves48:24
28Adriaan Carter & JoshuaQOC51:10
29Court ZabelQOC51:15
30Michael McFarlandQOC53:15
31Steve Kabler & Robin BoggessNone53:55
32Dmitry Charit & Ana SlepukhovaQOC53:59
33Susanna McFarlandQOC55:47
34Steve McFarlandQOC55:55
35Alexis MerkaQOC56:04
36Anita TylerQOC56:06
37Becky & Tony Peak-Marquez & NickoQOC56:54
38Val Salentine & Anna and LeahFUMA62:51
39Iva ZichaNone64:06
40 Ahedo FamilyQOC64:35
41Eric & Cambria Lyness65:57
42Nicholas Nurre & StephenQOC68:41
43Frantisek Brabec & Heather MaherQOC68:52
44Finn PetridesLoudoun County HS71:57
44Kris FortierLoudoun County HS71:57
45Monika LateganoLoudoun County HS72:08
46Josiah Seguin & Kanitha77:38
47EB KimFUMA77:44
48Colin BeverageFUMA81:26
49Michael HaskellQOC82:36
50Bob Ward & Billy83:30
51Ludo Bello & Ines/Emillio/AlfredoNone83:31
52Hossain ShafiiNone83:38
53Daniel Macy & Philip83:45
54Sean Scully & Artur & Brian and BillQOC87:53
55Vicky Velsey & Garrett VelseyQOC95:13
56Maureen Williams100:19
57Jeffrey RiddleLoudoun County HS102:03
58Adam Issenberg & Mickey/Leander/WyndyQOC108:41
59Candy Hagerman & Plesah MayoQOC119:42
60Jay Petillo & HenryDNF (54:10)
60 Herndon HSNoneMP
60Zachery Sikes & Harrison/Benjamin & ThomasNoneMP (32:58)
60Joe Horton & JackonNoneMP (86:41)


Course Length: 5.2 km

Course Climb: 175 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Mihai SirbuQOC46:26
2Andre Novaes46:41
3William VickersQOC49:57
4Elliott HamiltonQOC53:19
5John WhittyQOC54:03
6Jim SeguinQOC54:36
7Russ DamtoftQOC58:24
8John Paulson & Steve SmithNone58:26
9Don DavisQOC59:58
10Jody LandersQOC61:20
11Svetlana SokolovaQOC62:12
12Dave ScheidtQOC63:06
13Linus HamiltonQOC64:46
14Diana ToddQOC64:48
15Dave PettyQOC65:31
16Tim GilbertQOC67:35
17Heidi OnkstQOC67:58
18Josh JacobsNone68:13
19Vinicius MartinelliBrazil68:23
20Rolemberg Cunha69:20
21John StudachQOC70:27
22Dennis DohertyQOC70:58
23Bill ViennaQOC71:07
24Keg GoodQOC71:56
25David LevineQOC75:22
26Josh BlausteinQOC76:21
27Jim BohrerSVO77:36
28Alvaro LimaBrazil78:28
29Julie KeimSVO80:24
29Gail Edwards80:24
30Mike BerryQOC81:03
31Don Ames85:02
32Ekaterina IzotovaQOC90:00
33Henry GodfreyQOC90:35
34Chuck FergusonQOC90:43
35William Corr91:25
36Chris SalentineFUMA91:44
37Robert BairdFUMA92:19
38Sim BrandFUMA92:43
39Anne JepsenQOC93:15
40Patrick KimmelLoudoun County HS93:29
41Neal PolzinQOC93:49
42Addie NolanQOC93:58
43Jeff HaskellQOC96:13
44Sidney SachsQOC96:57
45Guy Montgomery & EmmaQOC98:56
46Aaron FletcherHuntingtown HS99:48
47Dwight Johnson & Frank SigwartQOC100:51
48Allison SchaeferHuntingtown HS101:06
49John Landers & Eric BeattyQOC102:03
50Noah BartlettQOC103:03
51Erik GrunerQOC104:40
52George CrittendenQOC105:04
53Don FishQOC105:09
54Tyler AndressLoudoun County HS107:21
55Michael TonerQOC108:37
56Reed Werner & Shane Van HoesenNone111:30
57John Godfrey & MichaelQOC114:30
58James Thull & NinaQOC116:01
59Kristi OrcuttQOC117:18
60Steve MonesDVOA117:25
61Kelly Stock & Andy BaconQOC117:44
62Rachel BlankenshipHuntingtown HS118:24
63Michelle HolmesQOC119:31
64Sherry SterlingQOC125:53
65Mike NewmanQOC125:55
66Daniel Bachman & Jensen & AdamQOC127:16
67Howard Lenzer128:37
68Troy Lyden & Matt LancasterLoudoun County HS129:09
69Karla HulettQOC131:25
70Lee ToddQOC136:10
71Tim KaufmanLoudoun County HS136:42
72Douglas Verner & Ken Terrell136:58
73Michael Bianchetta & MarlaQOC140:35
74Sasha NoghrehLoudoun County HS144:28
75Barry NoblesQOC156:28
76Suzanne IzzoQOC156:36
77Tobias ButlerHuntingtown HS157:14
78Brandon WestfallHuntingtown HS158:37
79Jonathan TaylorLoudoun County HS163:30
80Brandon WilliamsHuntingtown HS181:51
81Zach MorenHuntingtown HS182:04
82Ryan FrankelHuntingtown HS182:19
83Ryan KeenanHuntingtown HS182:45
84Bruce Baker & Kathleen SheedyQOCDNF
84Don NicholasDNF
84Jeffrey RiddleLoudoun County HSDNF (73:47)
84Dylan LegerFUMADNF (83:44)
84Don Velsey & Graham VelseyQOCDNF (98:04)
84Marit DavisQOCDNF (99:43)
84Ken YatesDNF (119:44)
84Eric MaylQOCMP (89:26)
84Richard JonesHuntingtown HSMP (107:49)
84Brian Frank & Peter FrankMP (141:38)


Course Length: 8.9 km

Course Climb: 330 m

Number of Controls: 20

1Eddie BergeronSVO58:26
2Jon TorranceQOC61:19
3Ken Walker JrCSU66:32
4Scott PlebanQOC72:40
5David OnkstQOC76:58
6Ted GoodQOC77:55
7Jan MerkaQOC79:07
8Tom StratQOC80:59
9Daniel QuinnQOC82:26
10Victor LinQOC84:17
11Bjorn SkjaevestadQOC88:06
12Grant StaatsEMPO89:42
13Peggy DickisonOK90:28
14Dave PrudenQOC96:50
15Brian MayerQOC97:40
16Tom NolanQOC97:44
17Jay GelmanQOC97:50
18Shane HagermanQOC99:11
19Sam ListwakQOC99:39
20Dave HauverQOC113:09
21Francis HogleQOC113:26
22Charles CarrickQOC118:28
23Michelle FaucherQOC119:39
24John OrganekQOC119:56
25William SchaeferQOC123:05
26Alex BishopQOC131:49
27Gary SmithQOC137:33
28Mike FordQOC183:16
29Nyall MeredithQOC184:48
30Michelle Svoboda & Alexandra SiessQOCDNF
30Paul & James SherlockQOCDNF
30Ioana FlemingQOCDNF (59:21)
30Brian FlemingQOCDNF (65:16)
30Jody KiddFUMADNF (92:30)
30Anthony LegerFUMADNF (95:31)
30Kevin McCartneyFUMADNF (104:43)
30James HemenwayFUMADNF (105:30)
30Derek McNamaraHuntingtown HSDNF (178:07)
30Nick DavisHuntingtown HSDNF (178:14)
30Alec MorganHuntingtown HSDNF (178:46)
30Lukas EklundQOCMP
30Andres SundstromMP (93:50)
30Dagmar MerkovaQOCMP (105:06)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).