Meadowood SRMA

BLM's Meadowood Recreation Area was used for the final QOC event of 2010. Dave Hauver made his debut as a course setter with a full range of 7 classic distance courses.

With the snow storm early in the week, the woods and meadows had 2 to 3 inches of snow cover to run through, and the routes into the parking area were a little slippery. The sun did break through the clouds for a pleasant day in the 30s with almost no wind.

Thanks to all that came out, especially our volunteers. Don Ames and Kyle Bondo squeezed cars into the limited parking area. Lynne Millholland helped with registration and Jim Chaplin helped with set up and the initial registration rush. Operating the epunch computers were Valerie Meyer, Heidi Onkst and Mihai Sirbu. Helping the epunch operators were Tony Garman and Kathleen Lennon. Helping with control pickup were Jon Torrance, Victor Lin, Gary Smith and David Onkst.

Lastly, we like to thank Jinx Fox with BLM that helped make sure our courses stayed away from the delicate areas and our parking and start/finish areas made sure we kept the property in the condition we found it.

RouteGadget and WinSplits have additional data about this event.

See you in 2011!


Course Length: 2 km

Course Climb: 50 m

Number of Controls: 8

1George Waxter & Beth RoderickQOC24:26
2Lisa BeckQOC24:57
3Rebecca Yacone & Mark Zack JimQOC34:21
4Michael HaskellQOC41:46
5Josiah Seguin & Kanitha SeguinQOC43:47
6Rosa GomesQOC46:18
7Lane McCollister & Angela60:32
8 Cub Scout Troop 64875:27


Course Length: 2.3 km

Course Climb: 65 m

Number of Controls: 8

1Laudeir GomesQOC41:29
2Josiah Seguin & JimQOC55:10
3Andrea Horton & Joe & Jackson55:36
4Joey Angeles & Joneil69:15
5Christina Young & Paul LewisQOC77:07
6Brad Ng & Jason100:09
7Jennifer VanatorDNF (76:38)
7Cassandra RandolphMP
7Lisa BeckQOCMP
7William BryantQOCMP (97:47)
7George Waxter & Beth RoderickQOCNC (35:18)


Course Length: 3.6 km

Course Climb: 160 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Valerie MeyerQOC65:35
2Jeff HaskellQOC79:23
3Paul WeberQOC84:49
4Sean FishQOC85:06
5Michelle HolmesQOC101:01
6Don AmesQOC102:12
7Julia Kalloz105:30
8Jordan Kelly & Ursula Kelly129:50
9Sherry SterlingQOC141:26
10Addie NolanQOC156:41
11Dmitry CharitQOC195:48
12Amy LoudenQOC244:06
13Ben FunkDNF (80:20)
13Gilbert MeursDNF (90:45)
13Stan TurkDNF (90:48)
13Mark StonemanQOCDNF (142:24)
13Dwight Hood & June RobertsonDNF (195:10)
13Kelly StockQOCMP (134:30)
13Brian MayerQOCNC (35:59)


Course Length: 3.5 km

Course Climb: 150 m

Number of Controls: 7

1Ron PontiusQOC42:13
2Linus HamiltonQOC58:48
3Keg Good & Judy Doldorf82:48
4Kristi OrcuttQOC101:53
5Jim ChaplinQOC136:54
6Tony Sanchez138:36
7Don FishQOC160:05
8Alexandra SiessQOCDNF (94:31)
8Michael BianchettaQOCDNF (144:06)


Course Length: 5 km

Course Climb: 185 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Ken Walker JrCSU42:43
2Mihai SirbuQOC53:30
3Greg LennonQOC64:06
4Elliott HamiltonQOC72:55
5Tim GilbertQOC75:10
6Daniel HartnettQOC76:21
7Heidi OnkstQOC78:33
8Kathleen LennonQOC83:03
9Jody LandersQOC87:40
10Jim SeguinQOC92:05
11Gary SmithQOC93:33
12John BakerQOC111:02
13Stephen NurreQOC120:39
14Nyall MeredithQOC122:04
15Felipe Jardim127:50
16Steve MonesDVOA137:27
17Mike FordQOC137:43
18George CrittendenQOC158:16
19Svetlana SokolovaQOCDNF (67:53)
19Michelle SvobodaQOCDNF (108:56)


Course Length: 7.7 km

Course Climb: 225 m

Number of Controls: 10

1Daniel Quinn61:47
2Andre Novaes84:25
3Tony GarmanQOC85:19
4Alex BishopQOC95:32
5Rolemberg Cunha103:16
6Michelle Faucher108:37
7Erik GrunerQOC113:24
8Michael LiederQOC114:13
9Alvaro LimaBrazil120:25
10Anthony Lee & CassandraQOC120:34
11David LevineQOC133:48
12Tom NolanQOCMP (74:37)


Course Length: 10.2 km

Course Climb: 320 m

Number of Controls: 14

1Jon TorranceQOC68:31
2Scott PlebanQOC76:04
3Ted GoodQOC82:31
4Brian MayerQOC86:59
5Victor LinQOC87:15
6David OnkstQOC88:43
7Jay GelmanQOC89:27
8Andy BaconQOC111:13
9Charles CarrickQOC120:48
10John OrganekQOC127:17
11Shane HagermanQOCDNF (118:14)
11Kyle BondoQOCDNF (122:24)
11Horace Bashor & Ted SolisDNF (227:30)

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).