Oregon Ridge Park

The weather was fantastic for being outside and it was great day for orienteering, as evidenced by the more than 220 participants that showed up for the event. It is unclear exactly how many course starts there were for the day because an number of runners completed more than one course, and the sign-in sheets don't always show the total number in a family group. Check the results to see how many competitors starts there were for each course. To make the event a little more challenging than usual, course setter Francis Hogle decided to throw an interesting twist into the meet by eliminating all of the unpaved trails from the advanced course maps. There were some grumblings about this last minute shift, but most participants welcomed the training opportunity it afforded.

Thanks to all of the steadfast volunteers who helped to make the day go smoothly, for the hundreds of registrants, including: Dwight & Kirsten Johnson, Frank Sigwart, Mike Newman, Mickey Dixon, Cecilia Landers, Greg Lennon, and Amy Louden for sharing her delicious homemade cookies with the volunteers. Special thanks to Heidi Onkst for manning the e-punch registration station single handedly through the entire crush of the registration period. Thanks to Jan Merka, who relieved Heidi late in the day, so she could go do a course herself. And our youngest helper – 9 year old Gabriel Ewanchiw – lent a hand as well. Heidi also had to cope with a temperamental printer that kept shutting down and refusing to print unless it was shut down and restarted repeatedly. Our apologies to those runners who were not able to get their results due to the printer malfunction, please check the results page.

Thanks also to Eddie Bergeron, Randy Hall, Scott Pleban and Lisa Beck for collecting controls and to Heidi & Dave Onkst and Mike Newman for sticking around to help with the cleanup and packing of equipment. Also many thanks to Valerie Meyer and Greg Lennon for printing and delivering the maps.

We welcome the new members who joined the club on the day of the event and we thank the several renewing members who paid their dues. Naturally, we are all indebted to Francis for devoting the time necessary to design and set the seven courses. We also appreciate the Baltimore County Parks Department for allowing the club to stage an event at Oregon Ridge. The open woodlands at Oregon Ridge and the wonderful Nature Center make this an especially nice location for Orienteering.

Route gadget (where you can draw your route or view the routes of others) is online for white, yellow, orange, and advanced courses.

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Course Length: 1.6 km

Course Climb: 65 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Justine Bernstein & Louis Bethge15:31
2Jack Waggamon & James Droddy19:26
3Team HaskellQOC25:09
4Lisa Beck (2nd course)QOC26:55
5Gabriel EwachiwQOC28:35
6Sergio LimaBrazil32:32
7Rosa GomesQOC33:39
8Abbey FurlowQOC36:44
9Sammy FurlowQOC37:37
10Jose Parra & Max JacksonQOC39:37
11Edwarda Hamann42:23
12Ana Lima42:25
13Sam ShorrQOC44:10
14Ryan Nelson & Danielle Higgenbotham52:04
15Finn & Aidan DolanQOC65:26
16Nicholas LeaplyPHS JROTC74:12
17Will Murtagh & William75:51
18Tammy Davis & Joshua Davis77:42
19Joanne MuirQOCMP (55:35)


Course Length: 2.6 km

Course Climb: 90 m

Number of Controls: 11

1Derek McNamara & Jack Waggamon23:23
2Sasha Nohreh (2nd course)Loudoun Co HS29:07
3Tobias Butler & James Droddy29:47
4Robert BurgessPHS JROTC30:42
5Louis Bethge & Justin Bernstein31:04
6James CochranPHS JROTC32:23
7Dillon Fitzgerald & James Lawrence33:38
8Patrick KimmelLoudoun Co HS33:40
9Jeffrey RiddleLoudoun Co HS34:02
10Amy Leech & Nathan & BobQOC35:35
11Andrew SzaboQOC35:43
12Henry Godfrey & JohnQOC39:21
13Kaytlynn SextonPHS JROTC40:04
14Joseph LemusPHS JROTC41:17
15Troy LydenLoudoun Co HS42:04
16Angela FurlowQOC42:18
17Alexis MerkaQOC43:21
18Jonathon TaylorLoudoun Co HS43:39
19George WaxterQOC43:58
20John Hance & Wyatt Hance45:00
21Alex Spang & Tim Sprang46:38
22Brian LimerickPHS JROTC50:05
23Don Ames51:54
24Kameron Smith & AJ Dantos54:53
25Lisa BeckQOC57:35
26Kirsten JohnsonQOC65:06
27Kelly Sanders & Betty66:01
28Stephen Auvil67:12
29Lyric OakesPHS JROTC70:54
30John Hampton71:36
31David Hope & Richard Jones79:47
32Anita Tyler89:36
33Bruce Ballard & Susan Ballard92:25
34Dorothy Reddy & Paxton & Betsy95:30
35Jen Anderson & Ally Anderson95:45
36 Myslenski FamilyQOC95:56
37Gil Tadmor & Anat Doron101:29
38Mario Castaneda105:48
39William BonneyPHS JROTCDNF
39Pat ReevesMP (78:59)


Course Length: 3.3 km

Course Climb: 110 m

Number of Controls: 7

1Tim Spang30:05
2Jose Parra39:40
3Alec Morgan46:15
4Josh BlausteinQOC46:16
5Nick Davis & Brandon Williams46:59
6Laudeir GomesQOC49:21
7James CochranPHS JROTC49:31
8Addie NolanQOC52:54
9Henry Godfrey & JohnQOC54:12
10Joshua Camp & Gage Davis54:13
11Espen Jepsen & AnneQOC57:32
11Christiana Logansmith & JackQOC57:32
12Tracey Richardson & Cora58:20
13Daniel BachmanQOC58:33
14Neil EwachiwQOC59:31
15Brent SulhoffPHS JROTC59:49
16Andrew Richardson & Gavin59:53
17Aaron SzaboQOC62:11
18Don FishQOC62:17
19Tobias Butler & Derek MacNamara62:49
20Nick TilleyPHS JROTC63:31
21Pat KeimSVO68:17
22Ryan Leech & Alex OwensQOC68:48
23Sean FishQOC71:30
24Meri WicksteedQOC74:44
25Rachel Blakenship & Ryan Frankle76:21
26Troy Linden76:29
27Cody LeachPHS JROTC76:34
28Christian Scheidt & Nicole LaurentQOC77:21
29Elizabeth O'ConnellQOC78:27
30Michael FrawleyPHS JROTC79:29
31Halley PattesonPHS JROTC79:39
32Jonathan Taylor81:06
33Patrick KimmelLoudoun Co HS84:39
34Guthrie QuillQOC87:13
35Cindy FordQOC88:16
36John Jarkowiec & Bill & Brady98:22
37John Blaisdell & MarthaQOC98:57
38Frank SigwartQOC99:32
39Jeffrey Riddle99:50
40Robert Kaczorowski, SrPHS JROTC104:10
41Howard Lenzer107:11
42Sasha Noghreh & Timothy KaufmanLoudoun Co HS117:25
43Owen Thomas & Evan Thomas125:33
44Brandon TilleyPHS JROTC131:38
45Amy LoudenQOC141:02
46Jason Camp & Dylan SternDNF
46Maywin LiuSVODNF
46Richard BriggsQOCDNF
46Dave Marriott & Nolan KellanDNF
46Aaron Fletcher & Derek ShirleyDNF (109:22)
46Orlando LeighDNF (202:32)
46Kris FortierLoudoun Co HSMP (152:57)
46Kris RussellLoudoun Co HSMP (156:35)
46Sherry SterlingQOCMP (172:13)


Course Length: 3.5 km

Course Climb: 115 m

Number of Controls: 7

1Dwight JohnsonQOC67:43
2Louis PatakiWCOC72:12
3Pam DvorskyPHS JROTC72:48
4Fred HartlineDVOA73:36
5Fred HillmannQOC75:12
6Mike NewmanQOC77:11
7Marit DavisQOC77:22
8Edward EnsonQOC87:10
9Steve MonesDVOA90:13
10Daniel TierneyPHS JROTC99:28
11Joe IschSVO102:40
12Karla HulettQOC111:52
13Ricardo FabilaPHS JROTC127:45
14Jeff Plotkin & Matthew Cohen & Susan/Rachel/Sam128:28
15Ann Greenbaum & Dick Rohlfs141:17
16Joshua HuntPHS JROTC148:29
17Pat KeimSVO166:38
18Gail EdwardsDNF


Course Length: 4.7 km

Course Climb: 190 m

Number of Controls: 9

1Greg LennonQOC48:20
2Linus HamiltonQOC50:52
3Kim JepsenQOC51:27
4Elliott HamiltonQOC51:49
5Tom WellsQOC53:37
6Brian FlemingQOC54:01
7Brad WhitmoreSVO54:47
8Mikhail MatveevQOC55:41
9Alex BishopQOC59:10
10Brian DolanQOC63:51
11Heidi OnkstQOC68:30
12Dave ScheidtQOC70:51
13Mark MaceQOC73:43
14Julie KeimSVO76:06
15Michael Furst78:03
16Bev HartlineDVOA80:05
17Robert KaczorowskiPHS JROTC80:50
18Virginia StrattonQOC80:56
19Mike FordQOC81:31
20John BakerQOC86:31
21Nyall MeredithQOC88:33
22Mike BerryQOC89:16
23Bill ViennaQOC94:02
24Courtney HillPHS JROTC96:21
25William Arnold & GingerQOC122:03
26Stephen Carruth & Diago SierraQOC137:08
27Charles GregorskiQOC137:58
28Anne GonnellaSVO138:36
29Sierra BenselPHS JROTC148:36
30Tyler AndresLoudoun Co HS162:56
31George SchinkQOC169:46
32Carolyn DennyPHS JROTCDNF
32Kimberley DennyPHS JROTCMP (141:45)


Course Length: 7.5 km

Course Climb: 285 m

Number of Controls: 13

1Tom NolanQOC67:33
2Randy HallDVOA67:53
3Ioana FlemingQOC69:57
4Tom StratQOC70:05
5Andre Novaes72:04
6Mihai SirbuQOC72:32
7Grant StaatsEMPO73:48
8Nick MortonQOC80:59
9Dave HauverQOC82:49
10Dagmar MerkovaQOC90:07
11Don DavisQOC91:30
12Alvaro LimaBrazil115:57
13Gary SmithQOC121:01
14David LevineQOC122:07
15Edna Spang123:02
16William CarruthQOC135:58
17William Earl137:51
18Noah DixonPHS JROTC172:06
19Reece BomholdPHS JROTC188:26
20Nathaniel InmanPHS JROTCDNF (90:22)


Course Length: 9.9 km

Course Climb: 370 m

Number of Controls: 14

1Eddie BergeronSVO59:57
2Jon Torrance68:24
3Scott PlebanQOC76:26
4Jan MerkaQOC80:53
5Ted GoodQOC84:28
6David OnkstQOC90:22
7Charles CarrickQOC124:56
8Kathy HovermanQOC139:29
9Jon PiferQOC140:44

Abbreviations: DNF = did not finish, MP = mispunch, NC = non-competitive (usually 2nd course or course setter/vetter), OT = overtime (more than 3 hours or returned after course closing time).