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October 3

Welcome to the Avalon section of Patapsco Valley State Park!

This will be a classic orienteering event comprised of 7 courses, and e-punching will be used on all courses.


Courses will be pre-printed on the map.

  • Map scale is 1:10,000 with 5 m contours
  • Map has been updated by the course setter (but see course notes below!)
  • Bathrooms are available
  • Pets are allowed on trails; MD State Park policy says pets are to be leashed and owners are responsible for waste cleanup
  • Red & Blue course runners must remove invasive plant seeds after their run and dispose of them in the QOC-provided bags.

Control pickup will start at 4:00 pm.

Have a great time and enjoy this park!

ScheduleSunday, October 3
12:00 pm - 2:00 pmClassic Courses: Start Window
Event Director:Jan Merka
Event Director:
Course Setter:Ted Good
Course DetailsClassic Courses
Course NameLength (km)Climb (m)No. Controls
White 2.1511
Yellow 2.9958
Orange 4.916010
Brown 4.51609
Green 6.113511
Red 7.524512
Blue 10.430515
Course NotesClassic Courses

Course notes: White will be using a new area on both sides of the river. The course will stay in the lowlands. Red and Blue will be using a new area previously unmapped. Unfortunately I have found some sizeable wavy leaf basket grass in this area and it is now seeding. It produces a sticky seed that attaches to hair and clothing. In order to not propagate this invasive species, ALL Red & Blue competitors MUST REMOVE the sticky seeds BEFORE leaving the park. DO NOT DROP the seeds on the ground on in the trash. Use our special bag that will be properly destroyed. Map Notes We will be using the newly redone LiDAR-based map. Vegetation There are large sections of the park that are now covered in stilt grass. In the thicker areas the grass makes it hard to see your footing but doesn’t impair visability. There is a new symbol on the map to show where the stilt grass is thickest. I recommend checking out the sample map so you are familiar with the new symbol. As the map is new not all the stilt grass is mapped but the areas mapped can be used to affect your route choice. Those who are used to the old map will realize there is very little green on the map. Most light green is small saplings. Medium and fight is almost always greenbriar. Except for the stilt grass the woods are very open. There is no poison ivy. Only the larger root stocks are mapped. Larger is defined as those 2 meters or larger. Rock: There are parts of the map with lots of smaller rocks. Rocks have been simplified some cases. Trails There are tons of trails on the map courtesy of the bikers. I used the ‘ride’ symbol to show noticeable old unused trails. There are lots of bikers in the area so be alert so there aren’t any collisions. Private Areas: There are numerous private areas. Please stay respect the out of bounds areas on the map. Bugs: Ticks have been found in past years but I haven’t seen any this year. There are no chiggers.