Social Sign Ups

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Fill in this form and click 'Submit' to let us help you stay informed about QOC activities using your favorite social channels. It's free and you can change your mind at any time.

For family memberships: please provide one (adult's) first name.

For family memberships, use the last name associated with the first name.

Would you like to be sent an invitation to join the QOC discussion group? Hosted on, this forum is used to announce event details as well as general club and member announcements.

We'll send you an invite to join the QOC group on Facebook, where lots of folks share info and event details are also posted.

A friendly QOC volunteer coordinator will contact you to suggest volunteer opportunities - it's a great way to meet others as well as improve your orienteering skills.

Choose "Yes" to be contacted about joining Orienteering USA, our national organization publishing the orienteering magazine "Orienteering/North America" and offering members additional benefits.

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