Order Your Jerseys Now!

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QOC jersey orders are being taken now for delivery before our 2023-2023 starts. You have a choice in terms of both design (classic or a new take on it) and style (unisex or women's) as well as breathability (with or without mesh side panels); all short sleeve jerseys are $45/ea delivered to your door, and long sleeves are $50.

Full details are on the QOC Clothing webpage. Note that orders must be placed by May 22, 2023 to be in this batch order.

And since many of you will want to see the jerseys in person or even check out how they fit before placing an order, we are aiming to have them on display at both the May 13 and May 21 O'events in Virginia and Maryland, respectively. Note: only short sleeve jerseys are available to try for size.

Here's to seeing lots more QOC colors in the woods!